Let's Play: The Mafia Game

by PinkieLunaShy

Night 1

Dinner that evening was sandwiches, since towards the middle of the day the heat had become unbearable and left the castle a sweltering eighty degrees. With a little convincing, Twilight had allowed an small indoor water gun/balloon fight and now all the residents of the castle were sitting in soaking wet clothing passing sandwich items around.

"Hey AJ, toss me those tomatoes!" called Rainbow, pointing to the container of sliced tomatoes next to the farmer.

With a nod, the apple farmer launched the container into the waiting hands of the athelete, much to Rarity's dismay. While everyone ate taking their time, the CMC and Spike rushed through dinner and soon asked to be excused. Twilight looked at the three children with suspicion in her eyes.

"You usaually never rush through dinner Spike, why'd your rush today?" She asked, wiping her hands on her napkin.

The young drake scratched the back of his head, "We kinda wanted to keep playing. At least for another hour, then I'll come back and finish the dishes, I promise."

"Aw don't worry about it Spike! Shy and I'll clean up!" said Pinkie, rubbing the boy's head, "Right Shy?"

"Hm? Oh um yes."

Spike and the crusaders looked at Twilight with pleading eyes causing the scholar to sigh, "Alright, just stay in the 'wet room' alright?"

Spike quickly hugged his companion, "Thanks Twi." With that the group ran out of the dining hall.

The sounds of the children laughing and talking soon faded as they walked down the hall, leaving the Mane 6 sitting and eating in silence. It was oddly awkward for the six friends, no one made eye contact, busying themselves with their food. After ten more minutes of this Twilight spoke up.

"This is ridiculous!" the scholar exclaimed, "We usually have tons of things to talk about, and this stupid game shouldn't change it!"

"Its kind of hard to do that when you don't know if you're friends gonna kill you in your sleep Twi." replied Rainbow, looking at her friend, "Maybe we're just really getting into it, but I think this game is getting to all of us." with that Rainbow got up and left the dining room.

"If its really a problem Twilight, we can stop the game... I just wanted us to do something.." Pinkie's hair deflated slightly as she got up, "I'll go tell Rainbow and the kids."

Twilight sighed and shook her head, "No Pinkie, we'll keep playing." at those words the pinkette hair reinflated.

"And, um, I'll talk to Rainbow about not taking the game so seriously." said Fluttershy, clearing her and Rainbow's plates.

The small quartet had finished up their water fight a few minutes ago and where heading to their rooms to get changed. They had enjoyed themselves, running and splashing each other. Spike stretched his arms behind him and felt something in his pocket. Pulling it out he realized it was a water balloon. Spike snuck up behind Sweetie Belle, water balloon in hand. Chuckling quietly to himself and closing his eyes, he threw the water balloon, only the shriek he was expecting wasn't the one he got.


With the expression of that of a child who got caught with a hand in the cookie jar he opened his eyes, "Oh, uh, hi Twilight. I thought you were Sweetie Belle.."

"I thought I told you if you where gonna play with water stay in the wet room!" Twilight moved her now drenched bangs out of her eyes.

"You did, and we did! But I had this one water balloon left and-" he was cut off when Twilight sighed.

"I get it, just go get changed, it's pretty late and everyone's heading to bed. I was just coming to tell all four of you that." She looked at the three girls who were struggling to stay awake.

"Alright. That's what we were gonna do." Spike waved goodbye to his friends who waved lightly and headed to their rooms.

As Twilight and Spike walked together towards their shared room, Twilight looked at her companion. Remembering times from yesteryear a thought popped into her head.

'Could it be him?'

Twilight shook her head lightly, no way it was him. It just couldn't be, if it was it would be bothering him. He'd be jumpy, nervous, she'd've figured it out easily. Twilight opened the door to their room and subconsciously nodded as Spike said he was going to use the en suite bathroom first. Grabbing the comb on her dresser, she combed through her hair, her bangs had dried fairly quickly but they were still slightly damp. After grabbing a set of pajamas she walked behind the changing screen to change clothes. Quickly changing Twilight went and sat on her bed watching as Spike came out of the bathroom and walked over to his own bed.

"G'night Twilight." Said Spike as he laid down.

"Good night Spike." replied Twilight turning off the lamp.

A shadow crept down the large halls of the castle. A storm had come in around midnight and right now the rain was pounding against the windows. Slowly opening a door to one of the bedrooms, the person aimed the weapon at the head of the sleeping victim.

"Bullseye." The killer fired the weapon.


Silently closing the door of the victim's room, the person walked back to their room and shut the door. Pulling off their mask and setting the weapon in the closet, they climbed back into bed.

With a smile, they whispered to themself, "One down, nine to go."