Sensational Serials: Silly, Short Stories for Silly, Short Ponies

by PhycoKrusk

How Sombra Got His New Country Phase 2: Try to Get the Old Country Back

“What do you mean, ‘passport’?” Sombra demanded.

After his daring escape from the hungry bear (which primarily involved a lot of running and screaming), he’d managed to make his way back to the Crystal Empire, and became lost only twice while doing so. Unfortunately, his plan to march past the border and then simply take it back encountered some degree of difficulty when he discovered that doing so would require him to pass through ‘Customs and Immigration’, which was clearly some invention of that nag, Celestia (but probably not Luna, who was alright in his book).

Admittedly, making demands was not endearing him to the armored Crystal Guard that was standing… guard at the checkpoint. “I mean what I said,” the Guard replied. “No passport, no entry.” He wasn’t a crystal pony. In fact, he was a griffon; surely, that explained it.

Sombra drew himself up to his full height. “Do you know who I am?” he asked menacingly.

The Guard was not the least bit menaced. “Do you know who I am?”

Sombra quirked his brow. “Why would I care who you are?”

“Well, sounds like you answered your own question, Mister Sombrero —”


“Mister Sombra. Now please, present your passport, or step aside. You’re holding up the line.”

Somber looked behind him to see that, yes, there was a line of very impatient ponies waiting very impatiently. He grit his teeth and bared his fangs, turning back to the Guard. “Listen, peon —”


Peon! I am Sombra. King Sombra, the Lord of Shadows. I could kill you with a thought.”

Leon the Crystal Griffon Guard narrowed his eyes. “Could you, now?” he asked.

Sombra nodded, grinning darkly. “I could,” he said.

“With just a thought, huh?” Leon asked.

“With just a thought,” Sombra replied.

“Hold it.”

“Hold what?”

“Hold that thought.”


With the sudden, crackling pop! of a magical discharge, Sombra dropped to the ground in a heap. Leon the Crystal Griffon Guard calmly replaced his dazer in its holster and resumed standing guard. “Next!”