Naruto: Canterlot High chronicles

by Narutomate storm


Back at Naruto's world:

The Naruto duplicate and the rest of team 7 has recovered from the war and are now enjoying ramen at ichiraku.

"YUP! nothin' tastes better than ramen after a job well done!" the Naruto duplicate exclaimed.

" haven't changed a bit," Sasuke stated in slight annoyance. Sasuke, like everyone else are unaware that their Naruto is an exact copy of the original who is now banished from this world.

"I don't think he'll ever change," Sakura said smiling. as the three continue their conversation kakashi was about to take off his mask to eat his meal.

"Hey guys look," Naruto whispered to Sasuke and Sakura gesturing at their sensei.

"W-what?" Sakura looks at her sensei and resisted the urge to scream in pure excitement.

"F-finally after all these years.." Sauke commented with a slight excited face.

"Time to eat my mealll," Kakashi said in a lazy tone. As he pulls down the heart beats of his three students went faster by the second, the mask has now gone below his nose.

"Finally.." Naruto said in his mind.

"After..." Sakura continued in her mind.

"All these years..." Sasuke finished in his mind.

"THE FACE OF KAKASHI IS FINALLY REVEALED!" all three mentally yelled in excitement.

The mask was about to be completely pulled down until....

"Hey there guys how's it going?!" Ino and her teammates happily asked blocking their view at the last moment.

"AAAAAAAHHHH!!" Naruto and Sakura yelled in horror.

"OUT OF THE WAY INO-PIG!" Sakura yelled.

"WHAT DID YA SAY FOREHEAD?!" Ino furiously asked as they beat each other up. After a full minute of slaps and punches the girls calmed down though Naruto as Sasuke were caught in the middle of their cat-fight.

"Uugghh Sakura why did ya hit me too?" Naruto whined.

"Instead of whining around we need to see Kakashi's face while we still have the time!" Sasuke shouted as his teamamtes follow him back at the stand.

However once they arrived back at the stand Kakashi has finished his meal with his mask once again leveled up. "Ahhh that was a good bite," he commented. But Teuchi and Ayame had dreamy expressions on their faces.

"S-so handsome!" both of them squealed with Teuchi having a light blush while Ayame had hearts for eyes.

"I-i really want to know that guys face..." all three whispered.

"Hmm? what's with those faces?" Kakashi asked to his subordinates who still bared suprised and curious faces.

"I wonder how's my original doing? i hope he's not going on a rampage out there since the Hokage gig has been passed onto me.." the duplicate thought to himself.

(Back at the other world)

Naruto and the girls were walking down the halls having various conversations.

"Hey..don't ninjas normally wear masks and back suits?" Sunset asked to Naruto.

"Nah..I don't wanna look weird around everyone," he joked which got a giggle from the girls.

Rarity then walks beside Naruto as she begins rubbing her fingers on his sleeve with sparkling eyes. "Ohhh my! the fabric... it's sooo smooth!" she squealed. "Where did you ever found such an outfit? Please tell me so I can get in touch with it's tailor!"

"I actually me and my master just got this from a random store...and i can't really remember the store's name ehehe sorry," Naruto apologized.

"That's okay Darling for this is giving me new ideas for my line up!" the fashionista happily replied. "Was this always your outfit?" she asked while still rubbing her hands at his sleeve.

"No, my previous outfit was similar to this only it was a bit more loose and the colors are blue and orange," Naruto replied. "but I had to switch since it was worn to shreds over the years," he continued.

This made Rarity imagine his previous color scheme. "Hmm...I think black and orange suits you better Naruto," She replied while still rubbing his sleeve and a few seconds later she let go as she memorized every inch of the sleeve's fabric.

"But what about yer headband? what's with that spiral thing on the middle?" Applejack asked as she gestures at the insignia on the headbands metal piece.

" do I put this?.. Well it actually represents a leaf," Naruto explained.

"But why is it a spiral?" asked Applejack.

"I don't really know," he replied with a shrug.

"Uh uh I know! maybe because the leaves always blow with the wind in a spiral direction!" Pinkie suggested.

"Hey your right that might be the reason why!" Naruto declared with a smile as wide as the party girl.

"Wait why'r we walking let's speed up! the line's gonna pile on!" Rainbow dash shouted as she runs at a fast pace with the rest not far behind.

They arrived at the cafeteria and fortunately the place was not yet that crowded with students.

"Whew! it's not crowded yet let's go guys!" said Rainbow as they grabed their treys to get their lunch with Naruto at the back of the line.

"I wonder what's Ramen like in here?" Naruto thought to himself. "I guess since this is a different world the It's not gonna be like the ones at ichiraku, ya know." he sighed. A minute later it was finally his turn.

"Hey there kid waddaya need?" asked the lunch lady.

"Ramen please!" Naruto replied.

"You mean noodles?" the lunch lady asked to which he nodded. "Well why din't ya say so? one bowl of noodles commin up!" the lady said with a smile as she placed the bowl of soup and noodles on his trey.

Naruto then takes in the delicious scent of his meal in exhales in a hungry fashion. "Hey lady ya got any chopsticks?" asked Naruto as he stared in curiostiy at a metal piece where it had four metal appendages jutting out as he holds it in front of his face.

"Why? you never used a fork before?" asked the lady.

"Fork? is that what this thing is called?" Naruto said to himself before responding to the lady. "Y-yeah of course i use a fork, i just use chopsticks when it comes to ramen," he said.

"Noodles kid we don't really call it ramen that commonly," she explained.

"Oh I see..well anyway thanks!" but as he prepares to go to his table the lunch lady stops him.

"Wait a minute kid that would be 4 dollars," she said. Naruto then digs his hand onto his pocket and lets out his frog wallet but as he opens the zipper he finds it empty as a small bit of dust floats out.

"Ummm..." he murmured has he digs his hand on the wallet but finding nothing.

" should've asked money from one of those girls, " Kurama stated which made the blonde pout in both annoyance and embarrassment. "And even if you did had money it would not be valid since this world has a different type of currency, " the kitsune added.

Naruto began mentally panicking bearing his comedy face. "It's on me," said Applejack as she hands the lady the required money. "Ah would also like noodles please," she added as she added the money she gave to the lunch lady.

"Thank you," said the lady as Naruto and Applejack walks toward their table.

"Oh man thanks a lot Applejack!" Naruto said as he gave her a hug in gratitude and This made Applejack's cheeks flare out instantly. "I really owe you one!" he said smiling, oblivious to Applejack's rising blush.

"Y-ya don't owe me anything Naruto it's what friends are for," Applejack protested as Naruto broke off the embrace. They would then grab their meal as they try to find their table.

"Hey how did ya know that I didn't had any money you were at you're table with the others right?" Naruto asked the cowgirl as they were getting close to their table.

"Pfft please ah can see yer troubled face from a mile away!" Applejack replied with a smile. "But really the school year just began and ya'll don't have any cash at yer first day of school?" she teased.

"Ehehe...sorry 'bout that," Naruto sheepishly replied while scratching the back of his head.

"There he goes again with that embarrassed smile...It's mahty idiotic but it looks good on him," Applejack thought to herself giggling.

"Hey earlier ya called noodles "ramen" which is the actually foods secondary term but it hasn't been really pronounced that much," she explained.

"Yeah I know that lady explained it to me... wait a minute you sound like Twilight all of a sudden," Naruto said slightly shocked.

"Well ah have been taking tutoring sessions from Twilight, guess ah got that from her," Applejack chuckled as they were now a few meters from their table.

"You know ah was also dead last at school when ah was a kid even Applebloom back when she was younger," she flat out revealed which put up a curious face from Naruto.

"R-really?!" Naruto asked. "W-wait that means it runs in the family...T-that means I'm your long lost brother!" Naruto shrieked only to be whacked in the head by Applejack with her other hand holding her lunch.

"Its not like that ya Idiot!" Applejack shouted with her comedy face. "Now lets go to others," she said as she quickly calmed down.

"Ugghhh...Yes mam," Naruto replied in a slow manner as she follows her to unite with the others.

"Hey! Naruto, Applejack over here!" Pinke shouted waving at the two as they approach her and the others. Pinkies lunch were hotdogs and burgers the others had the same but Fluttershy had more vegetables than meat.

"Hey Pinkie!" Both Naruto and Applejack greeted and did the same with the others. Naruto then sees a large cake at the center of the table that says "welcome Naruto" in the middle in red bubble letters. "Okay let the Naruto welcome party begin!" shouted Pinkie as a group of students gather around to share the cake and give Naruto a greeting in the next following minutes.

"Hehe thanks a lot everyone!" Naruto said to everyone as they went back to their perspective tables. "Hey Pinkie where did ya get the cake anyway?" Naruto asked.

"She works at the "Sugarcube corner" It's actually a bakery so you'll find lots of cakes, cupcakes or any other pastries," Twilight explained but she soon feels a familiar sensation as someone greets her as she turns around and sees Flash right behind her.

"Hey Twilight mind if I join in?" he asked the lavender girl.

"F-flash hey there! and y-yeah of course you can join in! ehehehehe," Twilight sheepishly said as she tried to contain her crimson blush with a smile but futile.

Flash chuckled in at her actions. "hehe she always acts so embarrassed around me," Flash thought to himself as he sat right next to her but they were so close to the point were the sleeve of his jacket was touching Twilights arm as her cheeks feel like they'll burst into flames .

Naruto then sits down next to Applejack as he stares at his meal with his mouth threatening to drool.

(start music)

"Time to eat!!" he joyfully shouted as he grabs his chopsticks and takes in the strings of broth onto his mouth while entering his fantasy world.

"MMMMM! soooo good!" Naruto shouted while still slurping his dish. "This is a lot like the one at ichiraku except that this one has a lot more flavour into the soup!" he said to himself.

"Naruto don't talk while your mouth is full darling!" shouted Rarity avoiding some of the soup he spilled out of his mouth.

"Sorry," Naruto responded with his mouth still full as he continues to slurp the strings of broth and everyone was dumbfounded at how wild he eats.

"W-woah," said Sunset.

"O-oh my," said Fluttershy.

"I could have an eating contest with him to start our rival score!" Rainbow squealed.

"How can he eat that fast?" Asked twilight.

"The answer is easy Twilight: it's called hunger," Flash replied much to her embarrassment at the fact on how someone as smart as her could not answer something so simple.

"H-he eats a lot like Winona," Applejack commented.

Naruto then tackles for the pork and the egg along with the rest of the soup except for the vegtables. "Ahhh..I want more!" Naruto joyfully shouted as he gets up to taste more of the dish.

(end music)

"Wait a minute there sugarcube yer vegies aren't done yet!" Applejack said to the blonde as she grabs his wrist and pulls him back to his seat.

"Yeah I know but I need to fuel up first!" He said smiling as he tries to get up only to be pulled back down.

"Oh no ya don't yer gonna finish yer vegies whether ya like it or not," Applejack said with a serious face.

Naruto becomes slightly scared by her face. "O-okay AJ," he politely said. "Ahhhhh" he murmured as he openes his mouth waiting for the vegetables to enter his mouth.

Applejack's face instantly turned from stern to shocked. "H-he wants me to f-feed him?!" She asked to herself but Naruto was oblivious to her shock as he thinks this is normal.

"W-well might as well get his over with," said Applejack. But because she wasn't really good with chopsticks she had to do it bear handed. She picks up the group of herbage and places it on Naruto's mouth blushing. But the moment Naruto closed his mouth an inch of her fingers were trapped in it felling the inside of his lips.

Applejack felt this as her face becomes tomato red and quickly retracts her fingers as Naruto chews on the herbage. " actually tastes kinda good thanks AJ!" Naruto said to the Applejack as he runs toward the counter completely oblivious to how the cowgirl felt during that moment.

"W-wait Naruto ya forgot yer cash!" Applejack shouted as she ran after him and handed him a fifty dollars.

"Oh right! Thanks AJ!" Naruto said as he took the dollars and resumes his rush towards the counter.

"Gee..he's such an idiot sometimes," Applejack murmured as she returns to her friends who then beam her with smirks. "What?" She asked.

"Naruto and AJ sitting in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G!" Rainbow dash teased only to be whacked in the head by Applejack as Rainbow's head comically crashes on the table.

"SHUT UP RAINBOW!" shouted Applejack with her fist steaming while Pinkie bursts out laughing except for the others.

"A-applejack please stop fighting!" Said Fluttershy in a slightly scared tone.

Rarity then giggled ignoring her friends outburst. "Ohhh you two looked so cute together! Especially that moment where you fed him!"
She squealed.

"But he's dense as a rock, he didn't even know that Applejack was blushing!" Sunset tittered.

"Hmm I wonder if Flash is like that?" Twilight asked to herself. "Hey Flash are you dense as a rock," she asked the blue haired teen.

"No probably not," he replied.

"Whew" Twilight sighed in relief.

Applejack took a deep breath as her friends had stopped teasing her but her lips curled into a smile. "You really are something Naruto," she said to herself with a bright smile.

Naruto was now at the counter. "Oh hey there kid what do ya need now," the lunch lady asked with a smile.

"Six bowls of Ramen please!" Naruto cheerfully said.

"You really like calling it that, maybe it might make the term much more popular," said the lady as she prepared his giant meal.