The Cakes big order

by Passions Star

The Making of the Goods

It was 3 a.m. when Carrot Cake arose to the sound of crying from the nursery. He rose carefully as to not awaken Cup Cake, his wife. He knew it would be a big day ahead for the two of them.

The upper floors of the bakery were dark; the smells of the previous day’s baking still hung in the air as he passed Pinkie Pie’s room. He continued heading for the nursery. The crying of Pumpkin Cake and Pound Cake, who were in need of changing, was not difficult to hear. upon entering the room he lit a hurricane lantern that hung on the wall, then lifted little Pound Cake from the crib and carried the colt to the changing table while stifling a yawn, whereupon he removed the soiled diaper and placed it in the diaper pail and drew a fresh diaper from the drawer and diapered the little colt, nuzzling little Pound Cake. He placed the colt back in the crib lovingly, and then repeated the exercise for little Pumpkin Cake.

After he had finished, he blew out the hurricane lantern and proceeded down the stairs. Once in the kitchen of Sugarcube Corner he lit the big ovens preparing for the busy day ahead.
As he worked he thought to himself, 'big day ahead, old boy, lots of work to do'.
They were to fulfill the order for the confections that would be eaten at the upcoming big event, the Grand Galloping Gala.

While waiting for the ovens to heat, he prepared a pot of coffee to have with their breakfast, and then began collecting the ingredients for the order. Bags of flour and Sugar he set out in the preparation area, boxes of Baking Powder and Baking Soda too. he checked the ice boxes to make sure they had plenty of eggs. As he worked, a shipment of ice arrived for the ice boxes and he let the ice seller inside to stock the ice boxes.

The kitchen was mostly quiet except for the ticking noise of the heating ovens and assorted noises of confectionary preparation, but he soon heard the stairs creak as Mrs. Cup Cake and Pinkie Pie were coming down the stairs to prepare breakfast. Carrot Cake began to whistle a happy little tune as he worked, soon having his wife and Pinkie Pie joining in.

By the time he had the first round of pastries in the ovens, breakfast was laid out on one of the many tables in the restaurant portion of their shop.

Mrs. Cake called out, "come to breakfast dear." Mr. Cake replied. "coming dear."

He joined his wife and Pinkie Pie for breakfast as they idly chatted about the day ahead before continuing to prepare the ingredients for the next round of baking.

"Pinkie Pie?" Mrs. Cake asked, "Would you be so kind as to take care of the twins while we work?"

Pinkie Pie in her usually excitable manner, began to bounce up and down and said, "Okie, Dokie, Lokie!" And the Cakes were glad for the help They had a lot to accomplish before the occasion that evening.

Fortunately Big Macintosh had offered to haul the wagon that would carry the goods to the train, and again from the train to Canterlot Castle.

Now finished with breakfast, Mrs. Cake washed the breakfast dishes, in their ‘smaller’ kitchen, while Pinkie Pie got supplies for the morning feeding of the Cakes twins.

Mr. Cake began removing the first round of baked goods from the ovens and starting the next round of baking and preparations, as Mrs Cake finished the Dishes and went to join her husband preparing the order..

* * *

Pinkie Pie in the meantime gathered supplies she would need to feed Pumpkin and Pound Cake and get them ready for the day ahead, and gathered some games and projects for them to keep them entertained, one has to wonder how an Equine can skip, but Pinkie Pie was doing just that as she gathered what she needed. Soon Pinkie Pie had all that she needed and then proceeded to the nursery.

Pinkie Pie, Picked up little Pound Cake first, and held him in her lap as she bottle fed him, after Pound Cake was fed, she placed a towel over her shoulder and burped him. Pound Cake rewarded Pinkie Pie with a tiny little "burp". Pinkie Pie set Pound Cake down to play and then repeated the exercise with little Pumpkin Cake.

* * *

The kitchen began to fill with the most wonderful odors of baked goods odors that would make Pinkie Pie's mouth water and drive the sweetest sweet tooth crazy. The Cakes worked tirelessly side by side for the love of their baking the bakery itself and the love of their twins as some of the most amazing delicacies began to appear one after the other such amazing mouth watering delights one could imagine or perhaps even dream of cakes and pastries of all kinds the smell alone would cause a sugar rush.

"Carrot Cake?" Cup Cake asked, "would you please get us another bag of flour from the pantry?" Carrot Cake replied "Of course, sweetie-pie". Mr. cake then proceeded into the pantry section of the bakery where they stored the dry goods and hefted a 50 pound bag of flour onto his back and fastened it securely then grabbed another box of baking powder for good measure than carrying the supplies into the bakery he set the items down in the preparation area and went back to work preparing more goods to be baked.

Meantime, Pinkie Pie took care of the Cakes Twins as if they were her own one would think from the sounds in the nursery a full blown party was going on as Pinkie Pie was coming up with games and projects to keep little Pound Cake and little Pumpkin Cake entertained.
The giggling of the twins and the Laughter of Pinkie Pie would melt the hardest of hearts.

The happy sounds from the upstairs of sugarcube corner and the wonderful odors of baking that wafted from the bakery downstairs all combined to create an almost surreal image, to any passerby.