A little Cheese Pie story

by azularmz06

Hello Pinks

A soft song started playing, and I opened my eyes, it was 6 o’clock and the birds were already singing, it was a beautiful dream, why did I wake up?! Pinkie was there, and we had a date, but no, find her was just a coincidence, after all, it was just a business trip, working in a premiere party planning industry was my whole life dream… almost whole, actually, now I think so, thanks to her I started planning parties.

Not a single day I stopped thinking about her, no matter she was younger, no matter if I’ll never see her again, I just couldn’t stop. My boss was calling, maybe I had another party to plan, he always leaves me the bests. He said that my next party was again in Ponyville, this was the best opportunity! Now I had an excuse to see her again. I went to the airport in less than two hours since my boss called, I’ve never been someone who takes a long time preparing for trips.

When I was finally there, I noticed I was starving, so I just went to the first place I saw they had food, it was a kind of bakery made of candies, so I just entered to the building and rang the bell so they could attend me, I heard a familiar voice…

“I’m going, just a second” It was the sweetest voice in the happiest tone, Pinkie Pie’s voice.

“Hey… you look…familiar… WAIT A SECOND, YOU ARE CHEESE SANDWICH!” She was screaming in my ear.

“Um… hello Pinkie…” That was all I could say.

She hugged me in the warmest way I’ve ever felt. She seemed to be glad for seeing me again, and I was glad too, so I hugged her back, we only stopped when I heard another voice saying.

“Pinkie, maybe he’s an old friend, but humans need to breathe.” It was Rainbow’s voice, she is always interrupting the best moments I have with Pinkie.

“Oh come on Rainbow, you always come in the best moments I have with Cheese-“ ‘I can’t believe it, it seems like if she reads my mind’ “and not to mention that you are always steeling the cupcakes!”

“oh yeah, mister cake told me to pay for them, so here it is, all the money in a giant bag.”

“well, thank you.”

“and now, I need to leave, I’m going to the park to meet there Soarin. “

She leaved, and thanks god, because she was driving me crazier than normal.

“And, what brings you here, Cheese?”

“Oh yeah, it seems to be another party here, are you planning a party?”

“Um no… it must be the party Bic Macintosh is throwing for Apple Jack…. Tomorrow is her birthday.”

“And, what do you recommend me to buy?”

“Well, this cheese pie, I just cooked it this morning” I giggled.

“Do you understand…? Cheese-Pie… Cheese Sandwich-Pinkie Pie, it is a combination of our names… “ I now it was a terrible joke, but I needed to say it.

“Hahahahaha!!! It is true! Here you have, taste it” she gave me an enormous piece, but when I tasted it, I wished she gave me more “so…? What do you think? Do you like it?”

“No. I don’t like it. I LOVE IT!!!!”

She hugged me, again, I almost forget I was there for a party, but I had time, so I just enjoyed the moment. She suddenly started talking again.

"Cheesie, Do you like to play videogames?" What a question, everybody likes videogames, but anyways, maybe she don't know that.

"Yes Pinkie, what kind of videogames?"

"Um... I dunno, I have a lot of them" 'How many could she have?' I just roded her back with my arm and she rested her head in my chest.

"Anyways, do you want to play?" She carried me upstairs to her room. It was a giant circular room, that was all covered with pictures of her friends and family.

"so, what games, again, do you have?" I really wanted to know what she used to play.

"um... I have halo, assassins creed..." Ready, she had my two favorite games, now I knew what kind of girl she was, and I liked it.

"say no more, we will play halo, and maybe... we could eat that cheesepie that seemed so good" I was still hungry, after all, everything happened so fast that I couldn't eat.

"Oh! it's true, I'm so sorry, wait here and I'll get you food" She ran out of her room leaving me alone.

I started to walk arround her room, and I found her desk. She had some drawings, pictures, letters... but something called my atention even more... It was a picture, but that was roded with a red heart, and it was a picture of... "oh stitlon" It was me. I was so worried about the picture that I didn't notice that she was already there...

" Cheese, what are you looking at?" She sounded worried, but I kept thet picture on my pant bag and tried to forget it.

"Oh um... yeah, just photos you have here...nothing important" I needed to think about it,but she had a pie on her hands, and I really wanted to play, so she turned on the black console and we started eating an playing.

After two hours of playing she fell asleep on me, so I just turned off the console and let her sleep, maybe like that I could think on what I saw. hi theree cheesie, how have you been... oh poor little boy... pinkie will never love you... don't dream you dwarf... now you are grown you are a skinny boy... she likes strong men...not little boys.

"AAAHHHHHH" I finally woke up, it was the worse nightmare I ever had.

"What´s up cheesie? are you ok?" She hugged me as a protective mother, poor Pinkie, she looked so pretty sleeping.