Just me and the deer

by BlueSkyHeadLeft010

The Meat Ban

Let me start out by stating the obvious.
If you are reading this, then:
A. You either have internet or B. You swiped my Ipad. (I'm not going to believe you are a time traveler, that makes zero sense. Or considering the situation maybe it does???)

Either way you have my journal, and I guess that means you too are wondering what has happened to Earth, our world, or used to be...

Let me back up.
Today is July 27th, 2015.
Yesterday was May 23rd, 2015.
According to my memory it was. My tablet disagrees.
Yes, I have somehow traveled through time.
No I don't want to BS this, but seriously I have traveled to the future. Somehow. And let me tell you it's not unicorns and rainbows. Or maybe it is and I was off shot into a doomed universe???
Everyone's gone. Though not you it seems. Since you somehow found this there may be some hope.

Allow me to paint you a mental picture.
I'm standing at Sonic's right now looking out on the 441 that runs right next to the place, and no one else is here.
No cars, no traffic, strangely no electricity, and no life. It's bizarre. Usually at this time of day (It's 1:27pm EST) the streets are jam packed with cars that get stalled at the red light sometimes up to three miles away.
It's overcast right now, but I can still feel the asphalt giving off searing heat from underneath my hooves.
You heard right.
I have somehow become a miniature blue horse with wings, or Pegasus if you want to be picky about it.
If this was some sort of joke, I'm not laughing.
God, where is everyone??
I guess you can figure out the rest. Time Traveled from my house to here for some reason, figured out how to at least waddle around on these hooves to get to the inside of Sonic, found someone's Ipad in the back and cracked the lock (psh it was easy, I mean who the heck thought their pass code should be 1234?), deleted all the erm-... Less desirable apps on the thing. Found the document app and began writing this journal of sorts.
So now I'm here munching on a bag of potato chips, (Can horses ponies eat these?), and discovering the internet suck straws and won't pull up anything. No my one true love~!

Ah, hehe...

So, anyways when I busted the glass of the door with my hind hooves (Heck yea! Go pony muscles!), I had enough time to really ponder what was going on.
"Did I miss the rapture?" Was my first thought.
Hey, you grow up in a religious family and see what you think! But then I was like, "Nah... Why would I be a pony then?" So that theory was thrown out.
The second idea was I was in some sort of bizarre coma dream, or I had gotten sick and this was all an illusion, but smashing the door made an ear grinding noise once it did crack, which caused my ears to flip down and I grimaced in pain. Nope, too real for that!
So I just settled on the idea that something else had happened and I would just wait and see. I mean, I can't be alone right? You found my journal...


I don't know what else to put here. I'm mostly writing this so I can keep track of the things I have done in case it comes in handy, (or would it be hoof now?), later.
Like I said, Philosophy was not my major.
Though I am somewhat good in biology. (At least the knowledge part, not the hands on kind!)

Oh silly me! I forgot introductions!
My name is Holly, and I used to be human.
I found a mirror when I was searching for this tablet. Oddly this one wasn't located in the bathroom stalls, but inside the manager's desk. (Vain much??)
Picking it up with hooves was a pain, but when I sorta squished it in between both of them I was able to angle it to see my face and the back half of me.
That's when I saw the wings.
Now I'm not dumb. I knew there was something back there, but survival kinda came first so I didn't bother to really check until then. They were blue too.
In fact my whole body was a pastel indigo, while my (Hair/Mane?) was a bright cyan with one gold streak running through it. It clashed horribly.
I also had on both my flanks a picture of a sunflower and a paintbrush. Odd combination but hey I'm not complaining. Could've been a picture of a meme or something ugly...
My face wasn't much better. My head was huge compared to my body (How is that even possible? Shouldn't it have snapped something? *shudder*), and my eyes were huge with golden irises. I moved my face around a bit just to make sure it was mine, which yes it was.
Oddly enough I was okay. Like, I sorta wanted to panic (and with good reason) but what use would it be when there was no one to help pull you back together?
So I did the logical thing...

I hobbled outside on my legs and screamed bloody hell, scaring off all the local wildlife within a 10 mile radius. (Yes I really did. The birds nearby pooped on everything thanks to that. Yuck!).
Once I got that out of my system I was better.
Now I'm just sorta rounding up the chips and other non-perishable items around here and then I'm gonna head back towards home. (It's like twenty miles and there's still plenty of sun. So I should be back before it get's dark.)
Hmm... I wonder if I can figure out how to hot wire a car or something like they do in movies. Never tried it before, but it can't be that hard right?

Anyways, one important note to you the reader...
If you are stuck like this a pony too, do not eat meat!
I know, I know that's common sense! But I didn't know that at the time when I tried some out of the freezer!
(Why??? Why did I think that it was okay to cook and eat?!)
Yes, I cooked it on one of the gas powered grills. It wasn't hard even with hooves for hands. I just snagged a bag of processed meat, tore it open using my strong pony jaw, and then put the thing on the grill using a stool from the bathroom to compensate for my reduced height and a mouth. (Hey I was going to eat it anyways!) Then I just turned the nob slightly and waited till I thought it was done cooking.

I took one bite. ONE.
The result was awful. I'll spare you the details, but let's just say I spent three whole hours hovering over the handicap toilet.
So whatever you do, do not eat the meat! Our metabolic system can't handle it!

Anyways, I'm going to leave Sonic now so I'll be putting away this thing at the time until I get back home.
I hope everyone's ok...