My Autobiography - written By Passions Star

by Passions Star

My Life Growing Up

I am Passions Star, I wear a hat.

It all began not long after I was foaled, how long ago? I no longer truly remember you have to understand, when I say "It began" I mean "Foal napped." I was taken from my parents not long after I was foaled and sped away in secret.

Why was I taken? what had I done? Questions without answers that would rattle about in my head for as long as I lived.

It was just after the two sisters did defeat Discord and wrest the land to their own control that my story begins.

For I was placed placed in the arms of a Royal Guardsman as a tiny foal and taken before the two sister Princesses. The Guardsman had said, "The Package has arrived safely, Highness." As I was then turned over to Celestia herself. She was then young and Beautiful perhaps a Goddess for that is what she still is as eternal as the Sun she rises and sets. Celestia did raise me and take care of me and entered me into her school for young Unicorns. She also did tutor me in the ways of an Alicorn.

it is here, dear reader, that I shall tell you, I am indeed, a Natural Alicorn myself. My name is 'Passions Star' I represent the elements of Light and life, upon my flank a sun, similar to Celestia. In appearance my body and my wings are as golden as the purest gold with a golden horn atop my forehead my mane and tail appear as blue fire but no I am in no way related to Celestia or Luna by birth at least to my knowledge for I believe I am from another land perhaps another world I know not the answer all I do know is I was adopted by the two sisters who made me their own I was never taught who my real parents were or why I was taken or what my real purpose might be to much yet hidden.

- - -

Life with the Two Sisters was mostly about study and when I was not at study I was learning how to be a proper princess with etiquette and poise and the Royal speak and all tests. I was not allowed far from the Castle grounds without a Royal Guardsman to escort me and if we did leave the grounds, it was only to go to Canterlot prope, for small trips to the cafe or the store for goods and never to stay long during this time I made a few Unicorn friends as well.

Life was pretty good under the two sisters until that one day the shadows got to Luna turning her into Nightmare Moon, you see, Luna had seen the ponies sleep under her moon, and yet watched the ponies play under her sisters sun, and in her anger, turned her back on all that is good and became Nightmare Moon, a twisted version of her former self, the two sisters fought and Celestia had to use the elements of harmony upon her sister and banish her to the moon for a thousand years. Poor Luna, and poor Celestia for what she had to do to protect her kingdom! I would watch Celestia cry every night for her lost Sister. She would go to the highest peak and raise the moon and there she would cry herself to sleep. This is how it went every night, since she banished Luna. Times were not happy then for watching Celestia go through this night after night in such pain. It did not help that I was missing Luna myself, the two I loved who had adopted me, often I too would cry myself to sleep.

Nine hundred and ninety nine years passed and Celestia took on a new Student who called herself 'Twilight Sparkle' a real Book Worm that one.
It was Twilight that predicted the return of Nightmare Moon after she discovered the prophecy and then Twilight had informed us of her findings.
Celestia had Twilight taken to Ponyville to make friends with five others who then became the Mane Six as I called them.

Celestia told Twilight of the six Elements of Harmony and to gather to her friends, Rainbow Dash, Pinky Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Apple Jack to find the elements at the old castle and to stop Nightmare Moon and return her to the Luna we all knew and loved.

Twilight Sparkle then took up this mantle and with her friends set forth. Luna was indeed returned to us and the joy once again returned to the castle.

- - -

Finally the day came when I would graduate from all the training and be able to have a life outside the classroom though I pretty much stayed at the Castle as I had no where else to live and I was still technically the adopted daughter of Celestia and Luna and a Princess in my own right.
So yes, I stayed on.

Though there were times when I got restless, and would surprise the maids when they caught me working in the scullery, washing dishes or mopping floors.
Why not? why can a Princess not do these things?
Also knowing that I perhaps had a greater purpose I continued to study. Yeah, I was just as bad as Twilight, a real book worm. Once in a while, Twilight and I would study together on one of Twilights visits to Canterlot.

This is pretty much how my life went, another day, more study.

I have yet to find the answer to what my Destiny actually is. Though I did get to see my friend Twilight become the Princess Alicorn of Friendship an Magic. But alas, perhaps I will never find my true Destiny though I will keep searching for the answer and I will not give up on my quest.

The days still progress as I still continue that search reading book after book searching for an answer to my dilemma what is my place in this world anyway? What am I meant to be? what is my Destiny? I just keep searching... Searching...

The highlights of my time spent here are the Grand Galloping Galas, a time to stretch and relax, a time to enjoy friendships made, a time to celebrate life. But then that is my element really. I like dressing up for the events the gowns by Rarity are fantastic she is one of our best fashion designers and the element of generosity and though I am a Princess in my own right the Princess of Light and Life, I always tend to stay in the background more and let Celestia and Luna shine. And though Princess Twilight Sparkle is a friend I tend to let bow to her too for the the same reason as I kind of consider myself a 'fifth wheel' Princess. Although in the event there are no other Princesses for the Royal Guardsmen to report to they would report to me. I still find that a scary concept something I hope never comes to pass let me just hide in the shadows and study.

Even when I was presented with my own set of Royal Regalia I never wear it, in my book, there are only four, count them four, true Princesses, Twilight Sparkle and Cadence. Though they are not true Alicorns, they were gifted as Alicorns for the deeds they have done, good deeds, as the good souls they are. And the two sisters, Celestia and Luna, leaders of Equestria, True Alicorns.

Yeah, I am a little 'p' princess, or as I prefer, just Passion, or Pass for short, and this brings us to why I wear a hat.

I wear a hat to hide the fact or at least try to hide the fact that I am an Alicorn by trying to pass myself of as a Pegasus.
yeah a super tall Pegasus as tall as Celestia with a flaming blue translucent mane and tail with a sun cutie mark does raise a few questions.
Always the same questions: Why are you so tall if you are a Pegasus? Why the strange Mane and Tail? Why the Sun cutie mark? Are you related to Celestia?

Always the same Answers: Birth defect, birth defect, I do not know, no.