Experience of Love

by Shigo96

Behind The Pendants

The three girls sat on the couch in silence after Adagio stormed off to her bedroom with her face covered in her hands.
Aria and Sonata seemed to be really confused, they didn't know what was going on here. But Sunset did. At least it seemed like that.
After a few more wordless minutes Aria broke the silence.

"What is going on with her?" asked Aria.

"I think that my words got her somehow." Sunset replied.

"How do you know?" asked Sonata.

"I think that she ran upstairs crying."

Sonata's and even Aria's eyes went wide as they heard what Sunset just said. Adagio and crying? Never. That couldn't be possible.
Or maybe they just couldn't believe it.

"Adagio and crying?" asked Aria, "I don't believe that. I mean c'mon it's Adagio who we talking about." she scoffed.

"And that means she can't cry?" asked Sunset.

"I didn't say that she can't. I said that I don't believe it."

"Why don't you believe it?"

"You wouldn't understand if I'd explain it to you, Sunset. You aren't the one who was stuck with her over centuries."

"Probably not. But I guess that she just needs somebody who understands her and I think I can."

"You don't know that girl. How could you understand her?"

"I don't really know you and Sonata either. But if you're honest with yourselves, you want to talk with me because you think that I can help you, don't you?"

"Yeah...You're right...I guess"

"But what is going on with Adagio now? How do you know that she's crying upstairs?" asked Sonata.

"Didn't you notice her expression before she went upstairs?"

"Sure I did but what's with that?" asked Sonata again as Sunset gave her an odd look.

"If you'd start to cry in front of us you would also cover your face with your hands to hide your tears, wouldn't you?"

"Oh...uh..." stammered Sonata as she thought about what happened last night.

"What's wrong?" asked Sunset.

"Uh...you know..." Sonata hesitated, "I should've known after I did the exact same thing last night..." she finished as Aria turned away a bit, blushing slightly.

"Really? Why? If you don't mind me asking."

"I uh...It'd be better if I wouldn't tell you," said Sonata as she noticed Aria's expression, "Ari doesn't want you to know I guess...".

"You can tell her if you want to." said Aria, blushing a bit harder. She didn't really know that she was blushing, she just felt the heat in her face.

"Okay...if you say so. Well. Last night after you defeated us I had a fight with Adagio because she blamed me for this.
She became really angry and wanted to hit me but Aria stopped her. She always does when Adagio wants to hurt me. When Aria and I wanted to go upstairs Adagio asked why Aria always stops her from hurting me. Aria told her that she has a promise to keep and I didn't know what she was talking about so I asked her.
She told me the whole story about it and... Well. It has to do with my parents and that made me really sad because I don't know what happened to them. And I covered my face in my hands just like Adagio did but then Aria hugged me and let me cry into her shoulder and she comforted me."

"That was really nice from her." said Sunset with a soft smile.

"But I honestly don't know why I did that considering that I never really cared about those things before." said Aria.

"How did you feel when you saw her like that?" asked Sunset.

"Well I...I don't really know. I felt bad, really bad and...there was this pain in my chest. Not physically but...I don't know how to explain, all I can say is that it was weird, really weird."

"You have empathy for her."

"And what is that?" asked a now confused Aria.

"That what you felt yesterday. It's just one of those many feelings you'll have to deal with from now on. But be prepared. Time will come where you think that you're sitting in a roller coaster."

"Okay.... That makes sense... I guess."

"Good. Uh... I have a question. You said that Adagio mesmerized you. What do you mean with that? If you don't mind me asking."

"Well... It was a few years after Sonata came to live with me. We were hanging out on our usual place and we were talking about how boring that day was. Then we heard a voice, we heard someone sind and as I hate to admit, it was kinda beautiful. So we decided to follow the way where that voice came from. When we arrived we saw Adagio but she didn't notice us until we began to sing with her, we just sat there and sang for hours. From time to time we grew closer to her because she was really nice.
At least we thought she was. Another few years passed by and then there was it. The day where she gave us those gems. She told us that that's a gift from her to sign our "friendship".
So we took them and BOOM. The gems became parts of our bodys ,we were evil monsters and Adagio began to show us who she really was. I knew that this wasn't right. I knew it the whole time but I wasn't able to break out of it. It was like being captured in a cage.
I tried really hard to get out of it but the magic of this stupid gem which became a pendant as we arrived here was too strong for me." said Aria as a single tear slid down on her face.
Sunset just stared at them with wide eyes for a few moments before she spoke up again.

"Oh my... That's really... I'm so sorry to hear that."

"It's okay." said Aria.

"I think I should look after her."

"It would be the best if you wouldn't." said Sonata.

"It's ok. She can't do more than throwing me out."

Adagio was laying on her bed, crying into her pillow. She felt like she just fell into a deep black hole. She felt like her mind could explode any minute. Guilt, fear, sadness, anger. All at the same time.

"She was right. It WAS all my fault. What have I done?!..." Adagio thought to herself as she buried her face deeper into her pillow.
"What the hell is wrong with me? Why do I feel like that? Why can't that just stop?!"

Sunset's words repeated over and over in her head and it just didn't stop.
"Does she really mean it? If yes, why? Why would she help me after what I did?" she asked herself.

She kept crying into her pillow but from time to time she stopped and just stared at the ceiling.
After a few minutes, which felt like hours to Adagio, she heard a soft knocking.

"Whoever is there and whatever you want, fuck off and leave me alone!" Adagio half shouted.

"Please, Adagio. Open the door." came Sunset's voice from outside.

Adagio nearly jumped as she heard Sunset's voice. "W-what do you want?"

"I want to talk to you, Adagio. Please let me in. I really meant what I said downstairs."

Adagio hesitated for a moment and stared at the door. Then she got up and approached it slowly to open it.
Sunset stepped in and smiled warmly at her but Adagio stared down in shame.

"Adagio. I want to help you. People can change and I know that you can do it, too. You just have to accept my help." said Sunset with a warm and soft tone.

"What? After all I've done you want to help me? But why?" Adagio replied, her voice slightly cracking.

"Because I can imagine how you feel right now. I want to help you because I know that you can change just as I did. It will be a tough process to get used to be a human person. You are not alone, Adagio. I'm here for you. And so are Aria and Sonata."

"But Aria and Sonata don't care about me. They hate me." said Adagio as she bit her lip to hold back her tears.

"Believe it or not. They do. I think they'd already left by now if they'd hate you. Aria and Sonata told me what happened back in Equestria and I think that they'll avoid you at the first time. But they won't leave you alone here."

"B-But how do you know that? asked Adagio as she began to cry again, "What if they will leave me?". she stammered with a cracked voice.
Sunset slowly approached her and brought her in a soft hug.

"Trust me. I know that they won't leave you." said Sunset as she hugged Adagio tighter.

Adagio slowly brought her arms around Sunset's back and began to cry into Sunset's shoulder.

"It's okay, Adagio," said Sunset as she gently stroked her back, "let it all go. It's okay, I'm here."

The room went silent. The only thing which could be heard was Adagio's crying.
Both girls sat on the bed as Adagio hugged Sunset tightly, as if she didn't want her to leave. After a few hours of crying and talking the room went silent again. Adagio finally stopped to cry and Sunset noticed that she fell asleep. She laid Adagio onto her bed and then she wrote a note before she left. Sunset walked downstairs to the living room where Aria was watching a movie and Sonata was sleeping while she leaned on Aria's shoulder.

"Damn. I never thought that she'd let you into her room."

"Me neither but I could talk to her and she's willing to accept my help."

"Well that's good then I guess."

"Yes it is. It'll be a tough process but all of you can do it. Anyway, gotta go now. I have stuff to do for school. I think I'll come to see you tomorrow if that's okay for you."

"Yeah, sure. Whatever."

"Okay, see you then."

"Bye. And... Thank you for helping us. We really appreciate it."

"That's no problem." said Sunset before she opened the front door and left.

Aria wrapped her arms around Sonata, who was still asleep.
She didn't know why, but she felt good, really good as she smiled at herself.

"Things will finally get better."