Dash for the Pie

by Sheltie Paws

Chapter 2: Bake My Day Desserts and Baked Goods

Soarin was on a mission. To get pie. The moment he had the idea, the pegasus had leaped from the streets to the air and consulted his pie manual. If there was a job called the Pie Expert, or the Pie Master of Equestria, Soarin would have applied. Sadly, since there wasn't, Soarin made a pie manual, containing the locations and a short description of all the bakeries in Cloudsdale. He decided to head towards Bake My Day Desserts and Baked Goods, because their shop was only a few streets away, and their pies were defiantly good quality.

Soarin raced through the clouds, skimming the white rooftops below. He had only a day to find the perfect pie and deliver it to Rainbow Dash. Soarin felt as though he had no time to eat, no time to slow down, and (most importantly) no time for bathroom breaks. Even if he saw Rainbow Dash, he had no time to stop and say hello. Soarin thought that if he did he'd be stuttering and probably make a fool of himself, and so with time or not it was probably a good idea not to say hello to the rainbow mare. But pie gave Soarin confidence. Pie gave Soarin the ability to talk to mares who weren't his mom or his captain Spitfire. Pie could bring Equestria peace with other races, but of course the Peace and With Other Nations for Equestria Society never awnsered his letters. Cheap old company. Soarin didn't need them anyways.

Soon Soarin saw the magenta sign that read Bake My Day Desserts and Baked Goods and swooped down to the streets. He landed and trotted to the cozy little shop. A bell rang as he entered the bakery, and it sounded like a pony was giving a speech. A purple stallion pegasus with a gentle blue mane was standing on top of a stool and addressing a crowd of ponies at the back of the shop. Soarin slipped among the crowd and turned to a lime pegasus mare.

"What's going on?" Soarin whispered to her.
"World changing miracles." she replied , without taking her eyes off the purple stallion. Soarin noticed most of the pegasi had food related cutie marks.

"It is my great pleasure to announce that we will be starting an official Cloudsdale Pie Club." The purple stallion was saying. "The misunderstood power of pie can now be celebrated, and honored. The Club will meet every week and discuss pie recipes and quality. We are strong!" A cheer went up from the crowd. "We are proud!" Another cheer was accompanied by stomping hooves, making the shop's floor and ceiling rattle. "We are the Cloudsdale Pie Club! Hail to the pie!" shouted the purple stallion. A chant started.

"Pie! Pie! Pie! Pie! Pie!" The crowd shouted. Soarin joined in. The noise must have been heard al the way to Canterlot. "Pie! Pie! Pie! Pie! Pie!"

"And it is all thanks to you, our costumers! So I, Plum Baker, say once more, HAIL TO THE PIE!" The purple stallion said. Cheering came even louder than before.
"Pie! Pie! Pie! Pie!"

Soarin had to wait until all the pegasi had left the shop. When the last ponies had gone, Soarin realized how much time he had wasted. He checked his wacthed frantically. He had lost nearly an hour.

"Nooooooo." Soarin moaned, as he slammed his head on the countertop. The bell on the counter jingled and a voice called from the kitchen.

"Ooh, a customer! I'm coming, give me a moment!" the voice said. Soarin thought he recognized Plum Baker's merry tone. Sure enough, Plum Baker trotted from the door that led to the kicthen and towards the counter. "How can I help you?" Soarin raised his head, embarrassed to be found moping like that.
"I'm in a hurry, and I'd like a pie please. What flavors do you have? C'mon, make it snappy." Soarin said quickly. He cast a nervous glance at the clock on the wall.
"Well, we have cranberry, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, pumpkin, orange, mango, apple-" Plum Baker began.
"Oh, I'll take apple. Do you have one ready made?" Soarin interrupted.
"You bet, and its fresh too." Plum Baker replied. He took an apple pie from the counter. "Would you like it in a box or-"
"On, I'll take it as is." Soarin said quickly, snatching the pie from Plum's hooves. He tossed bits on the counter as he rushed out the door. "Keep the change!" Soarin said slamming the door on a confused Plum Baker and rocketing into the sky.

Alright, now I've got to find Rainbow Dash. Nothing will harm this pie. Nothing. Soarin thought. He slowed down once he had gained a good height and tried to remember were he had seen her last. That was earlier this morning..... Near the stadium where Fleetfoot and Blaze were going to race! She might be watching the race. Yeah! Rainbow was speeding in that direction when I last saw her.... Yeah! Now to the stadium! Soarin thought. The stadium was only a few blocks down, and Soarin sped at top speed.

Strangely, when he arrived near the stadium nopony was above it racing. Soarin drew closer to the stadium, until he was hovering over the rim. He could hear a crowd cheering and see ponies in the stands, but...... where were the racers? Soarin squinted against the glare of teh sun. No luck. He drew his eyes into slits and peered down at the stadium. The take-off field appeared to be empty at first, but then he saw two specks crouching down, their wings ready for lift off. Soarin realized his mistake to late. He was caught in the flight path of the race.

The crowd yelled and cheered as Fleetfoot and Blaze took off and began to circle the rim off the stadium at what earth ponies would consider as bone-chilling speeds. Two blurs raced past him, narrowly missing Soarin. Soarin was caught unbalanced by the sudden rush of air, and he stumbled in flight. Fleetfoot and Blaze passed another time and then another. By the 4th time, Soarin had run out of luck. Fleetfoot slammed into Soarin. Both pegasi fell towards the ground. Fleetfoot recovered, shot a dirty glare at Soarin, and crashed back into the race. It was a matter of time before Soarin realized his hooves weren't clucthing his precious pie. Soarin stared ahead in disbelief. His pie was gone, and he felt as though the world had ended. Soarin threw back his head and yelled to the whole of Cloudsdale.

"NOOOOOO!NNONONONONONOOOOOONONNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" A great pie had fallen, and along with it plummeted Soarin's first hope.