I Just Walk Away

by madhat886


I Just Walk Away -

A spotlight on a dark stage turn on showing a young boy standing underneath the light. His face looking downwards.

"My name is Naruto, I use to be a ninja. Even with the village abusing me for having the demon sealed within me. I kept on trying to be something other then that. But in the end all the village and the people, I use to think cared about me. Only saw me as a weapon in the end. No matter how badly, I was treated they would always expect me to just forgive them and save them. While never making up for anything they have done to me. For, I'm just a weapon to them and always be to their eyes. That's why, I walk away."

A second light came on showing two teenage girls standing side by side. One with purple hair and the other is a redhead. Both of them look downwards.

"My name is Twilight," the purple haired one said.

"My name is Sunset," the redhead said.

"We use to be students under of the princess of the sun. Both of us were just part of her plan," both said.

"I was the first. I did everything she ask of me. But it was never enough for her. Then she showed me a mirror and didn't like what, I saw within. Instead of explaining it to me she continue to be a stealth mentor. I tried to learn dark magic but she stop me and would have thrown me aside if, I didn't escape into the mirror," Sunset said.

"I was the second. Learning from her mistakes she did a better job in being a mentor to me. I was trained to be the one who would gather friends to use the Elements to free her lost sister from the darkness. As Sunset would have done if it had gone according to plan. After my friends abandon me for a wedding for an imposter. I found the mirror and met the one who, I replaced.," Twilight said.

"We were both tools to used as she pleased. Shaping us to be her prefect tool to defend her other subjects, while never caring about us. That's why we walk away," both of them said.

"No more," Naruto said looking up.

"No more," Sunset said looking up.

"No more," Twilight said looking up.

"We all walk away once we realize what was always planned for us," all three said.

"To be a weapon," Naruto said.

"To be a tool," Sunset said.

"To be a replacement," Twilight said.

"This is our story and how we met each other. And others who like us just walk away. All trying to find a better place. For we're no longer bond to the story that is written for us," all three said.