Silent Ponyville

by SamRose

Ending 7 - Pachinko

Ending - Pachinko

Unlock Condition: Fire Hideo Kojima, and forget what it means to be a gaming company.

“I finally understand now.” Pinkie said softly, shaking her head slowly before looking at the Slender Pony with a smile, “My fear of your presence, your stature over me, your very existence… I know what you’ve been all along.” The Slender Pony just stood there, unchanging from Pinkie’s words. “Just tell me, tell me what it is you need from me and I’ll do it.”

The pale slender creature moved in understanding, raising it’s hoof slowly into the air. Pinkie looked at it with curiosity, as it pointed at her. And in a deep booming voice, it cried out.

HIT THE LEVER!” Pinkie quickly slammed her hoof down on his raised hoof, the world breaking apart into a world of flashing lights and color. “+300g!!

“I’M GOING FOR THE HIGH SCORE BABY!” Pinkie grinned widely as the reeling slots appeared in the sky behind her. Cranking down again and again on the Slender Pony’s hoof as the world danced in flashing lights and fire.

+100g! CHANCE!!!” Slender pony screamed from the top of his lungs, as Pinkie madly pulled the slots again and again.

Pinkie had once thought that she understood the pain and hardship of her past, that she had taken the time to come to terms with it. But she was wrong. All she needed in her life now were the slots. With every pull of the Slender Pony’s hoof, she knew, she was closer to Nirvana.