Fallout Equestria: Pathway's End

by Garfield23

Capter One- Death has no mercy

The truth behind my story isn't one of surprise, if I'm honest with myself, I'm surprised I lasted this long but I guess all tales come to an end and this shall be my end. I could tell a thousand stories about how often I was told something wasn't safe and I still challenged my luck but I guess I never learned that lesson of know when to quit in time. Maybe that's the trick of time it convinces you, there is a lot more and then you relies the lie.

If only that bullet had found it's mark, maybe my suffering would have ended by now but that is no more than wishful thinking. Fate chose me to fail and I should just accept that, still accepting it is too boring but still who cares?

The sound of hooves are drawing closer to my cell. This darkness broke me days ago but I still wish light would not intrude on my world of despair. Everything has been taken, piece by singular piece, gram by microgram and here I sit waiting for the end. The sound of a key turning within that accursed lock, I will not allow my jailer to see the fear I hold and the same goes double for any higher power.

The door swings wide "Get up, Scum!" the gruff voiced stallion snaps as I rise weakly to my hooves "Have you enjoyed your time here?" that stupid smile he wears on his muzzle, oh goodness I'd love to knock his teeth in and show him their shattered remains.

I smile weakly before I say "Well now that you mention it, I couldn't find the mini fridge or the mint on my pillow" I won't show these scum bags the fear they desire "I know I won't be giving this place a good review and I won't recommend it to my friends" a weak laugh escapes me.

The jailer steps forward and with a swift kick floors me but despite that my body seems incapable of pain or I'm just so sore it doesn't matter. "We'll see if your still able to joke with a hole through your head!" the jailer snaps as he attaches a chain to the cuffs on my fore hooves and gives the chain a firm pull "Your getting a very public execution"

"Oh, well there's no need to go all out, just for me" I say as we exit my cell, goodness I wish he'd let me do something about that damned leg but as we turn the corner I can see through a window, what the jailer was driving at, ponies from all over are waiting to see an assassin with a couple dozen holes in their corpse and there's the maniac himself, Redeye standing well above the rest and looking really smug "So who's the lucky, Sod?" I ask as I hobble on.

Looking around the area is vast, it can clearly hold more ponies than I can count and even thos cowardly Pegasus ponies will be able to see another crime they've allowed to happen but then again hell if I want their help. I can see walking past a large hole in the cracked pavement, the bullet that sealed my fate and the fates of many more untold numbers of slave ponies.

"An Alicorn" the jailer says as my face drains of what little color it had left "Redeye wants to make an example of you" even the jailer seems afraid of the demonic Alicorns and their reported powers.

"Oh, joy" I joke as we reach the spot where I'll meet my end, I'm tied to the post and then they try to put a blindfold on my face "NO! I want to see it coming" in truth I can't stand having my eyes covered. Why would I allow the darkness to consume my final moments?

Suddenly the vile voice of Redeye booms out "Welcome! All but one of you here is my friend! Behold the fool who tried to kill me!" I cannot help but roll my eyes "Has the damned got any final remarks?"

All within the area fall quiet, it's so very quiet, clearly they want to hear the last foolish words that I have left but what does it matter to me what they think? All those who's thoughts that mattered to me have long since left me and their thoughts wouldn't change a damned thing.

As my head faces upwards, I muster all the hate my body has left and say with all venom that the words can possess "Nothing to the likes of you" I allow my head to flop forward and I wish I had something better to say. Then again I never came here to impress that prat, I came here to kil him and avenge myself.

There is a moment of complete silence before I hear Redeye state "Kill the fool! Leave the corpse to rot" and with that I raise my head and stare at a creature I never thought I'd see an Alicorn but she is clearly starting her spell. Is that what they did to my beloved before she met her fate. All this time I wondered what the goddess did with those unicorns send to her. Those eyes, please no! Those eyes there's no mistake!

The Alicorn's spell leaves the tip of her horn, please don't let this final thought of madness be right. Don't let her gentle spirit be the one doing this vile action.

A few mere moments before the spell strikes I murmur "Aquabell, I love you"