A little Cheese Pie story

by azularmz06

Meeting the Cakes

Her hug calmed me in a lot of ways, but that voice in my dream was driving me crazy. Pinkie started talking, and thanks god, I couldn't stand the silence in her room.

"Cheese, do you want to spend the night here?" She saw me with her big blue eyes, it was difficult to say no to those eyes.

"Well, just if is there no problem with your... boss?" I really didn't know the rellationship she had with the owners of the bakery.

"Oh! You mean the Cakes... They must be already back... So then let's ask them!"

"But Pinkie, it's three in the morning, i don't think they would like to wake up with an stranger in their home"

"Oh nothing about that, they are not sleeping, they use to sleep very late... And listen, they are still baking tomorrow's cupcakes to sell" She put her hand in my shoulder while she was trying to convince me. I was nervous, but I didn't want to dissapoint her, after all, this is what I wanted since the begining.

We turned on the light and went stairs down to the kitchen, it was true, they were still baking, and Pinkie started talking, as she always does.

"Hey! I'm glad you are back, was it a nice trip? do you enjoyed? how the wedding was? they liked the cake?" Oh no, they just came from a trip, she was still holding my hand, and Mister Cake saw me there, standing back to Pinkie.

"thank you Pinkie, it was a nice trip, but tell me, who is this little friend of yours?" It was my turn to talk, so I step in front and cleared my throat.

"Um... Good night Mr. and Mrs. Cake, I am Cheese Sandwich, nice to meet you" I rased my hand in wait for the shake, he stood there a second and smiled while he shaked my hand.

"Well, a good friend is always welcome" Pinkie's eyes shined brighter, she knew it was time to ask.

"Umm... Mr. Cake... He came from another city... far from here... and I was wondering... If he could stay this night here" Mrs. Cake's eyes opened wider.

"I think there's no problem, but try not to get really crazy" Mrs. Cake said and and smiled pervertedly, I clearly bushed, but Pinkie giggled.

"Of course not! Good night, see you tomorrow" Pinkie said that and carried me from the hand to her room again.

Back to her room I asked to her "And sweetheart... where am I supposed to sleep?"

She looked right in my eyes without her normal smile and said "sweetheart?!"

Then I noticed I have gone too far, but it was late now, the word was already said, and my blush just got stronger. "...Yes... that's how I call... good friends and pretty ladies" 'Great cheese' I thought 'keep saying things like this and you will screw up everything'