Naruto: Canterlot High chronicles

by Narutomate storm

Meeting the Apples: Use normal words!

Apple Bloom would excitedly rush though the front door while Naruto became nervous. "A-are ya really sure about this Applejack?" He asked as he pulls onto his jackets collar to let the heat out.

This promoted Applejack to pat his shoulder and gave him a friendly wink. "A hundred percent!"

This calmed him down a little but Naruto then grabs Applejack's hand making her blush madly form his touch. "But since this your idea you kinda need to be my escort ya know!"

"Y-yeah! O-of course ah will! After all what kind of a person would leave someone out in the cold?" Applejack replied as she forced out a smile to hide her flustered state.

"Hehe guess you're right! But right now let's go meet your family!" Naruto said while smiling cheerfully as they walked to the front door which he then opens.

Applebloom then rushes towards the blondes with two people behind her. The one on the left was an old woman with light green skin, light red eyes and white hair which was tied in a bun. She was wearing a pale yellow shirt with an orange cloth around her neck that had apple patterns and a long red skirt with a stained apron over it.

On the right was a male teenager that has light orange hair that flares out at the front with green eyes and freckles like Applejack. His outfit was an open red shirt with the upper part brown where the insignias consisted of sliced green apples with a white shirt underneath along with brown wrist bands, blue jeans where the tips are ragged with red and white sneakers.

"That's our guest you two!" Said Apple Bloom as Naruto puts up an awkward smile and tightens his grip on Applejack's hand making her realize that the idiot was getting nervous again.

"Everyone ah'd like y'all to meet Naruto! He's going to be our guest for a while since he just moved here," Applejack explained.

"W-well she was the one who insisted y-ya know," Naruto said as he bashfully scratches the back of his head but the old woman suddenly lunges towards him, gripping and stretching his whiskered cheeks.

"My aren't cha the cutest thing!" She cooed.

But Naruto was grunting from her grip. "Ow! Ow! Ow!!" Fortunately Applejack pulled her away.

"Owww..." Naruto moaned as he gently rubbed his cheeks. Apple Bloom then tugged his sleeve to get his attention.

"The old lady right there is Granny Smith and that guy on the right is Big McIntosh but you can just call'im Bic Mac!" She explained.

Naruto then waved at the two. "Nice to meet ya guys!"

"Well it's nice to meet you too little rascal!" Granny Smith cheerfully commented. "But now just settle down and get to know the family while ah prepare dinner!" She added as she walked in the kitchen while Naruto place his bag on the couch.

Applejack and Big Mac would then settle down on the living room and turns on the TV while Apple Bloom was playing ninja with Naruto with paper folded shurikens and daggers.

"Naruto! Enemy ninjas at one'o clock!" She whispered as they hid behind the recliner while pointing at their "enemies".

"Pony plushies for enemies? Though Hinata did had tons of those and she would play with them at the park." Naruto mentally chuckled.

"Alright Naruto here's the plan we need to-" Apple Bloom tries to explain her tactics but Naruto jumped from his hiding spot.

"Like I'd just sit here and wait! Bring it on you baby horse girl toys!" He shouted with a smile as he lunges at one of them and proceeds to Roll on the floor pretending that the plush is actually fighting back while Apple Bloom shrugged before joining in.

And a minute later the plushies were now tied up. "Heh! how do ya like me know?" Naruto bragged as he slams his fist into his palm.

"Look it's the boss!" Said Apple Bloom as she points at a rather large gorilla plush.

"Woah! Even King Kong exists here!" Naruto mentally squealed as he and Apple Bloom made it fall with a single kick.

With the "enemies" defeated Naruto and Apple Bloom shared a fist bump and a laugh together before they turned their attention to Big Mac.

Naruto then gave Big Mac a smile. "Hey there Mac! So uhh...we haven't really met before so uhh...ya like noddles?"

Mac turned his attention to the blonde. "Eeyup," he replied flatly.

Naruto felt a little awkward at his way of speech but continues on. "Well d-do ya like ninjas? C-cause I'm the most epic one!" He said as he points his thumb at his headband.

Big Mac one again gave him a blank stare as he bites on a green apple. "Eeyup,"

Naruto felt even more awkward at his lack of social skills. " ya have anything else to say?"

Mac shook his head. "Nope,"

Naruto's eye began twitching wildly in annoyance and wondered how he can make friends with such limited speech. "A-are you an annoying old geezer?"


"Do you like chocolate?"


"Ya know how to play a guitar?"


Naruto began getting more annoyed by the second. "Gee what's with this guy?! Why can't he talk in full sentence?!!"

Several questions later Naruto still couldn't get through as he screams and falls to the couch while griping his head. "Aaarrrrggghhhh!! You're like one of those annoying geezer's ya know!!"

Applejack sighed. "Now pipe down there Naruto, that's just Big Mac being..well Mac. He's usually like that all the time and yeah it can be a little annoying sometimes," she said with an embarrassed smile.

Naruto gave a light nod before getting up to face him again. "C-can ya speak a little more smoothly with easy, normal words?" He asked with his eye still twitching.


Naruto couldn't even talk now as he had no idea what to do about him and let's out an angry sigh before asking one last question as he tilts his head to the side. "A-are you an alien or something?...I mean your super dignified but..."

Big Mac gave him a blank stare before opening his mouth to speak. "That's a bit too much dontcha think? An ailen seriously?"


Mac fails to notice Naruto's reaction and continues. "Well yeah ah'm super dignified but-" he cuts off as he notices the blondes shocked face. "Hm? Do you still fail to understand me? To think that conversation would pose such a complex challenge-" Naruto cuts him off.

"Oh no no no no! Keep talking like just now! I finally got ya! I was just shocked that your speaking style changed so drastically, ya know!"

Big Mac lets out a light smile. "Oh, for real? Then I shall keep going like this much pleased!"

"Uhhh..." Naruto murmured as his eye twitched again and nervously rubs his hands. "Uh yeah...but those words don't really match up with your face at all, so it's kinda super-scary," he said. "And he loses all dignity too!"

The blonde continues to rub his hands. "Y-you be a little less formal...otherwise you come off kind of dumb!"

This made the teen glare at him. "Now you're going too far, no? And whaddaya mean by dumb?!" He then quickly calms down. "Well considering how I was talking before I guess I can't blame you for that," he said. "'s this then?" He asked with a more less formal tone.

Naruto puts up a huge smile. "Yes! Right there! That's perfect!!"

Mac happily nodded. "Yeah, and ah'm getting the hang of it too!" He said while Naruto took a huge sigh of relief.

"*ssiiggh* I can finally talk to you, ya know!" Naruto snorted as he lays on the couch.

Applejack smiled while crossing her arms. "Who would've thought calling him somethin like that would get through him,"

"The times where he talks normally are kinda rare!" Said Apple Bloom as she sat on the edge of the couch.

Naruto raised his eyebrows at this. "Why? Does he have a curse on his tounge or somethin?"

"What? No!" Applejack said with a stern face. "What makes ya think he has some darn curse on his tounge?"

Naruto frantically waved his arms defensively. "H-hey I'm not saying that he's not human!..I was just curious s-so calm down Applejack..." he said as his face began sweating with fear.

Applejack sighed which calmed her down. "Sorry 'bout that sugarcube it's just curses kinda creep me out," she sheepishly said.

"Really?! I'm also kinda scared of that stuff..especially scary stories, ya know!" Naruto said with an childish smile while scratching the back of his head.

"What else are ya afraid of?" Asked Apple Bloom.

"Well...I-I'm scared of rats," Naruto admitted promoting Apple Bloom to throw a rubber mouse at his face, causing him to shriek and crash on the floor while the Apple siblings laughed.

Naruto pouted for a second but spots a chicken feather and swiftly grabs it and proceds to tickle it under Apple Blooms nose making her laugh harder.

Naruto's grin grew wider as he continues to mercilessly tickle her and stopped half a minute later and sits up with his legs crossed.

"H-how did ya know that ah was ticklish under mah nose?" The redhead asked.

Naruto then closed his eyes and placed his fingers on his chin trying to think of something. "Mmmmm...I didn't really knew...I just kinda guessed it, ya know,"

Suddenly he remembers a certain memory. "Hey Applejack, Pinkie said that you and Rainbow used to be enemies why?" He eagerly asked as he quickly edged closer to her. "Did she punched ya? Barraged ya with soccer balls? Super brutal training? Jammed your guitar? Gave ya the ultimate prank? Lost a game to ya? Pushed you on the well-"

Applejack cuts him off as she whacks his head with her fist steaming while a large pink lump grew on Naruto's head. "Don't ask so many questions darn it!!" She quickly took a deep breath and calms down.

"Owwww..." Naruto moaned. "But was I close?"

The Cowgirl smirked. "Not even close," she said before frowning. "It's just that Rainbow and her team didn't showed up at mah bake sale as they promised,"

Naruto's eyes widen. "Y-you two were bitter...because of a bake sale?!"

"It's just not some random bake sale Naruto!" Applejack countered. "Well it was more like the grand opening fer our delicious apple pies,"

Naruto then formed a light smile. "And lemme guess Rainbows team was supposed to help ya with the opening and be their first customers right,"

Applejack smiled faintly. "Guess ya do have a smart side after all..but yeah it was sorta like that but in the end we got everything was fixed,"

"All that for a bake sale.....g-girls are scary..." He whispered with his eyes still widened in shock but Applejack easily heard him and playfully gave him a light slap.

"Owwww" Naruto muttered sarcastically.

Applejack dons devilish grin as she grabs the feather and tickles it under his nose.

"N-no! No!! Hahahahah!! No sto-hahahahhaha!!" Naruto drowns on his guffaws as he once again falls to the floor.

"Serves ya right!" Applejack snickered while Naruto comically groaned with Apple Bloom and Big Mac chuckling in amusement.

"Apple Bloom! Big Mac! Could y'all help me in settin up the table?!" Granny Smith called out promoting the two of them to enter the kitchen thus leaving the two blondes alone.

Naruto's forehead has gone sweaty to the point where he discards his headband as he climes back on the couch. "Ow!" Naruto yelped as his head has become much more sore as he climbs back on the couch but leans forward, placing his face inches away from Applejack's.

"That hurt, ya know!" He said with a pout but Applejack was blushing with her mouth agape but still managed to hold herself together as she gently runs her hand on the sore part of his head.

"Ehehe...sorry.." She said abashed but Naruto deepens his pout in annoyance which was childish but really cute.

Naruto then retracts his head which decreased Applejack's blush a little bit.

"Nah it's alright AJ!" He said cheerfully.

"He gets over things so easily!" Applejack mentally chuckled as the two shared a laugh but suddenly...

"Dinners ready!!!" Apple Bloom called out where Naruto instantly ran past her.