Dead Space 3: Heavenly Death?

by HellBreaker

What Now?

Twilight (roughly the time Isaac walked into the open fields), was still concerned for the security of her fellow ponies, when she had sent a letter depicting what the stone from the anomaly looked like, including the fleshy growth, and even after she sent the letter she was pacing back and forth the floors of the crystalline castle in Ponyville, a small purple dragon looked at the lavender alicorn with concern, even when he knew SHE had the right to be IMPOSSIBILY concerned.

The dragon, Spike, chose to speak, beginning with an exhausted sigh, "Twilight, calm down will 'ya, keep this up and I'll have to knock you out, seriously, it's been 5 minutes", she sighed, knowing he cared that much for her well being.

"Oh, Spike" she said lowering down in worry, "I just don't know if I can calm down, you heard what I told you to write down, this thing might be dangerous, contagious, toxic, who knows?" Spike stood there trying to come up with an answer, he snapped his fingers in victory.

But it was short lived, "Luna" Spike said confidently, Twilight stood there and face-hooved, "Celestia can't control the portal, not even Luna, and she's the alicorn of the Night, and the portal appears at night"!

There was a loud knock at the door, as Twilight opened the door she saw 20 or more guards, half being the Solar rRegiment, half being the Lunar patrol, the Solar in clad golden armor which was brightly shining even in the dim light, the Lunar wore a dark blue armor that blended into the night well, and there stood tall above the others, Celestia, Twilight's mentor.

Twilight took the chance to bow in respect to the cloud white alicorn, "Twilight, you are an alicorn now, you no longer have to bow in my presence", she said as she put a hoof, under her chin and pulling her face up to look up at her, she gave the most kindest, loving, caring smile, anypony could give it soothed Twilight, like her mother. She rose, and spoke "Sorry Princess, still kind of used to the bowing, you know, before I was a Princess", Twilight explained with a sheepish smile, Celestia smiled and giggled at the small mare's nervousness, "Twilight, why is it that when I come to visit, you are always so nervous, but from your letter, I could tell you were distressed, not from my visit, what is going on" she said in an elegant, but serious manner.

"Oh" she said as realization hit her like a speeding train, "it's about the anomaly that Luna told me about, it might not just be any sort of anomaly, and I have come to think it's a portal to another world," Twilight gave a brief shudder "a nasty and scary one." Celestia rose a brow in interest at her students description of what exactly happened, and what disturbed her the most was the "stone", with the dark, oozing flesh.

She stood there contemplating what the flesh could do to a number of the worlds inhabitants, she started to feel her heart thump, something that had not happened in a long time. She came back to reality, "Guards, I want every squad to look for any animals out of the ordinary in the Everfree, Ponyville, Canterlot, EVERYWHERE, they should also look for any stones with a fleshy growth, if they find one, tell them to burn it", the guards of both sorts stood there looking at each other, partially terrified, and surprised at her orders, they shook they're heads, and the Lunar flew off to inform many of both divisions, while the Solar went off to prepare weapons if needed.

Twilight sat there, looking at the princess, sensing a hint of fear, panic, and rage in her demeanor, she could tell she too worried for her subjects, and their well being.

Isaac's POV 1:46 am

Isaac was tired, his legs may have felt worse, but they still hurt none-the-less, he had made it to the town, it didn't take long, for him to find the market containing small, horse-pulled stands, there he also found what looked to be a small hotel, it reminded him of his small apartment back on the Lunar Colony, knowing he needed rest after his third Necromorph outbreak survival, which was harder then the last due to the fact he took down a moon with a Kinesis Pad, which hurt a lot, he went through tougher necros, like the alien, Medusa, and Feeder, although he fought the Pack that were similar, they were still harder and a pain-in-the-ass, but the Creepers were one he had not encountered, they were the tough ones, not counting the Aliens, and Medusa, or the Moon.

Overall, Isaac had fought all the known Necromorph strains and types, the most common were the Slashers. Snapping out of his thoughts in his kill count, he thought the options of getting the well deserved sleep he wanted, he thought of going through the front door, but due to the world's primitive tech, they would probably scream when they saw him, he thought of sneaking in, that would probably work, and get him in trouble, more trouble, counting the reaction.

He looked away and decided, "Engage operation: Breaking and sleeping", he said smugly, he hoped up, but it was too high, he hoped up again, and used his thrusters, to give himself some more height, and he reached the window ledge, looked for an unoccupied room, he came across an room with two horses..............mating?!

Isaac ducked his head down from the window, he had seen the dead rise and kill, but none of that could out scar what he had just seen, he moved on to the next room, thankfully it was empty, he opened the window using high tech against low tech, and climbed in, in the room was a small bed for those horses, and a plain looking theme for the room, he laid on the bed as best he could, ignoring the armor in case he didn't have time to put on, but the bed, aside from the suit, felt great. He slowly felt himself slip into sleep once more, not dreaming of death, necros, or the Markers, but something good.

But the mating scene was sure as hell gonna give him nightmares.

He woke up, groggily looking at the time. It was 3:56 am, he was so comfy... no NEVER, this bed shall NOT succeed in breaking him, reluctantly getting up, about to get into his routine, didn't matter where he was really, he then heard something drop, he looked to the source, in the doorway, was a horse, it had plate-wide eyes and was carrying luggage, it stared a him with shock and fear, mouth agape, Isaac then spoke, "Sorry about that, I'll be going now" he opened the window and jumped down.

Aaaannnd... he was out. 'WITH A SEVERE LACK OF SLEEP MIGHT I FUCKING ADD!!!'. So here he was, hungry, tired, and worst of all, in a mile deep shit-hole, '...FUCK!'

Giving a defeated sigh, he asked himself "What now?"

Not knowing what to do next. He spotted a group of horses, in armor, gold and blue, fur and hair in an assortment of colors, staring at him, he instantly knew what the were, law enforcement, or guards, or security. He also knew what to do, next, run like hell was flaming hot on your heels. A few minutes of running passed before he lost them, he found a good resting/hiding spot. "As I said," he said panting, "What now?"