Let's Play: The Mafia Game

by PinkieLunaShy


"Ugh! There's nothing to do!" complained Rainbow Dash, as she tossed her Daring Do book on the floor.

It was a hot summer day in Ponyville, the air was thick and muggy. It was one of those days where you just don't want to do anything and that's exactly what the Mane 6 was doing. Early in the morning, before Twilight was fully awake, Rainbow Dash had busted into the castle looking for something to do. Since Twilight had just gotten a shipment of Daring Do books Rainbow raced to the library to read it, only to find out they were ones she had read before.

It was so unbearably hot that nobody was working, all the kids in town had gone to the pool for the day making it too crowded to go there. Since Rainbow was already at the castle, Twilight had decided to invite the rest of the girls over to figure out what they could do today.

"You could always help reorganize the library." said Twilight, motioning to the giant mess of books around Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow turned to face her, "Yeah, no. It's way too hot to work!"

"Agreed." said Rarity, as she braided Fluttershy's long pastel pink hair, "It's simply unbearable!"

"Mac an' I had ta stop workin' cause it was so hot, this mornin'." added AppleJack, taking off her hat to fan herself.

"It totally doesn't help that the power went out either! Which means no fans!" exclaimed Pinkie, her mass of bubble gum pink curls bouncing as she spoke in her usual animated fashion.

"So, um, what can we do?" said Fluttershy, pushing a stray strand of hair out of her face.

Silence fell over the group as they thought of what they could do. Before anyone could state an idea, three young girls and a young drake ran into the room, laughing and smile.

"Heya guys! How was the pool?" asked Pinkie, jumping up to talk to the group.

"It was great!" said Spike, running a hand through his still wet emerald and lavender hair.

"Yeah! Especially when Pip got Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon with that big wave!" Scootaloo added with a toothy smile.

"The looks on their faces!" chuckled Apple Bloom, as she set the beachball on the floor.

"It was priceless!" Sweetie Belle said with a squeak.

"As glad as I am that you four had a marvelous time," said Rarity, looking at the puddles that the children where leaving on the floor, "I do believe, you should get dried off."

Spike looked down at the big pool of water under the group before looking at his friends, "Yeah, we probably should."

"We'll clean this up first though!" said Sweetie Belle, as she used her towel to mop up some of the water causing the others to follow suit.

After they cleaned up the water on the floor, the CMC and Spike went off to get changed out of their wet clothes, leaving the Mane 6 to figure out what they were going to do. After a few minutes the children came back in the room and got to work occupying themselves. Spike picked up the strewn books and put them away while the CMC discussed plans for tomorrow.

"Hey guys! Why don't we play the Mafia game?" asked Pinkie, jumping to her feet.

Pinkie's exclaimation was met with silence. Silence that was broken by Rainbow Dash.

"The Mafia game?" Rainbow raised an eyebrow, "I dunno Pinks."

"It'll be fun! Cheesy told me all about it!"

"How do you play?" asked Twilight, closing the book she had been partially reading.

"Simple! One person is a murderer, they go around and kill all the other players. Another person in the doctor, they try to choose the same player that the murderer is trying to kill so they can save them. Two other players will be the policemen, they'll try to find out who the killer is and arrest them, thus ending the game! The other players can accuse each other of being the murderer.

"Here's the catch, no one knows who the murder or the doctor! Only those players know who they are and they can't tell anyone!" exclaimed Pinkie.

"So you won't know if your talking to the murderer?" asked Rarity

"Nopey dopey! Only if the policemen correctly accuse someone will they find out." answered Pinkie.

"We wanna play!" said the CMC collectively.

"Wait uh minute." said AJ, "Jus' how do ya 'die'?"

"Oh, no one will really die! We'll just stick a foam bullet on them! The murderer can only kill one person each day, and only at night! The 'dead' players can still help the other living players stay alive. That is, without revealing the murderers identity."

"I guess it could be fun.." said Fluttershy, twiddling her thumbs.

"Let's try it!" said Rainbow with a large smile.

As the other voiced their agreement Pinkie smiled, "Great! We'll start tomorrow!"

"How do we know who we are?" asked Rarity, folding her arms.

Pulling a hat full of strips of paper out of nowhere Pinkie said, "Everyone take a paper, no one say what's on your paper, and then tomorrow we'll start the game!"

As each person grabbed a strip of paper Twilight said, "You girls could stay over at the castle tonight. That way we can start the game as soon as we wake up."

"Fantasic!" Pinkie smiled mysteriously at everyone, "Tomorrow, the games begin!"