In The Company of The Sun

by PlumBuckeredOut

Ch. 19: Reflection (V. 1)

How is one to move on after such a plaguing revelation? I didn't move alone. The honeyed chanting of those sirens coaxed my body forward. Past the castle, the city gates, and past my better judgement for another sad story the world had too few violins to serenade. Yet I wasn't mindlessly compelled to follow their lullaby, instead I was hunting them out. Anything to distract myself from the uncertainty of emotions I was not taught to quell. If only father could see how I had strayed. How these hoof-falls poured the very foundation to my truest fears. Yet I didn't know then, then again neither did you...

These Sirens sang until they saw the light glistening from my eyes with such conviction maybe they, for a split second second-guessed their victim.

"Here he comes, the Billy King!" jested the blue siren in poor taste. I huffed a depreciate breathe, then doubled back my gaze to them.

"How do you know me by that title?" I commanded coldly.

"Things have a way of trickling down, and down the grape vine." The orange one slyly answered. "We have a very reliable source when it comes to neigh-sayers, and ill-rumor."

This, I did not doubt from such a despicable creature. The purple one slithered close to me, eyeing my vagabond-like bands as if they glistened with gold.

"He's in the company of a Crystal-pony!" She bellowed. The others followed, wisping over to my hooves like beggars to crumbs.

"How is that so?" The blue one whispered.

"I do not know!" The orange one innocently rhymed, threatening her sisters with a wild snarl to prevent them from giggling at her mishap.

"There's a summit." I huffed. "It's a peace treaty, along with rewriting the Prancian agreement. You three haven't been keeping me up at night have you?"

"He blames us for his woes!" The purple one spat menacingly.

"Typical." The hummed in unison.

"Give a king a crown..." The orange one lamented mournfully.

I pressed a fore hoof firmly to my temple, why I had actively tortured myself with this? I not sure any parental issues where so dire to resort to this magnitude of sadism. Yet here I was, listening to these three squawk like mindless hens. Then I noticed something more disturbing, I was slipping faster. Hate was building within me, but not from the sirens but because of them. Fragmented images flashed through my mind until they formed a vague memory. It was void of color, though my instincts assured me that these sirens before me were a part of my past. I could remember them in my youth... Yes they seemed similar in form minus their aquarian tails. Ponies? Slowly color leaked into the looping memory, gaining validity as the memory focused. As the image fleshed out before me I felt more lost than before. These three, they where once close Umbra. More pieces to solve.

The Sacred Tree had expected much more from me than a treaty. She wanted me to mend emotions. Luna's , maybe Umbra's as well? What of my people? almost a week of my absence, surely my viceroy was able. Yet something in me compelled me back to my home, maybe I was merely homesick. Or perhaps I was feeling the weight of responsibility pressing a bit too keenly to my shoulders. A time would come where I would have to choose what I held more important; My wishes or Parnce's , and I would have to be sure not to blur this line. But... as you know I failed to do just that. With Burred-paw the treaty was a nightmare in itself to pass, never mind the nightmares that followed.


Discord lifted his head weakly to the swan colored princess before him. His eyes were blood-shot and the constant stream of tears kept his vision murky at best. "I just wasn't ready for that much stress, old friend." He admitted mournfully. "I was so selfish back then... If I had been a good guy like you and your protege... Do you think our world would be so-" Her hoof patted at his lion shoulder. In that moment he truly felt Celestia, if not forgiven him, had at least understood his past mistakes. A giant salt-less tear welled up in his right eye. "Thank you Celest'. I don't think I could ever make up for my faults. I-I'm trying though. I think I've found something special with that sweet friend of Twilight's." He continued his mood becoming more and more eager as he proved his efforts.

As the hoof patted his shoulder again Discord felt his worthiness was pointless unless Celestia truly knew his struggle.

"Star Swirl ended up having to banish the Sirens as you remember. It turns out though that they wanted my bands... the cloth bands that held the curse at bay. The same magic that was helping me could've helped the sirens... or so they said. They could fashion a fable out of mere hearsay. But as witness to their power, you'll have to trust me. In their youth they were just like us. Misguided to a fault. Discord sneered as he gave a quick chuckle.

Isn't that always the case? all our faults come from being misguided... from the very idols whom we searched for guidance. Maybe they are as guided as us?"