Naruto: Canterlot High chronicles

by Narutomate storm

Getting to know the others part 3

Naruto dashes fourth at the obstacle course as his friends watch and cheer him on. he would effortlessly leap over the wall, walked the beam with his hands, swiftly went past the poles in a zigzag pattern, jumped over object to object.

He then runs back to his group where all of his friends especially Rainbow gave him a high five. "Dude that was awesome!" Rainbow happily shouted to the young ninja.

"Hehehe I'm the best!" he declared while pointing his thumb at his forehead protector.

"Naruto you just made a new record!" coach armor declared with a smile.

Before Naruto can celebrate a girl pushed him away. She had long white hair with pale blue streaks along with sky blue skin and purple eyes.

"Out of my way blondie whiskers it's Trixie's turn to get through the course!" The girl declared as she runs toward the obstacles.

"Who the heck was that?" Naruto asked a bit annoyed at her rudeness.

"That's just Trixie she thinks she's the most popular girl in school," Applejack remarked.

"Now, watch in awe as the Great and Powerful Trixie goes trough this course with grace!" She shouted as she runs fourth.

"This should be priceless," said Applejack as she sats on the bleachers.

"Hehe your telling me," Naruto replied as he sat right next to her. They would then watch the show off clumsily go through the course as most of the students began laughing.

"Hehe more like the Great and Powerful phony!" Naruto joked which made Applejack laugh.

"That was a good one Naruto," the Applejack commented smiling but as he smiled back she could feel her heart pound faster by the second as Naruto moved closer to her as they continue to watch Trixie's clumsy performance and the students laughter grew.

"Hey Applejack you're a cowgirl right?" Naruto asked to which she nodded. "Then that means you live in a farm right?"

"Nice guess there sugarcube," she replied. "It's called Sweet Apple Acres we mostly just do Applebucki'n, makin Apple cider and all other stuff," Applejack explained.

"Hehe That's kinda awesome!" said Naruto oblivious to her blush from those words as they smile at each other.

"What about you? What's it like being a ninja?" asked Applejack.

Naruto was aware that this world didn't have that much forests. "Well...after I was done with the academy all I really did was jump from building to building, tree climbing sometimes even sparing matches," Naruto explained.

"And lemme guess, you were dead last at the academy," Applejack said between her giggles which made him laugh sheepishly.

"Y-yeah I guess I was!" He said with a bright smile. Applejack's blush resurfaced as she edged closer to him to the point where the sides of their arms are touching but Naruto smiled as he enjoyed her company.

Meanwhile Trixie continues to get through the course still getting humiliated.

"H-how dare you all laugh at the Great and Powerful Trixie?!" she angrily asked with her comedy face. "S-she's just not feeling well that's all," she added with a pout.

Naruto grinned. "Heh! Maybe next time stop pushing others!" He added to which she only huffed and walked away.

"Ya really showed her Naruto!" Applejack said making him laugh sheepishly while scratching his head. "Gee..he's so cute when he's embarrassed," she thought to herself.

"Alright everyone next one is dodgeball," the coach stated. In the next few minutes the students helped each other in cleaning up the obstacles.

Naruto would see how strong Applejack was and smiled as she helped him out but he was oblivious to the faint red flush on her cheeks.

Dodgeball was now about to start and everyone was seperated into two groups with Naruto, Applejack, Pinkie, Twilight and Flash in group 1 while Rainbow, Sunset, Rarity and Fluttershy were in group 2.

"Hey there newbie!" Naruto looks at the source from the first group. She had yellow skin along with long spiky orange hair. "Naruto right?" The girl asked.

"Yup that's me!" He replied smiling.

"Well nice to meet ya whiskers I'm Spitfire!" She said smiling back at the blonde as they bumped fists. "Hope your good at dodging cause I'm not holding back," she stated.

"Hehe of course I am," he stated as he remembers those times he would dodge enemy projectiles.

"Okay everyone get to your positions," the coach ordered to which everyone quickly compiled to.

"Let's do this black and orange!" Spitfire declared with a smirk.

"Oh it is on!" Naruto smirked back as the coach blows his whistle starting the game. Everyone quickly grabs a ball as a barrage of rubber balls rain on.

With his quick reflexes Naruto was able to easily avoid the red spheres hurling towards him. "Wow! that guy's hard to hit!" Rainbow commented as she watched him dodge.

Naruto then unleashes a barrage of balls at his opponents taking out some of them. "Hehe! how do ya like me now?"

Spitfire smirked. "Not bad there blondie!" she said as she throws more red spheres at her opponents taking them out and the two are the only ones remaining.

Naruto then throws a ball at her but she easily catches it and throws it back at him. the ball slams powerfully onto his face causing him to crash to the floor with a nosebleed and cartoonish spirals for eyes.

"You weren't bad there Naruto," Spitfire said as she helped him up.

"Yeah you too!" Naruto replied smiling as the coach blows his whistle.

"Match over! group 2 wins!" he shouted.

"Aw yeah!" Rainbow bragged in excitement.

"Hey Naruto nice face print," Applejack commented at the face print at the ball that slammed on his face.

"Hey It even got your whiskers!" Pinkie added as Naruto laughs at his face print. Pinkie would then take his headband as she once again plays ninja.

"You were awesome out there Mr.Naruto!" Naruto looks to the source. she had light grey skin and long blonde hair however perhaps her most distinguishing features are her yellow eyes as one is facing upward and the other a bit lower.

(start music)

Naruto felt a bit disturbed at her eyes as he could not tell where she's exactly looking. "Uhhh...thanks," Naruto replied still disturbed at her eyes.

"My names Derpy! It's sooo nice to meet ya!" the girl squealed though the ninja still had that disturbed look on his face.

"W-what's with her eyes it looks creepier than Itachi's sharingan...!" he thought to himself. Applejack quickly noticed his state of mind and decides to break off his trance.

"Naruto, Derpy's eyes are really just like that but she's a really nice girl honest," she explained with a smile which calmed him down a little.

Naruto finally mustered the courage to reply to the crossed-eyed girl. "H-hey there Derpy nice to meet ya too!"

Derpy giggles. "There's no need to be shy Mr. Naruto I'm super nice!" she said oblivious to what he's really felling.

"Y-yeah! and were now officially friends!" Naruto said as the two share a high-five. "What do ya do around the school?" Naruto asked.

"I just do whatever I can to help!" Derpy cheerfully replied.

"But ya'll can't do all that unless you make one hey of a mess," chuckled Applejack.

"Judging from her eyes, i think that's to be expected," Naruto teased.

"But not all the time!" Derpy protested between her giggles.

"Well everyone that's it for today you can all go back to your perspective classrooms," said coach Armour.

"Yes coach!" all of the students replied.

"Well I gotta get to my classroom, see ya Naruto!" Derpy said as she waved them off.

(end music)

"That...was weird," Naruto commented as he watch the grey girl run to the dressing room.

"Ya'll get used to it once ya get to know her Naruto," Applejack explained. "Well ah better get changed," she said as she and the others head for the dressing room leaving him alone once again.

"Hey kid, you starting to get used to this new world?" asked a familiar voice inside him promoting him to enter his subconsciousness.

"Kurama! how's it going?!" Naruto happily asked to the fox.

"I'm fine but most of my chakra is still drained so you can't go kurama mode for a while," explained Kurama.

"That's fine with me!" he replied smiling. "It's not like Madara just came back from the dead and went with me right?"

"I guess you do have a point," stated Kurama. "Though I've been looking at you're vision..this world really is something, " Kurama commented.

"I know right, everything here is kinda epic!" Naruto excitedly replied to the fox.

"And the names here are rather unique too,'' Kurama added with a smile."But earlier when that girl with violet hair asked you about your whisker marks and you sweat like crazy as if that crossed the line" he said with a stern face.

"I know.. I really wanna tell my friends about this," Naruto said to the fox.

"Then stop being so scared and give them a chance!" Kurama shouted to the blonde.

"I know that Kurama!" Naruto shouted back. "But at the right time," he added to which the fox nodded in agreement.

"Hey look your friends are coming back better go," Kurama said as Naruto exits his subconscious.

The girls were now back to their initial outfits. "What's the next class?" Naruto asked.

''The next class is music which is currently held at the band room since it's now gonna involve the instruments," Twilight replied.

"Hey are you good with instruments Naruto?" Rainbow asked Naruto.

"Yeah! I tried playing that guitar once," he replied to the cyan girl.

"Great! then that means you don't need the manuals on playing one even though it's probably just one pickle of a lecture!" Pinkie said to the two. "Leettsss goooo!" She shouted as she and Naruto runs to the hall.

"Warm up time!" Rainbow shouted as she and rest of the girls runs after the two.

Naruto and the 7 girls then reached the band room where the girls quickly entered the room. Inside there was a few instruments and a small stage.

They are soon greeted by a girl with magenta shades. she had white skin along with shoulder length spike dark blue hair with light blue streaks. she was wearing a white shirt with dark and light blue linings and a white skirt with a music note on the hem, she also had dark pink wrist warmers which extends up to her hands along with long dark pink socks with black and green boots.

"Hey there Viny!" Pinkie greeted to the girl as they shared a high-hive and a hug. "Naruto this is Vinyl Scratch, Viny for short!" Pinkie happily introduced.

"Nice to meet you Naruto," Vinyl greeted to the blonde before noticing the black cloth on Pinkie's head. "What's with the headband Pinkie?" she asked.

"Oh this belong to Naruto because he's a ninja!" she explained which made her eye's sparkle brightly.

"A ninja?! here in Canterlot high?! THAT'S SO AWESOME!" Vinyl loudly squealed to the blonde.

"Y-yeah I'm a ninja alright," Naruto replied as his ears recover from her sudden shout.

"Ohh this is gonna be the best day ever," Said Vinyl. "Hey you ever played music before?" she asked.

"Well I did played that guitar once," Naruto replied. ''Why do ya ask?"

"That's because I'm the best DJ in this school,'' she explained.

"Cool," Naruto commented. "Whatever a "DJ" is," he thought to himself.

"Oh look class is about to start, better grab my gear, see ya guys," said Vinyl as she separates from the group as the teacher and more of the students enters.

"Alright class settle down. Now were going to start with our latest lesson which is all about the instruments now before all of you can sit down on the floor you can all pick out an instrument," all of the students complied as they all sat looked for an instrument with the teacher sits on the stage starting their lesson as the students sat on the floor as the class goes on.

Naruto's instrument was a black guitar and begins to scan it full of curiosity. "Hmmm...these guitars aren't really like the ones at my world it's kinda....futuristic," he thought to himself.

The class continued in the next several minutes with Naruto who was on the far back continuously fiddles with the strings of the guitar with curiosity sending quiet but rhythmic tunes.

"Hey yer kinda good," commented Applejack who was sitting at his right.

"Yeah kinda like I do with my drums," Pinkie whispered who was sitting at the left as the blonde sheepishly smiles, surprised that he got a melody at the first try.

"You're the new student correct?" Asked a girl with grey skin similar to Derpy's except slightly darker. She had long elegant black hair and was wearing a white buttoned shirt and a pink bow with a light purple dress over it she also had long white socks and flat black shoes.

"Oh hello Octavia," greeted Rarity who was not far to the left. "Naruto this Octavia, one of the schools finest musicians," she introduced.

"Yo!" He greeted her with a smile and a salute. Octavia wanted to frown as she expected to greet her with even a little formality but it somehow felt normal to her and instead smiled and giggled.

"It is nice to meet you Naruto and what Rarity said was true I'm one of the schools finest musicians," she explained.

"Hehe cool!" He commented. "Hey what's with the giant violin there?" He asked gesturing at the large instrument at her hands.

"It's called a cello Naruto It's a member of the string family," Octavia explained to the blonde which put a confused look on him making her realize that he has an idiotic and naive side to him but found it suitable to his demeanor.

"Sorry, Naruto is kind off a slow learner," Applejack explained to the musician as she remembered how easily he got confused during math class.

"I think it's slow learner level 2," Twilight seconded.

"Hey im right here ya know!" Naruto told the girls in annoyance which got a giggle from all of them.

"N-naruto?" Called Fluttershy who was sitting right behind him who had a tambourine in her hands. "D-do other ninjas ever play instruments?" She timidly asked.

"Yeah! Some ninjas are also traveling musicians I met tons of them before," he explained which immediately brightened her features. "T-that's good to know you know...that some ninjas are musicians as well," Fluttershy said with a smile.

They then ended their conversation as they fear the teacher might notice them and they listened on with the discussion being held they would then begin playing with their perspective instruments helping Naruto get used to it but in a slow and slightly clumsy manner . After what seemed like an hour the bell finally rang.

"Okay class that brings an end at our class you go take your lunch," said the teacher as he and the students exit the room leaving Naruto and the girls behind.

As the girls placed the instruments back at their proper places Naruto spots an object of interest. it was a black electric guitar and out of curiosity he runs toward the instrument and picks it up.

"Hmmm...this is gonna be tricky,'' he stated with a smile as he raised up his arm and runs his fingers through the strings unleashing a wild tune.

"Wooaahh...that was so epic! how did you do that?!" Rainbow dash squealed in surprise and excitement as she ran towards the ninja.

"hehe...just got lucky i guess,'' Naruto replied sheepishly while scratching at the back of his head.

"Dude do it again!" Rainbow requested.

"Yeah that was some mighty playin there Naruto," Applejack stated. But everyone's stomachs began rumbling.

"Let's get some lunch first!" Naruto requested with a smile to which the girl nood in agreement.