A little Cheese Pie story

by azularmz06

From PinkieĀ“s eyes

"Nice to meet you too, I am Cheese Sandwich, premiere party planner" Cheese Sandwich seemed relaxed, but nervous at the same time, as if he wanted to hide his fear. I smiled to him, and Flutters whispered something in my ear.

"Pinkie, are you dating him?" Wh-what?! of course I wasn't... Or was I? I left Cheese and Discord talking alone while I carried Flutters to a tree that was a few steps away, but far enough so Cheese couldn't hear.

"so?" When did that shy friend of mine transform into this?! Okay Pinkie, relax, cookies!, no, wait, concentrate... Oh yeah, Flutters "Uhm... no I guess, he's just here for the party... Why?"

Fluttershy was a little sneaky, why?! "So, are you 100% sure you are NOT dating" She said, she already knew the answer, so why did she have to be so cruel?! "First of all, what is your deffinition of 'dating'?" I asked, trying to distract her, oh if she could just distract easyly...

"Well, umm... I guess..." I stopped listening to her, in that moment Rainbow Dash and Soarin came next to us "Hello girls... is everything okay?" Rainbow Dash asked, when did everyone become so curious?!

"YES... yes, everything okay, but this little friend of yours" I said, pointing Fluttershy out "can't stop asking questions" Save me! please! Save me I tried to say, of course she got my signs and said "Fluttershy! want to know about the story of the pig that learnt to fly?..." as she carried her away. Soarin followed them... oh, I'm so happy for those two... what was I in now... oh yeah! Cheese!

I walked next to Discord and Cheese, they were talking of how Discord made cotton candy clouds... oh I remember that... "Hey guys, everything fine?" I asked. Discord stared around looking for something "And where is Flutty?" He asked finally... since when does he call her flutty, anyways? "Oh, Rainbow Dash is telling her a story... I guess" Discord put his hat on "Well, I must look for her" He said as he leaved me and Cheese alone.

"So... do you want to get started...?" He said, a little distracted. "About that... the kiss, I... I just hope it doesn't ruin our friendship..." He said in an apology tone. "Of course it won't ruin our friendship! Come on, we have a party to plan!" I said, to clear out that everything was okay. We started our way back to the bakery, and the walk was surprisingly silent. I wonder what is he thinking... I better ask. "Cheese, what are you thinking about?" He turned around and stared directly to my eyes, he had a sad focused look, I've never seen him so serious, after what seemed to be minutes he turned to the ground and said "I was just thinking about you and I... I mean, I just met you, and you are letting me sleep in your room, take breakfast with you, take you to dates... but before this day, we didn't know anything about each other... Don't you feel a little curious?" After all, it is a little weird to think that way. "Well, I already know you left Manhattan, that you are a traveler and an awesome friend, what do you know about me?" "Everything" he said in a mysterious way, but how could he? "I know everything about you, because I grew up admiring you, I traveled all around the country, with the only memory of a beautiful girl throwing a party, by the time, I noticed everyone all around the country knew your name Oh yes, Pinkie the party thrower; Yes I think she is friends with the princess; Oh, I remember she's some sort of element of laughter, She and her friends have saved the world plenty of times. They all talked about how awesome you and your friends are, and you became my idol, my inspiration. My reason for keep going."

Silence, that was my answer... how... how can someone admire me so much? "Cheese, don't put yourself so down, you are awesome too, remember Boneless, he was turned into a magic key that gave us the power to defeat Tirek, just imagine if you didn't give it to me, the world would be doomed! and you are the best party thrower I know..." I tried to explain "And... I... and I love you" I finally managed to say... it's not like I was lieing, it was true, I came to love him harder, not to mention faster, than any crush I've fallen before.

We got into Sugarcube Corner and went upstairs, none of us was in the mood for planning parties, but we had to "I love you too." He said, taking seat in a chair of my desk. "Want to get started?" I asked, I don't know what the hell to think... Ohhh!!!, suddenly and idea came to my mind, what if I show him my secret basement where I keep my party supplies? He'll love it!