Naruto: Canterlot High chronicles

by Narutomate storm

Fun in the playground

Naruto and the Rainbooms got on the stage and are now ready to play their music.

"Alright let's do this!" Shouted Rainbow as she grabs her guitar.

"Remember to hold down the strings Naruto, ya hear?" Applejack reminded the blonde.

"Roger!" Naruto replied with his usual grin as he stood next to the group and soon enough Pinkie starts to tap her drumsticks.

"One, two, three, GO!" Pinkie shouted as everyone began playing their instruments. At first the rhythm was scattered and off but the group managed to fix it.

"This is really fun!" Naruto shouted.

"Darn right it is!" Applejack replied as the music continues on.

After several minutes of rock 'n' roll they stopped with exhausted hands and fingers but a certain blonde had a little worse. "Ahhh! My fingers! There almost jammed!" Naruto yelled as he looks at his now red and wounded fingers.

"Ah told ya not to do it too hard Naruto!" Applejack scolded but quickly sighed with a concerned look. "Lemme take a look at yer fingers sugarcube,"

While the rest of the girls placed their instruments back at their perspective places Applejack and Naruto sat on the stage as she examines his fingers. "'s not all that bad but it still needs some patching,"

She then digs into her pocket and let's out a long bandage and wraps it around Naruto's fingers as a light blush formed on his face from her tender touch.

"Ow,Ow!" Naruto yelped as Applejack tightened the bandage.

"Aaanndd done!"

Naruto then looks at his right hand where the fingers and the rest of the hand were now coated in bandages. "Thanks Applejack you really helped me a lot ya know!" He said smiling.

"No problem sugarcube!" Applejack replied as the two shared a laugh together, enjoying their company as the rest of the girls approached the two.

Fluttershy was the first who stepped forward. "U-um Naruto w-we would like to tell you something,"

"Sure Fluttershy what is it?"

She was about to respond but Pinkie steps in. "We want you to become part of the Rainbooms!!"

This made Naruto a bit baffled. "E-eh..for real?"

"Yeah! And having a ninja in the group is really interesting," said Sunset.

"Not just interesting, it's really awesome!" Rainbow added as not only does she have a ninja for a rival but she'll get him as a band member as well.

"And this gives me the opportunity to make copies of your outfit right now!" Rarity squealed.

"This might even prove how ninjas can become great musicians!" Twilight seconded.

The girls continue to shriek over the possibilities until Naruto puts up a nervous face. "Uhhh But don't ya think your group is now...crowded enough?" He asked as he nervously rubs his hands.

"The more the merrier silly!" Pinkie said as she grabs his shoulders and shakes him.

"Were gonna be the ultimate band!" Added Rainbow.

Though Naruto was still a bit hesitant. "Hmmm...I don't know,"

"Ah fer one think that you make a great addition Naruto," said Applejack.

Naruto still didn't know what to decide but was still very interested. "I guess I'll think about it,"

This made the girls pout in disappointment but they nodded, understanding his predicament since he pretty much just met them but they really wish for him to join them.

The then hear the bell ring throughout the school. "Let's get back to class you guys," Twilight said as she opened the door with the others following.


Later in the classroom all of the students listened to the teachers lecture though Naruto still had a hint of distraction on his face.

Applejack saw this and became a little concerned. "You alright there Naruto? You look a little distant," She said as he placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Y-yeah i was just thinking of...stuff," he replied.

"Yer thinking about the band aren't ya?" She guessed to which he nods at.

"Yeah I mean I just met you guys and you already want me on your club," Naruto said with a sheepish smile.

"Band! it's a band," Applejack reminded him. "And of course we want you to join yer a ninja! And this is a one and a life time opportunity! " She said with her features brightened.

"Gee are ninjas really that rare in this world?" He asked to himself.

"And like Pinkie Pie said "the more the merrier" right?" Applejack added.

"Yeah I guess so!" Naruto lightly laughed.

After a few more hours the school day was now finished as the all of the students exit the school with Naruto and the girls not far behind with their bags.

"Ahhhhh! I'm soooo tired!" Naruto whined as he stretched out his arms.

"Your telling me," Rainbow said as she rubs her back and prepares to go home. "Well I gotta get back home to finish my home work. See ya Naruto!"

"Yeah see ya Rainbow!" Naruto said as he and the others wave her off. "What about you guys?" He asked the other girls.

"Well I gotta get back to my place so I can finish my homework in a lickety split!" Pinkie said as she walks off with Sunset not far behind but not before waving the others off. "Bye Naruto! Bye girls!"

"By Pinkie! Bye Sunset!" Naruto waved back.

"Goodbye darlings! I need to get back at my boutique for I have a new line up in mind," Rarity said as she smirks at Naruto's tracksuit and waves everyone off.

"Um... well I need to visit the animal shelter before I head back to my home," said Fluttershy. "Bye everyone,"

Naruto and the others waved her off. "Bye Fluttershy!"

As the yellow girl walks in the distance Naruto needed a snack and a place to sleep. "Well I need to um...go grab a snack see ya guys,"

"I see well bye Naruto!" Twilight greeted him off.

"Take care out there ya idiot," Applejack teased to which he laughed at as he walks off in the distance and waves them off. Several seconds later Applebloom rushes towards her sister.

"Let's go big sis! Oh hey there miss Twilight," the young girl greeted.

"Hey there Applebloom," Twilight greeted back as she looks at the orange tinted sky. "Hey you two should get going, it's getting late,"

Applejack places her hand on her sisters head before greeting off the lavender girl. "Well ah guess ah'll bee seeing you off now Twi,"

"Yeah take care you two!" She said as she waves off the two siblings. A few seconds later she sees Flash approaching her, making her blush.

"H-hey there Flash!" Twilight greeted.

"Hey there Twily!" Flash cheerfully replied which increased Twilight's blush as she was only used to hearing that nickname from her brother.

In the distance Flash sees a certain blonde. "Hey isn't that Naruto?"

Twilight nodded. "Yeah he is and he's quite the person huh?"

"Yeah and his idiocy is something you'll instantly notice about him," Flash said. "And I think he can beat anyone when it come to foolishness," he joked which made her giggle.

After seconds of awkward silence Twilight speaks up. "Hey uh..Flash can I stay at your place for a while?...if that's um okay with you?" She asked with her face tomato red.

Flash was silent with surprise for several seconds which began to make Twilight laugh nervously. "I-it's okay i knew you'll turn down the offer anyway so I'll just get back to the library and-"

"What? N-no I was just surprised that's all," Flash said before clearing his throat and dons a bright smile. "And yeah of course you can stay with me Twilight, you can stay with me for as long as you want!"

This made the lavender girl don a wide smile with her violet eyes sparkling. "R-really?! I-I'll wont be dead weight in there will I?"

This made him snicker. "No Twilight of course not, and besides I sorta need a partner at my board games," Flash stated and suddenly Twilight rushed towards him and pulled him in a tight embrace.

"Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!" Twilight joyfully said as she planted a huge kiss on his cheek which made him blush and sheepishly laugh.

"Well shall we be off princess?" Flash asked as he extends his hand.

Twilight's cheeks burned but smiled as she took his hand and walks off with him talking about more facts about the blonde ninja they just met.


The sun has now settled more giving a purple tint on the sky with the setting sun in the distance.

Meanwhile Naruto has bought himself some snacks and drinks from a convenience store using his remaining change and tries to find a place to sleep. After a few minutes he finds a small hotel. "Jackpot!" He shouted as he runs towards inside but sees a small sign next to the main door.

One night: 300$

"EEEEhhhhhhhh?!" Naruto shouted in disbelief. "Great where am I supposed to sleep?" He asked as he runs his hand through his hair.

"How about just sleep on a bench? It will make you look even more of an idiot than that comic guy with the straw hat," Kurama laughed much to the blonde's annoyance.

"Shaddup stupid Kurama!"

"Well you got any better ideas?" the kitsune asked.

Naruto then looks at the purple sky thinking about his predicament. "I guess sleeping on the bench wouldn't hurt," he muttered as he heads to a local park and looks at the sign.

Canterlot park

There were still some people hanging out in the vicinity with many trees and illuminated lamp posts. "Woah! This place is kinda epic!"

Naruto then spots the parks large playground and with a wide grin he rushes at the area while leaving his bag on the side and plays around. He would ride on the high slides, climb and swing on the ladders, ropes and slanted walls and monkey bars but in an athletic fashion.

"Naruto? What in tarnation are you doing here?!" Naruto turns to the source and sees Applejack and Apple Bloom.

"Oh hey there Applejack!" Naruto greeted before turning to the little girl next to her. "Hey you're that kid from earlier right? Apple uhh..."

"It's Apple Bloom mister Naruto!" The redhead cheerfully reminded.

"Well anyway what are you doing here Naruto? It's really late," AJ asked.

"Oh uhhh just playing around," Naruto said with a fake smile in an attempt to hide the true reason but Applejack was able to see right though it though normally she would question him now but decided to do it later. "But what about you? What are you doing here?" Naruto asked.

"It's Apple Bloom, she really wants to play here 'cause apparently she had a boring day," Applejack explained.

And soon enough Apple Bloom pops in front of the ninja. "Hey let's play Naruto!" She suggested with a wide smile.

"Sure lets go!" Naruto smiled back.

In the next several minutes Naruto and Apple Bloom were playing in the playground with both of them cheerfully laughing. Applejack on the other hand was sitting on the swing watching to two goof around.

"Hey Applejack! C'mon join in!" Naruto said as he approached her but she kindly turned down the offer.

"Naruto ah'm not a kid anymore,"

"So what? You can't let age stop you from having fun ya know!" Naruto explained to her.

But Applejack still refused. "Sorry Naruto but ah'm not gonna embarrass mah'self just so you can prove a point,"

This made Naruto frown at her stubbornness but an idea came to his head. "Well AJ if yer not gonna have fun then I'll make you have fun!" Naruto said with a devil like smile as he pulls up her swing and gives it a strong push causing her to yelp in surprise.

"Woah! Wooaahh! N-naruto! What are you doing?! Stooppp!" Applejack yelled but was futile as Naruto kept on pushing her swing with each push getting stronger by the second.

Naruto on the other hand was laughing in amusement at her screaming. "Not until you play with us!"

"Never!" She countered but this only promoted him to intensify his push causing her to gain much more altitude. "Woooahh!"

Apple Bloom then joins in and takes turn with Naruto in pushing her sisters swing. Eventually Applejack's terrified screams turned to joyfull laughs to the point of tears as she enjoys the ride.

"So will you play with us now?" Naruto asked as he stops her swing.

Applejack thought about it and nods. "O-okay ah'll try," she said as she wipes her tears of joy and with that the trio starts off with hide and seek with Naruto being the it.

With his countdown finished Naruto began searching for them for several minutes but his unable to find them. "Agh! Where are they!" Naruto screamed as he pulls his spiky locks of hair.

After several more minutes of searching he gives up. "I give up! You guys can come out now!" He then hears a one on a large bush behind him where the Apple siblings emerged.

"Gee Naruto we were right behind you but ya just keep runnin in circles," Applejack said while laughing.

"Ah think its because ya kept using yer mouth instead of yer eyes!" Laughed Apple Bloom.

This made him turn around with pout and his arms crossed, feelings hurt.

Applejack now felt dumb and guilty because of this but she had an idea on what might brighten him up. She walks toward him and pulls him in the most caring hug she could offer with her cheeks red as Apple Bloom's hair

"Sorry 'bout that Naruto we didn't mean to hurt yer feelings like that okay?" She said as she tightened her embrace on the blonde as she felt him hug her back.

Naruto the spoke. "You..didn't have to do that ya know," this made AJ baffled as she looks at him and to her surprise he was smiling.

"Wait ah thought you were hurt back there,"

This made Naruto snicker. "I was just doing that to make you fell guilty and I didn't expect it to go this far,"

This drastically increased her blush. "W-what?" She just embarrassed herself. "Oh horse Apples!" She yelled as he stomps her boot on the ground with Naruto and Apple Bloom watching on.

"Your sister sure is somethin," Naruto commented.

"Ain't she?" Apple Bloom giggled.

The next game was Tag with Applejack being the it and sure enough her sister and Naruto were running at full power as she was rather fast for a girl in boots.

Several seconds later AJ slammed her hand on Naruto's back. "Tag!"

Naruto was now it and began chasing the two Apples for another several minutes. Half a minute later Apple Bloom took a break to catch her breath.

Naruto was now getting close to Applejack and with most of his stamina depleted he knew he only had one shot.

He extends out his arm while screaming at the top of his lungs but she easily evaded it with a simple step to the side. Now completely exhausted Naruto's legs gave up. "That's it f-for the game night ya kknnnowww,"

He proceeds to crash on the grass but Applejack was able to catch him as she settles down on the grass with her knees while letting Naruto's head rest on her lap.

Naruto was panting heavily while Applejack smiled in amusement with her cheeks glowing pink. "Ya just got beat by a girl," she bragged.

This made his lips quiver in a smile. "Hehe..guess so,"

However he did something unexpected as he begins to gently rubs his left palm against her warm cheek which made the cowgirls blush grow hotter by the second but eventually she gave in and nuzzled on his hand enjoying the sensation.

But suddenly Naruto slammed his bandaged hand on her shoulder. "Tag! your it!" He said as he quickly runs off.

"What?!! Oh yer so gonna pay fer that you no good nut brain!!" Applejack yelled as she runs after him with her sister watching on laughing.