Naruto: Canterlot High chronicles

by Narutomate storm

To the farm!

The trio's game of tag continues on with Naruto once again the it. "Ahh not again!"

Applejack laughed uncontrollably. "Ya really suck at this Naruto! How often do ya play this game?"

"Ehehe...I wasn't really good at tag," Naruto said bashfully as he scratches his head and lies down on the grass. "But maaann I'm really beat!"

"Ah'm just gonna go to the batroom!" Said Apple Bloom as she runs off to find the nearest restroom leaving the two blondes behind.

Naruto then sats up looking at the stars of the darkend sky. "Man I wonder how the others are doing back there? I-I know I have my duplicate out there and the girls and Kurama are here for me but...I miss them..I miss them so much....but if there's really no way back then I guess I'll just need to do some adjusting and settle in here " he thought to himself sighing.

Applejack then sat next to him. "Hey Naruto?"


"Tell me the truth," she said which made his eyes widen in surprise.

"D-does she know that I'm homeless? Well i used to have home," he mentally stated but AJ broke off his trance by waving her hand at his eyes. "W-what was that AJ?"

Applejack's face became slightly more stern. "Do ya got corks in yer ears? Ah said tell me the truth,"

Naruto then tilts his head to the side. "What truth?" Though his attempt to hide the truth failed as her face just got more serious.

"Why were ya really at the park?" She asked which made him nervous.

Naruto slightly becomes scared at her stern face. "W-what do ya mean Applejack? I said I just wanted to play around here and-"

"Don't lie tah me Naruto!" She shouted before taking a deep breath. "Please...tell me the truth why were ya really here?"

At this point Naruto was putting a nervous smile while attempting tell her about his predicament. "Well you see I uh...."

"Don't break off! Tell me,"

"Well um...I kinda just moved here and uh.."

That last statement made Applejack slightly confused. "Whataya mean there Naruto? don't cha live with yer parents?"

That question made Naruto don sad smile. "I-I don't have any...there dead,"

Applejack's eyes widened as she placed a hand on her mouth with her face changing from stern to sad. "Naruto..ah..ah'm so sorry about that,"

"Nah it's alight Applejack! Don't worry about it so-" he was cut off as AJ slapped his shoulder..

"How could ya say that Naruto? How can you be so casual about it? Don't ya ever miss them?" She asked.

Naruto still had that sad smile on his face but placed his hands on her shoulders. "The truth is that I still really missed them Applejack but I know that they really loved me from the bottom of their hearts!" He said with his smile lifted from the saddnes.

And sure enough this brightened her up. "Ah'm gad y'all were able to find that out Naruto," She smiled. "But ah'm really sorry fer bugging yer personal space there,"

"It's okay AJ..but anyway I just kinda moved here and I haven't found myself a home yet so I'm sorta sleeping on the bench for tonight,"

Applejack got shocked at first but dons a determined smile. "Well why didn't ya say so Naruto? Yer welcome to stay at my place fer as long as ya like!"

"R-really I-I don't wanna impose or anything," Naruto said defensively.

"It's okay Naruto now c'mon let's get Apple Bloom and get y'all settled!" Applejack said with a smile.

But Naruto was hesitant with her decision. "I don't know AJ I mean you've helped out at lot today and I haven't even repaid those things you did for me ya know,"

"Naruto ah told you that ya owe me nothin and this ain't different from the other times ah helped ya out, now c'mon ah insist!" she said as she helped him up.

"Are you sure about this? I hope things don't get awkward because of me,"

"Don't worry about it Naruto! And being the idiot you are ah'm sure they'll love you!" Applejack said while patting his shoulder with a playful smile.

"Hehe..guess you're right 'bout that!" Naruto said with the same smile as he scratches his cheek.

Apple Bloom then arrives back to the two blondes. "Sorry for the wait there Applejack the line was huge!" She said panting.

"Apple Bloom, Naruto here just recently moved here and he needs a place to stay so ah offered him to stay at our farm!" Applejack explained as she placed her hands on her waist.

This made the redhead pop in front of Naruto with a smile so huge it could mirror Pinkie's. "REALLY?!"

"Ehehe yup! But it's kinda your sisters idea Apple Bloom," Naruto replied.

Apple Bloom began running around squealing. "We have a guest! We have a guest!! Oh and mah sister told me you were a ninja!" She told Naruto. "Let's play ninja back at our home!"

Naruto was about to reply but his stomach loudly rumbles making him blush with embarrassment. "Okay! But first I need to get some ramen at the store," he said as he leaped and dashes forth.

"Woah! Did ya see him made that leap?!" Apple Bloom watched in awe.

"Well they don't call him "ninja" fer nothin," Applejack snickered.

Minuted later Naruto returned. "Okay let's go!" He said as he points at the far distance and marches towards the side walk with Apple Bloom doing the same march.

Applejack's eye twitched at how far Naruto's childish excitement can go, then again that was the biggest part of his charisma. They then stopped here the edge of the side walk but Naruto keeps on going promoting AJ to call him out.

"Hey Naruto! Where ya goin?! Were watin fer a taxi here!"

Naruto went back to them and quirked an eyebrow. "What in the name of ichiraku is a taxi?" he asked to himself with a shrug and decided to wait and see.

Minutes later a taxi arrives but as Applejack opened the door he spots Naruto gawking at the vehicle running around it with his mouth agape.

"These are like the rickshaws back at home only there a lot more futuristic!!" he mentally noted before opening the door with Apple Bloom on the front seat as her sister tells the driver their destiny.

During the trip Naruto would listen to the radio still bearing his wide grin. The radio would eventually resort to classic music from the 90's something that would usually make Rainbow Dash drown in boredom.

Naruto would then rest his elbow at the edge of the door while his cheek would rest on his palm. "Gee...what a day! I ended the war but it cost me my world residence and now I'm in a new one....hehe that duplicate better not mess up or I'll-" Naruto's mental talking was interrupted when he hears some humor on the radio.

"Aaanndd welcome back to quiz mania!" the host yelled.

"Oh! Ah love this one!" Apple Bloom said as she turns up the volume and Naruto would lean forward to listen in.

"Alright Michael here's your question: what kind of weapon is a black diamond shaped dagger with the handle wrapped in bandages with a ring at the end?" he asked to the contestant and judging from his mumbling he wasn't very bright.

"A mini spear!" He answered only for the buzzer to go off signifying his mistake and Naruto began laughing in disbelief.

"Ya know the answer?" Applejack asked.

Naruto then faced his blue eyes into her green ones. "Yeah! It's actually a type of ninja weapon a-"

"Kunai! Kunai was the correct answer! But as for penalty Michael you will get the pie!" the host declared as the Naruto and the two apples heard a barrage of pies being thrown onto the contestant who pretty much enjoyed it.

The trio and the driver were laughing hysterically at this. "What else is on that thing?" Naruto asked to Apple Bloom so she pressed the radio button and finds another station as they heard the host snickering.

"Hey what would a banana say when his peel was removed?...I find this form very appeling!!" he said as he bursted out in laughter.

Though the driver and it's passengers only had blank stares. "Lame," they bluntly said together.

Naruto would then grin. "Heh! I can do better than that! Ok what would a bear say when he makes a table?...I built it with my BEAR hands!" He said as he drowns in his guffaws while Applejack loudly snickered with her sister giggling.

Several minutes later they were now at their destination and at the moment he exited the taxi Naruto's eyes would slightly widen at Applejack's home.

It was a large red house that had a purple roof and right next to it was a red barn that was slightly shorter that the house itself and many apple trees would also surround the vicinity staying true to its namesake.

Apple Bloom would excitedly rush though the front door while Naruto became nervous. "A-are ya really sure about this Applejack?" He asked as he pulls onto his jackets collar to let the heat out.

This promoted Applejack to pat his shoulder and gave him a friendly wink. "A hundred percent!"

This calmed him down a little but Naruto then grabs Applejack's hand making her blush madly form his touch. "But since this your idea you kinda need to be my escort ya know!"

"Y-yeah! O-of course ah will! After all what kind of a person would leave someone out in the cold?" Applejack replied as she forced out a smile to hide her flustered state.

"Hehe guess you're right! But right now let's go meet your family!" Naruto said while smiling cheerfully.