Divided We Stand

by Nexas


Everything in the room seemed to freeze up, as if the whole world had stopped in its tracks and was trying to remember how it got there. He sat across the room from the pink mare, Mirror Edge couldn't believe his ears.

Pinkie Pie.

She knew?! All along?!

Is my ruse really that bad?

The name, It was probably the name.

Wait, maybe it's a trick! Maybe I can still talk my way out of this.

Mirror Edge pulled on the biggest, goofiest, most out of character grin he could muster.

"HAHAHAHA! That's hilarious Pinkie. Good one!"

Sweet merciful Chrysalis this hurts. How does she do this all day?

"No really; think of all the things a Changeling could do in modeling! You could be a size small one moment and then whoosh!" She made a whooshing noise complete with frantic waving of arms. "You're a size large! Or you could fashion for stallion clothing AND mare clothing! Wait, can you do that?"

Mirrors big smile was drooping on his face, his mind was freaking out.

"Wh-why would you say that Pinkie?" He asked, feigning hurt feelings. "I'm not a Changeling."

"Well duh, of course you are. I mean it's sooooooo obvious, well at least to me."

Mirror edge was freaking out; his entire plan could be brought down in flames by this one pony. Pinkie Pie bounced up to him and begun circling him.

"I thought that you were pretty strange for an earth pony, and that's coming from me!" She giggled, making a few snorts. "Your name doesn't sound like any pony I've ever heard of, I mean; Mirror Edge? That's just silly." She turned to face Mirror, somehow sporting a detective hat and a bubble pipe. "And while I was hiding under the table I heard you talking to my cupcakes about your invasion." She went up and booped him on the nose. "You're really silly."

The Changeling was near hyperventilation at this point. This crazy pony had somehow figured out his entire plan and any moment now he could have Celestia breathing down his neck.

Change of plans; he would get rid of her now.

He dropped his form and glared at Pinkie.

"You don't know what you're dealing with here mare!" He said, trying to sound more intimidating then he was. Pinkie simply went to the other side of the room and struck an absurd kung-hoof pose. He hated her.

I hate her. He thought. Okay; I have to defeat one of the Elements of Harmony in full on combat, no pressure.

Okay, so what if she's an Element of Harmony, I have all the power that the ponies emotions gave me, I can beat her!


Both of them reared up on their back hooves and charged...


"...And that's why you should always keep duck tape handy. Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle." Twilight, in her library had just finished her newest friendship letter. Though she didn't really know what it had to do with friendship. It was just a slow day.

"Alright Spike, send it to the Princess."

Her dragon assistant took the scroll and was just about to send it when a explosion racked the library. Twilight and Spike quickly ran to the window to see what had happened. Smoke and confetti was pouring out of the upper windows of Sugercube corner and fighting noises could be heard from the inside.

"Huh, Pinkie must have seen a cockroach again."


The room was somehow an even bigger mess than it had started as. Mirror had suffered the most damage but Pinkie still got hurt to. Her damage was simpler; her fur was scorched in places by Mirrors magic bolts and there were a few bruises all over her. Mirror was worse; somehow in the span of a few minutes the pink mare had pulled out an anvil, a comically oversized mallet, and three dozen pies, all from seemingly nowhere. Neither of them was seriously hurt of course, Pinkie was able to stave off most of his attacks and Mirrors exoskeleton had protected him from the blunt of her blows. Didn't mean they hurt any less though.

"Prepare...to meet...your..doom." He wheezed out. He was exhausted from fighting. Not all of his energy had returned.

"Oh...yeah?" Pinkie panted. She was just as tired as he was. "Prepare to meet him first."

"That doesn't make any sense." He retorted.

"You don't make any sense." She retorted back.

"No Pinkie, You specifically don't make any sense."

This fighting would get him nowhere; Changelings fought by utilizing surprise attacks or ambushes in large numbers not on-on-one battles to the death. And sooner or later she was going to call for help and then everything he had planned would come crashing down around him. This was it. He had one last ace in the hole. He really didn't want to do this but she had left him no alternative.

He steeled his courage.

Walked right up to her.

Looked her straight in the eye.

And got down on his knees and begged.

"Please! Please don't report me to the Princess! I don't want to go back to the Badlands! I'll do anything! I'm just hungry! Please!" He had swallowed his pride by this point but it didn't matter, she would call the Princess or the royal guard and they would throw him back into that horrible land where he'd probably starve to death, or get eaten, or both.

Pinkie Pie just stared at him, at the Changeling groveling at her hooves.

Mirror just closed his eyes and waited for the decision. Neither of them moved or did anything. But then Mirror felt something; an emotion.


Opening his eyes he looked at Pinkie whom had gotten on her knees like him. She had a small smile on her face, not goofy or over the top, but warm.

"You really don't want to go home do you?" She asked. The hint of disbelief in her voice. He shook his head wildly. "It's like Tautorus out there."

That wasn't too far from the truth. The main reason why Changelings invaded other areas, other than to find food was to get away from the Badlands; a large area to the west of Equestria, filled with monsters and danger abound. It was a fate worse than death to be banished there.

"I'm not gonna report you silly!"

"Really?" He asked, totally confused. "I mean thank you, but really?"

"Well yeah, I wouldn't want to hurt my new CBFF."


Pinkie sighed. "Changeling Best Friend Forever?"

"Ah. But wait, I'm a Changeling and you won't turn me in?"

"Yeah, you're just hungry after all right? And I can't just let you starve." Her expression turned to a pained one. "I know how that feels."

Mirror stared incredulously at the pastry chef. "How could you possibly know how that feels?"

"I grew up on a rock farm."

"Oh, ouch."

They both sat there in silence, staring into each others eyes, trying to see what was really going on in the others head. The trance was broken however by a knocking on the door.

Oh no, The room is a complete mess from the fight!

Panicking Mirror had barely enough time to raise his disguise before Mrs. Cake walked in. Mrs. Cake was one of the owners of Sugercube corner along with her husband; Mr. Cake. He wasn't sure how but Pinkie had managed to talk them into letting him stay at least for a while.

Mirror found it hilarious for some reason.

"Pinkie, It's-Oh! I'm sorry, am I interrupting?"

"No, no you were not Mrs Cake." Mirror smiled. He swore that every time he talked to the Cakes that he could see fear in their eyes. He'd have to work on his smile; not show as much teeth.

"I just came up to say that it's close to midnight and I hope that the cleanings done okay?"

"Oki doki loki Mrs. Cake! Cleanings all done!"

"Alright Pinkie, I need you up for tomorrow and Mirror, I hear that you have a job to do for miss Rarity."

Oh yeah. He had almost forgotten about it in all of the commotion.

"All right, goodnight both of you."

They both said goodnight and Mrs. Cake left. Mirror suddenly noticed that the room was literally sparkling clean. Turning around to tell Pinkie he found the pink mare holding a mop and a bucket.

"Sorry, that took longer than I thought." She apologized.

For the first time in a while, Mirror chuckled.

"You can't be real."