I Just Walk Away

by madhat886


I Just Walk Away -

"Everything, I have done for them and this is how they treat me," Twilight huffed for the hundredth time as she walks down a hallway. Her friends and mentor all abandon her for a fake.

How could anyone not see how wrong the fake Cadence had been after not seeing her for 2 years. Yet Princess Celestia who had most likely seen her on a daily basis didn't realized anything was wrong. And even with an invasion over her head she didn't see anything wrong with a wedding taking place.

Her friends didn't think of nothing to abandon her just so they could be apart of a wedding. They cared and trusted someone they just met over her who they knew longer. But looks like their friendship wasn't as strong as she thought it was. They would believe someone they just met over someone they knew longer, showed what kind of friends they are.

Her train of thought ended as a orange unicorn with a red mane came out of Princess Celestia's room. she had a saddle bag on her. She was about to shout out what she was doing in the princess's room but stop when she saw her face. Her face was strained with tears as she walks out of the room.

"Hello miss? Are you ok?" Twilight ask.

The orange unicorn turn to look at her, then she look away. "You're Twilight right?"

"Yes," Twilight answers.

"You're my replacement. The one the princess found to replace me when, I wasn't what she wanted," she said as she turns to walk away.

"Wait who are you?" Twilight ask.

"Sunset Shimmer the tool that the princess threw away," she answers.

"Tool? The princess wouldn't use any pony as a tool," Twilight said.

"That's what, I thought once before. Back when, I was her student. But when, I wasn't what she wanted she just threw me away. You had a better relationship with her because the chances of her finding some other pony with as much power as we have in the short amount of time she had left before her sister return from the moon," Sunset said.

"No it can't be the princess would never do something like that," Twilight said.

"You're just too close to her to see all of her manipulative tendencies she does to ponies close to her. She's been doing it for such a long time that she can't see ponies as ponies anymore, just tools. I discover the reason why she held me back once, I began researching the Elements. Because, I didn't follow what she wanted me to be, she held back so that, I wouldn't become an Alicorn," Sunset explains.

"Alicorn?" Twilight ask.

"You're old babysitter was just a normal pegasus before she changed. I was thanks to my magic was on my way on becoming one on my own. But she felt, I wasn't ready for it and did everything to keep me from becoming like her. She's doing the same with you. You won't believe me but why don't you go into her room and read her journals," Sunset said as she walks down the hallway.

Twilight couldn't help herself as she walks into her teacher's room and saw the books on her bed. She walks over to the bed and began flipping through the pages reading her teacher's personal thoughts. As she read through the books, the pedestal she had built around her mentor began to crack. The more she read through the books the pedestal began breaking in pieces till there wasn't anything left. Everything she been through and done has all been just part of her mentor's plan. If there was another unicorn with as much power as either her or Sunset who would be easier to manipulate, she would have been toss aside as Sunset was.


Down in the basement -

Sunset stood in front of the mirror which took her to the other world. It would return her back to the other world but it wasn't her home and there's no one there waiting for her. The same for this world too, where no one cared for her.

"Sunset," Twilight said appearing in the doorway. She had stop by her old room that was left as it was when she left. She had packed up with things that she might need and all the bits she had saved in her old room.

"You read the books," Sunset ask.

"Yes. There's no point in staying anymore. I left a letter in my old room explaining why, I left," Twilight said.

"So you want to come with me?" Sunset ask.

"There nothing here for me but to be use as a tool," Twilight said.

"I have no desire to return to the world that, I came from. I learn that there's another mirror smaller then this one and can go to other worlds. Starswirl created it a long time ago but decided to lock it away. I learn it from one of the books in the princess's room. It should still be in the old castle in Everfree," Sunset said.

"Everfree?" Twilight ask.

"Yes and you can use my power to boost yours for a long range teleport," Sunset said as she gave Twilight the boost she needs.

"Let's go then," Twilight said as she teleports both of them away.

No one would realize that she was gone till it was too late to do anything.


In Everfree -

Both of them teleported to the castle of the 2 sisters. Left in ruins after it was abandon by the princess after she banish her sister to the moon. It's just how Twilight last saw it from the last time that she was there. They enter the castle and made their way inside of it till they found the stairs to the lower levels. But they notice that there are signs that someone been living in the castle. The signs are there, the torches that had been burning and hoof prints on the dusty floors.

"No one is suppose to be here," Twilight said to Sunset as they continue down the stairs.

"Never mind that. The only thing that matters is the mirror," Sunset said.

Twilight just nodded in response as they walk down the staircase to the lowest levels of the castle. They used their horns to make light to see where they're going. Behind them the pony that's been living in the castle follows them.

"How are we going to pass that?" Twilight ask seeing the big door at the bottom of the staircase. She probes it with her magic and saw layers of magic protecting it. That door can only be open by the lock with a large keyhole.

"One thing, I have learn is that while something is protected one way it's not protected by another," Sunset said as she pulls out a metal pipe bomb she made incase she needed to blast open something.

"What's that?" Twilight ask watching as Sunset place it inside the keyhole.

"Think of a firecracker but with a bigger blast," Sunset said as she pulls Twilight with her back up the stairs. Once they were out of the blast range she magically lit the fuse and waited with a shield spell in front of them for added protection.

Twilight gave out a yelp of fright as the homemade bomb went off. The shield protected both of them but it also cause the pony who has been following them to lose her footing and rolled down the stairs. The pony rolled into them causing them to roll down the stairs hitting the door at the bottom that is now wide open as the lock was completely destroyed by the blast.

"Are you...?" Twilight began to ask but saw who is the one who rolled into them. "Trixie?"

"Yes it's Trixie the great and powerful," Trixie said as she got up.

"You know her?" Sunset ask.

"Yes but, I haven't seen her since she came to town for a show she put on," Twilight said.

"After which thanks to your friends heckling me and spreading the story. I couldn't put up a show anywhere since my reputation was smeared. I was force to work on a rock farm before, I came upon this castle and made myself home," Trixie said. (1)

"They're not much friends, I never realized that till now how bad they are," Twilight said.

"Wait what?" Trixie ask.

"Sit down and let Twilight tell you what happen," Sunset said as she began looking around the old workshop for the mirror. "It's going to take me awhile to find the mirror."

"Okay," Trixie said sitting down.

Twilight told Trixie what had happen to her and her going with Sunset to find someplace new where they could have a clean slate to make a new life. Sunset meanwhile disappear in the workshop as she search around for the mirror. She came back having found the mirror which is kept in a small heart shape brass locket.

"Found it," Sunset said as she place the locket around her neck.

"You know the right spell?" Twilight ask.

"Starswirl left a manual how to use it," Sunset said.

"So you two are just going to abandon everything to start anew?" Trixie ask.

"There's no point in staying here," Twilight said.

"Mind if, I come?" Trixie ask.

"You want to come?" Sunset ask.

"There's no place where, Trixie can put on a show now. You two have better reasons to seek a new place to start over but there's no place for Trixie to make a living as a showmare now," Trixie said.

"Maybe if, I had spoke up to the others when they started heckling you," Twilight began but was stop by Trixie.

"There's no need to talk about what ifs. Trixie just want to start over someplace where no one knows Trixie," Trixie said.

"Welcome to the party," Sunset said.

"Before we go we should take what we can from the castle before we go," Trixie said.

"Good idea," Sunset said remembering how that would have help her when she went to the human world.

The three ponies explored the castle together taking what they could find and the food that Trixie had with her. But some had to be left as Sunset pointed out that when she went to the human world she found she couldn't eat plants like grass anymore. The gems and bits that they found would be able to be exchange for the money of the world they found themselves in.

"So you two are ready?" Sunset ask her two companions.

"Yes," Twilight said.

"Time for a new start," Trixie said.

Sunset open a portal to another world and as one the three step through. They found themselves in an alleyway and they are no longer ponies but humans as Sunset told them what she turn into while in the other world. But to Sunset's surprise as she looks down on herself, her skin tone wasn't what it was in the human world. Looking at the other two she saw neither have the skin tones of their coats when they were ponies either.

"So this is a human?" Twilight said as she looks at both Sunset and Trixie. Walking on two legs was something that's going to take some getting use to. She does wonders where the clothes they're wearing came from.

"So this is what hands are like," Trixie said as she works her new hands and looking at her fingers.

"Yes but something is strange about this place. We should have the skin tones of what our coat colors were as ponies," Sunset said as she waited for them to get use to their new bodies.

"So what now?" Trixie ask.

"We learn about this world and if it's not for us we just go to another world. And don't worry we can go back to any world we have visited before," Sunset said.

"Wait so we could go back?" Twilight ask.

"If we want yes," Sunset said as she leads her two new friends out of the alleyway to learn about the world they found themselves in. (2)