From sunset to sunrise

by Yet another time lord

1- A brave new world

Run, get away before it's too late. This where the words rushing in Sunset Shimmer mind as she charged blindly trough the magic mirror not knowing what will be expecting her on the other side, as her body made contact with the icy surface a void formed in the pit of her stomach as she fell in a kaleidoscope of colors to an unknown destination. Her body felt like jello as it twisted and turned before throwing her out on the other side, the momentum with which she had entered hadn't dissipated in the slightest making her collide face first against the ground; still shocked by the experience she tried to get her bearings only to realise that the mirror had turned her in some sort of deformed creature, she couldn't suppress a yell when she first saw that her hooves had lost their cylindrical form and taken an ape like appearance with five appendices sprouting from a plane central surface,her saddle had suffered a similar fate turning itself into some sort of big pouch strapped to her back with the few things she had been able to collect before running away. To make maters worse she could feel the first drops of rain starting to fall on her face, she scrambled to move but hard as she tried she couldn't manage to move correctly in all fours since her forward limbs where shorter making for an awkward trot as she ran for cover in what seemed to be an educational facility. She barely made it to the entrance before the rain started falling full force,seeing that she wasn't going anywhere soon Sunset took the moment to breath as she fought to make sense out of all the mess.

When Celestia had first showed the mirror to her she had said that it was a portal to an alternative dimension that it only opened every 30 moons, but when Sunset picked into the mirror she had only seen her greatest dream came true,she had seen herself as an alicorn princess elevated to the same level of her teacher. From that day on this idea has consumed her, inspiring Sunset to push herself even harder eager to prove that she was worthy in the eyes of Celestia; but no matter how hard she tried her teacher always repeated the same words ''you are not ready yet'' saying that she would become a princess in time when she had learned all that she had to learn to be a ruler and this frustrated Sunset to no end, not only because she felt that Celestia was holding her back but also because more and more of her lessons with her where less about ruling and more about making friends and other such nonsense for which Sunset had not the time nor the desire to pursue; this in turn strained her relationship with the princess as her bitterness and discontent grew with the days. The breaking point however came unexpectedly in the form of a pink alicorn by the name of Mi amore cadenza who simply appeared one day by Celestia side presenting herself as her niece despite the fact that Sunset knew that the princess was the only living alicorn in existence.

She confronted Celestia with anger but all that she could pry out of her was that this "cadance" had "earned" her ascension into an alicorn by learning about 'the magic of love', after all the years they have spent together since the princess had adopted her Sunset couldn't believe that Celestia will not only betray her in such a horrible manner but also lie to her so openly, "the magic of love,what a lode of horseapples"- thought Sunset while she ran away from the princess biting back tears of pain and anger,in that moment she understood that no matter how much she pushed herself it will never be enough for the princess.

It had all gone downhill from there,desperate decision after desperate decision had all finally came crashing down to that point ,and now here she was cold,alone and with no idea of where she was or what she was, "it doesn't matter, as long as I have my magic I don't need anything else. I would show the princess and then she will be begin for me to come back"; she said with a shaky voice as she tried to use her magic to warm herself against the cold winter night. Sunet tried to calm herself as she opened her mind to the embrace of magic, yet the familiar sensation of the arcane energies were nowhere to be found replaced by an empty void that she had never encountered before. Sunset tried to stop the panic raising in her mind as she did some breathing exercises and closed her eyes trying to convince herself that the trip must had messed up her magical sense and that she only needed time to recover, but as minutes passed a horrible revelation started to sink in Sunset Shimmer mind;this world didn't had any magic at all.

Before she could get a hold of herself she started having a panic attack, trying in vain to calm her raging heart she tried to control her breath before she hyperventelitaded; in the end it was too much to her and she ended up collapsing in the ground while her body shaken as she finally cried her heart out unable to find even the smallest bit of reassurance, for the first time in her life Sunset Shimmer had absolutely nothing left to lose.

She didn't know how much time she stood there just crying as the pain and the anger burned hot within her body while the cold of the outside treatened to freeze her solid where she stood. Sunset couldn't remember the last time she had lost her self-control in such a way and it looked like all the tears she hadn't shed in the past were flowing now like a waterfall, she suddenly felt something touching her and as she tried to fight back the tears she could see a face trough her watered eyes, "are you alright?". Asked an evidently masculine voice with a certain tone of worry.

"Do I look like I'm okay"; lashed out Sunset while she took a cautious stand whipping away the tears and putting a cold expression as she inspected her will be helper. A male,not older than a teen by the looks of it with blue hair and an orange taint in her skin was offering her his hoof to stand up,even when she was completely new to this world and his inhabitants(who she supposed where this weird monkey like creatures in which she had transformed) she could still recognize a tool when she saw one; everything from his pose to his smile and his clothes(which sunset just now noticed that she had as well) speaked of a kid who wanted to be a goody two shoes to any mare(or monkey female in this case), pathetic as it was Sunset couldn't deny that she needed help and if this one was offering himself freely well she wasn't going to look a gifted pony in the teeth.

She took his hoof and got up while dusting off her clothes,she may not be a fan of them but for what she could see she was going to need them, "Sunset shimmer sorry that I lashed out to you.I was kind of scared" ; she said while baiting her eyelashes and playing her role as a damsel in distress and as she expected the chum took the bait.

"Flash sentry and don't worry you look like you have been trough a lot recently"; he said maybe a tad too eager to be of help to this total estranger, maybe he was just that much of a nice pony like many of the citizens of her home world or maybe like so many stallions she had known he was simply willing to do anything for a cute face. The reason eluded Sunset for the moment but whatever the case she still followed him away from the mirror and towards the city.

While they walked under his umbrella to shelter themselves from the rain Sunset used that moment to learn all that she could about that world, she pretended to be a foreigner so she wouldn't come out as some sort of lunatic making questions about the name of the city and such ; she still had to hide her surprise when they used some sort of horseless carriage to transport themselves from one place to another but even with this setbacks she managed to learn a great deal about the city of Canterlot and the so called "Canterlot high school" that was the place where Flash sentry had found her crying her heart out. Sunset then fell silent as she started hatching a plan for he triumphant return to equestria, she needed to be close to the portal when it finally opened once more and she had the lingering suspect that maybe magic wasn't as dead in this world as she had originally thought, after all the carriage she was on was moving without any kind of visible force behind it, she needed to learn more and the school was the perfect place to do just that.

After a short ride they finally stopped in a two storey house of soft brown colors surrounded by others of similar shape and color. When they exited the horseless carriage Sunset got what was probably her fifteenth nasty surprise of the night as she saw flash handing the driver some estrange green papers that had numbers printed of them, judging by the faces in the papers and the exchange between the two it wasn't hard to see that it was currency and just with her luck they were completely different to the bits and gems she had in her saddle assuming they even still existed inside the weird thing she had strapped to her back, she followed flash inside the house relieved to be out of the rain at least for the moment, the place itself seemed to be empty except for them and all kind of strange artifacts were scattered trough the rooms, one of such was a strange mirror like object that occupied a central position in what she assumed was the living room, it had an alien and sleak appearance with its black borders and cables connected to them like some sort of mechanical organ. Flash seemed to notice Sunset interest in it, " you like it? My dad got it last week to watch the Superbowl"- cockiness dripping in his voice as he used a strange rod like object pointing at the black mirror. Like some kind of magic the mirror emitted a strange light and started showing all kind of strange images and sounds, it was obvious by the look of it that many of the places depicted where far away lands yet the boy acted like if was nothing out of the ordinary,evidently Sunset had come to the right place to find the magic she needed after all or so she thought at the time.