The Reigns of History

by 8chill

Ch09 Interest

“Come on, Twilight will you give it a rest? You’ve been at this for hours.” Spike was annoyed. He and Twilight were supposed to meet up with their friends today for a picnic. Or at least that was the plan until more information from an Arvaud brochure took the forefront of her mind. She picked up the brochure nearly a week ago while shopping. It contained a set of show dates for the unveiling of the unknown prehistoric creature and Twilight the ever studious mare couldn’t resist learning more.

This lead to the current scenario of piles of books stacked twelve high, pamphlets of theories placed haphazardly on tables, clipboards suspended by magic, and one purple pony in the middle of it all.

This was a bad situation for Spike and he knew it. Trying to pry Twilight from her studies was like solving the mystery of the Pinkie sense. A lost cause. Sighing to himself, he continued to watch as the purple mare zipped from place to place reading books, writing notes, and checking off lists.

Briefly stopping at a pile of opened books Twilight finally responded. “I can’t stop now, Spike. There are far too many theories and hypothesis’ to go through.” She then continued to rummage through the piles of books before eventually deciding to move on.

“I understand that but do you have to do this today? Is it really that important that you have to obsess over it?” he asked.
Not even bothering to look up she answered. “To the first question: Why not today? To the second: What exactly do you mean obsessed?”

“Twilight, as I’ve said before you have been at this for almost a month now. You’ve done nothing but study ever since you heard of ‘The Creature.” Spike made quotations in the air to signify his point. “And we have things we have to do today.”

“What could we possibly have to do that’s more important than preparing a basic informative expedition?” She asked.

Feeling exasperated Spike decided to clue her in. “Well Twilight, in case you have forgotten we are supposed to meet up with the others today.”

Twilight finally looked up. “I haven’t forgotten, its just that we don’t know the nature of the creature’s health. It may not actually be able to survive in our current environment. It could simply be at the end of its life or something else that nopony can predict could happen to it,” she explained. “That’s why I’m focused on getting together a system for proper analysis incase the Arvaud researchers miss something.” She finished but then added, “Besides the others know I like to be thorough with my work; everything will be fine.

Groaning in frustration Spike tried to reason with her. “Twi, part of the reason we are having a get together in the first place was to get you out of the library. The girls were a little concerned about you being cooped up in here so long that they decided to do something about it.”

Twilight shook her head; Spike didn’t understand the situation at all. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn more of Equestria’s past. The chances of actually having a live, fully developed specimen were astronomically slim. You’d have a better chance of doing something impossible like creating a global, information sharing system that anypony could have access to.

“Spike, I appreciate the concern but you guys don’t really understand the gravity of the situation. I’ll try to explain it better to you, see the reason-“

A sudden knock at the door interrupted the conversation. Before either had a chance to answer, the door was slammed open revealing Rainbow Dash. “Hey guys what’s the big deal holding us up?”

She flew into the room and was going to say more but the condition of the room caught her attention. “Jeeze, what happened here? Decided to give up the stuffy, student life and become a mare of action, Twilight?” she smirked.

Rolling her eyes Twilight responded. “No Rainbow Dash, I was just pulling out some books for reference material.”

Spike hearing this had to interject. “Some? Some?! Twilight you basically dropped the entire collection on to the floor” he said in disbelief, placing his hand on his cheek.

Thinking Spike was just overreacting she brushed off his claim. “Don’t make this such a big deal, Spike. We’ll put the books back as we always have. Besides, we do an inventory check every month or so anyway."

“We’ll put them back she says, more like I will have to put them back,” he muttered under his breath.

“What did you say?”

“Hm? Me? I didn’t say anything, I ..uh.. was just deciding what to pack is all,” he answered nervously. “I’ll go start on that now.” He then slowly eased away before quickly making his way upstairs.

Glaring slightly at the retreating dragon, she ignored the quip and addressed her guest. “Anyway what’s up? I didn’t expect to see you over here this early?”

Taking that as her cue, Rainbow Dash landed and walked up to her. “Well we were waiting for you guys by the fountain, but you never showed up. So I came to see what was making you late.”

“Late? Rainbow I’m not late the picnic doesn’t start for another two hours.”

Rainbow Dash rubbed the back of her head unsurely. This wasn’t going to be easy. “Yeaaah. Twilight when was the last time you checked the time?”

“As a matter of fact I checked it this morning like I always do.”

“Was that before or after a manticore threw a party in here?”

“Now hold on-“

“Rainbow, honestly, must you go barging into pony’s home like that?” A voice called out from outside Twilight’s open door. Both mares looked into the opening to see Rarity entering with an annoyed look on her face.

“Rarity? What are you doing here?” Twilight asked.

“Yes, I was- Good Heavens! What happened to this place!” she said noticing the utter mess the lobby was in. She then realized that her friend still needed an explanation.

“Oh forgive me, Twilight, I was simply trying to understand the brashness of our friend here,” she said indicating to Rainbow Dash. “But seeing as she made it here before us, I’m sure she told you why we are here?”

Rainbow spoke up. “Hey, I said that I’ll check up on her and be back before you know it. You didn’t need to bring everypony.”

“Us? We? Everypony?” Twilight asked not quite understanding the conversation.

“Didn’t she tell you?” Rarity asked.

“I was going to before you interrupted me,” she stated and then grew a mischievous smile. “Pretty rude of you Rarity and pony’s say I’m bad.”

Rarity was taken aback by this and was about to offer a retort before yet another voice spoke up. “Leave it alone Rarity, that one is a mighty heap of trouble ta deal with.”

Yet another friend showed up through the door. This time it was Applejack followed by Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy. They each quickly took notice of the library floor and had their own comments.

“Land sakes! What in tarnation happened in here?” Applejack wondered, confusion clear on her face.

“Why isn’t it obvious, Applejack? Twilight’s told me many times that she likes to dive into her books when reading and now she can swim in it!” Pinkie said cheerily. “Talk about taking the plunge, I didn’t think you had it in you.” She finished bouncing in place.

“Uh… Pinkie I don’t think that’s the case.” Fluttershy finally spoke. “I think she may be cleaning her shelves again or alphabetizing her books.”

Tired of the constant interruptions Twilight made herself known. “Guys what are you all doing here?! I thought we were going to meet at the fountain in a couple of hours?”

Stopping whatever discussions they were having, the girls looked to one another before Applejack stepped forth. “Uh… Twi? I hate to break it to ya, but you were late so we came to get ya.”

“Late? Applejack I still have two hours left we meet at 10:30.”

“Its 12:45 right now, Twi,” Applejack deadpanned.

“What?” Twilight was shocked at this. She turned to look up towards the clock hanging on the wall to check the time. Sure enough it was indeed 12:45 over two hours passed the meeting date. She couldn’t believe it. She was tardy, again. She dropped on to her haunches and sulked at her lack of diligence.

“Aw don’t be a grumpy grump, Twilight. You simply forgot is all. I forget things all the time like where I put the streamers or the balloons or the sugar or the-“

Pinkie Pie was cut off by a hoof in the mouth courteously of Rainbow Dash. “I think she means to not worry about it. You know now, so it isn’t a problem. We’ll just have to decide on something else.”

“Any suggestions?” Fluttershy asked.

The ponies conversed amongst themselves for several minutes. Ideas were brought up only to be shot back down. Places mentioned, forgotten the next. After getting nowhere for a while, they decided to simply chat until a certain dragon interrupted the conversation.

“Can we please just go?!” Everypony stopped talking only to turn their gaze to the top of the steps were Spike resided. Blushing at having all the attention directed upon himself, he tried to steer the focus back by rephrasing. “I mean… we can still go out right? So let’s not waste the rest of the day sitting around here."

“Excellent idea! We’ll simply improvise and do something in town.” Rarity said getting the others nod of approval save for Twilight. Plan set they all proceeded to file out of the library with Applejack dragging twilight with her.

“But… but… the research….” Twilight whimpered while being dragged by her tail out the library.

“Not today, Twilight.” Applejack mumbled through her mouth, pulling the purple mare along.

The group, with some protest from Twilight, set out for their day out. Ponyville was alive with activity as ponies went about their business. Shops were open to the public for selling merchandise. Restaurants served their patrons with quality entrée’s and friendly service. Vendors of all sorts were busy selling their products in the market. The weather was bright and sunny with a gentle breeze billowing through the streets every so often.

The group walked through the streets trying to come up with things to do with their time. The picnic was out so possible a quick snack was in order. A suggestion made by their ever energetic pink friend had them heading in the direction of Sugarcube Corner. Along the way they spotted Lyra , a friend of theirs and former classmate of Twilight, walking in their same direction and decided to greet her.

“Hi Lyra!” the seven friends greeted enthusiastically.

“Hi everypony! What’s crackin’?” she returned the greeting.

Twilight was the first to speak up. “Did you hear about the discovery Arvaud made, Lyra?”

“I have its probably nothing more than the usual great discovery.”

“Well that’s certainly a negative way to think about it,” Twilight said. “I figured you would have at least given it some thought espscially since it isn’t dead?”

“Huh?” Lyra asked confused. Alive? What was she talking about?

The others were now curious as to what Twilight was referring to.

“Whatever do you mean, Twilight?” Rarity asked intrigued.

“It’s the thing that has been keeping me busy the last couple of weeks. Arvaud, the institute of science and magic, had discovered a prehistoric creature somewhere and are hosting an exhibition.”

“Big deal.” Rainbow said not at all impressed. “So these smart guys found an old creature, what’s so great about that?”

"Maybe the fact that they actually, somehow, brought a prehistoric creature back to life." Twilight answered non-chalantly.


“Oh my.”




“I know that’s what I thought as well. There’s no telling what all we can learn from it. Who knows what species it might be, perhaps something interesting like the polar bear, jaguars, or-“

“Or a human!” Lyra said excitedly.

“Sigh. Are you still on about that fairy tale, Lyra? Humans are nothing more than a Myth; legend something to tell little kids.” Twilight shook her head disbelievingly.

“But there is a chance it could be one. You can’t deny the possibility that they could exist, after all Myths are based on some manner of truth,” Lyra answered with conviction.

Not at all convinced Twilight responded. “Whatever you say, I have my doubts just as most others do.”

Lyra was going to say something else about the subject only to hear shouts of panic and worry come from behind her.

Turning around, they saw a crowd of ponies huddled around a message board. Curious to what the commotion was about they went to investigate. It was difficult trying to squeeze in between the tightly packed crowd but eventually they made it to the board.

To their shock, a royal notice was posted on the board. Royal notices weren’t all that rare, but it was the message printed on it. An alert status was issued for Equestria. Something must be a decent level threat to have caused the princesses to be this wary. That something was a warning to all that a creature escaped captivity. Where did it escape from? Arvaud.


“I know guys. This is not good.”