The (Not So) Ordinary Security Guard

by TheStrategicGod

Puzzling Research

*sigh* I finally finished Old Freddy, after finishing these animatronics more questions came to mind instead of answers. There is one particular question that I need to solve, why do the animatronics get scared when I'm angry? Surely I can't be that intimidating, am I? With the animatronics complete I can present them to the Toy ones sometime this week. I just hope they'll like them.

(Freddy Fazbear's Pizza)

Every other day I've been in this crazy world had been normal to me, well...except for today that is. For one thing I finally realized that Chica had a crush on me, taking every chance she got to flirt with me, but due to how my research is going, I had to play dumb for a while. Ever since Golden Freddy gave me and Balloon Boy that Quest to find out who the mother is, all I've been doing is looking for clues. Everything I searched for were from newspapers to my computer and to random scraps of metal. Everything was fine, but the problem was my mind kept wandering to- you know what? I have too much on mind anyway. I groaned in frustration until I saw Balloon Boy coming towards my office.

"Hi..." I smiled weakly at him and sighed in relief.

"Oh Balloon Boy! Am I glad to see you." I technically wasn't lying, I just really needed to see a friendly face right now. Balloon Boy turned his confused face into a concerned one, padding me on the back wanting to know what the problem was.

"C'mon, get serious, do you really want to know about my problems?" I asked as he gave a small nod. "OK, if you really want to." In a small summary I told Balloon Boy that these last few days had been really stressful, I've been trying to find evidence that might lead somewhere or become helpful to this Golden Freddy case, but nothing seemed to be working and I felt I was just abandoning him. Balloon Boy did a couple of gestures signifying that everything would be fine (though I'm not certain how) and that he was able to find something that I might be interested in. He pulled out of his pocket is what looked like a red ribbon.

"A red ribbon?" I asked myself. "What's this doing here? It looks like something from a birthday present." I looked at Balloon Boy. "Do you know where you got this?" Balloon Boy nodded and walked (or wobbled) further into the Main Hall, probably wanting me to follow him. Eventually Balloon Boy took me to the... Prize Corner?

"This is where you found the ribbon?" I asked. He nodded while I looked around the place. I figured if there were clues here there might be more lying around somewhere, unfortunately a red ribbon was the only thing we were going to find. I was about to leave until I heard something coming from Kid's Cove, something like static on a TV when all you see is grey on the sceen. I went inside the room as Balloon Boy followed me, only to see Mangle as just pieces of parts again.

"Oh hey, Anthony!" She greeted. "What brings you to Kid's Cove?" She asked.

"Oh, just looking for clues to solve the Golden Freddy case." Mangle raised an eyebrow.

"What happened?"

"Well, after we chased Golden back to my office, we found out that he didn't know who his mother was, so me and Balloon Boy are on the search to solve this case."

"In a nutshell?"

"Pretty much."

"So why did you come here?" I paused for a moment then shrugged my shoulders.

"I heard some...noises coming from here we figured there was something going on. That wouldn't happen to be you would it?" Mangle's shoulders shrugged.

"Oh, what those radio noise things?" I nodded. "Oh yeah that was me." She said showing off a proud smile.

"How you were able to pull that off?" She pointed to her bow tie.

"Not entirely sure how it works, but I think I just turn it certain ways." She did as demonstrated, but the only thing I heard was static and random voices...well, at the moment.

"Pretty neat huh?" Me and Balloon Boy agreed on that.

"Do you know if it will work in the future?" Mangle pondered for a moment.

"...Probably." She then gasped in realization. "Do you think you can fix it?" I nodded.

"It's a possibility, but it will take some time." Mangle fist pumped the air with a loud "yes", but I held out a finger. "But on one condition."

"Name it!" Wow, that didn't take long to convince her.

"Do you think you can help me and Balloon Boy finding out who Golden's mother is?" Mangle responded with a "sure" but then stop herself before coming with us.

"What makes you think that I'll be any help?"

"If me and Balloon Boy can somehow fix your radio device that can possibly find evidence for us, that shows that you can come with us." Mangle shrugged and walked with us, only to fall into a million of pieces. She smiled sheepishly and looked at us.

"Heh, um...a little help please?" Me and Balloon Boy nodded. As we put Mangle back together, one thing started to pop in my head.

'First stop, Ponyville'


As we were walking through the streets of this lovely town, some ponies were taking glances at the animatronics with different expressions. Some were weirded out, some were curious, while some gushed over Balloon Boy's cuteness, his signature "hello" and "hi's" made the mares squeal in happiness, but who can blame them? Mangle noticed the glances the ponies were giving her and raised an eyebrow.

"Geez, it's like they never seen an animatronic before."

"That's because they haven't." She did a double take on what I said.


"Every time I come here I notice that this town is lacking in the technology department, almost to a point where you think you're in the medieval festival."

"Huh. You wonder how they survive didn't you?"

"I did, until Twilight showed me that magic was the their prime source." Mangle looked confused for a second but dropped the subject.

"So?" She began as I looked at her. "What's on the schedule today?"

"Well, for starters we have to go to one of my friends' place so I can pick up this month's clothes." Mangle nodded as I picked up Balloon Boy. I just hope we'll find something useful before this day ends.

(Carousel Boutique)

"So this is where you get your clothes?" Mangle asked. I nodded and looked at the all to familiar building.

"Yep, and yet each time I come here it still ceases to amaze me by the sheer size of it." Mangle nodded in agreement.

"I can't say I blame you, whoever works here must have a chalk full of cash." I shrugged, maybe she was right. Why else would she be so generous towards others? I knocked on the door to hear a sweet posh voice.

"Who is it?"

"Hey Rarity, it's me."

"Oh! Anthony! Please do come in." She said as we entered the Boutique. I saw Rarity coming down the stairs looking radiant as ever, but looked worried as she looked at me.

"I do apologize dear if I don't look decent enough, I was just so worked up with so much fashion designs and jobs." I raised my hand up as to show I understood.

"Your fine Rarity, did I once ever complain about how you look?" I smiled as she came up to me for a friendly hug.

"Thank you dear, you truly are a good friend." I heard Mangle wincing from the comment.

"OOOH! Friend zoned son!!!" Mangle yelled at the back while Rarity was taken back by the voice. She put her hand towards her heart, to show that she was overdramatically startled.

"Oh dear! Who is this?" She asked.

"This is Mangle, she was the one who scared Twilight a few months when you guys came to our restaurant a few months ago." Recognizing the name, she smiled.

"Oh! This is Mangle." Rarity reached her hand to give Mangle to shake.

"Uh...hi. Have you heard of me?" Rarity nodded.

"Of course! Anthony told me a lot about you." Uh Oh.


"Yeah he said that you had this conversat-" I put my hand around Rarity's mouth before anything bad could happen. Who knows what would happen if Mangle found out about my knowledge of Chica's crush. Both Rarity and Mangle looked at me confusingly while just smiled sheepishly.

"Anyway." I said trying to change the subject and quickly doing so. "Do you have the clothes I came for?" Rarity brightened up immediately.

"Of course dear, let me get it for you." She said as she went upstairs. It only took a few minutes to get it, but during that time, I heard forms of giggling from upstairs causing my curiosity to find what was happening up there. I saw Rarity come downstairs with a white box with red stripes. I don't know why, but the box just creeps me out. She gave it to me as I thanked her. I felt sorry for not paying her, but she said not to worry about it.

"Thanks Rarity, before I go I wanted to ask you something."

"Go ahead dear."

"What's with the laughter upstairs?" Rarity looked upstairs and dissmisively waved her hand at it.

"Oh that's just my sister having fun with her friends." I don't know what it was, but I just had the strangest feeling to ask...

"Do you mind if I meet them?" Rarity was taken back by the question, but then nodded.

"Girls! Can you come down here for a second?" she called.

"Sure thing sis!" The sibling called back as I heard footsteps coming down.

"Sweetie Belle, I like you to meet somepony and their friends." So this is her sister huh? From the height and her high pitched voice, she looks like she's around 9 or 10 years of age just like her friends.

"Hello mister! I'm Sweetie Belle!" I bent down to give her a handshake. Now that I look at her, the resemblance is remarkable. Similar to Rarity, she had a marshmallow-like coat and a horn, the only difference was that her mane was pink and light purple. She wore a large pink dress as well as black flat shoes. "This is Applebloom next to me." Oh this is Applebloom.

"Oh so your Applebloom." She had a suprised look then confusion.

"Y'all heard o' me?" Yep, same accent as her family.

"I know your sister, Applejack she told me alot about you...well, I eavesdropped on your sister and heard about you." Applebloom was a yellow coated earth pony that had a red mane going well with her red ribbon on her head. She wore an orange t-shirt that was pretty much covered by her overalls that reached her brown boots. "She left out only one detail." Applebloom cocked her head in confusion.

"An' what would that be?" I smiled.

"She forgot to mention that you were so cute!" I picked her up and tickled her, causing her to have little fits of laughter. I swear her cuteness can rival Balloon Boy's. Applebloom smiled.

"Thank ya mister, ah like ya already." She said as I put her down. And there was one more left.

"And just who are you?" I asked the winged one.

"I'm Scootaloo." Judging from her scratchy voice she seemed like the tomboyish type. She was an orange furred...pegasus I think their called, with a dark purple mane. She wore a black t-shirt with those black spiky wrist bands. Going bellow she had jean shorts as well as dark blue running shoes.

"Well it's nice to meet you." I said as shook her hand.

"Um...not to be rude or anything but, what are you?" I smiled at the question.

"I'm a human, a super advanced monkey or ape, take your pick." She was certainly surprised at my answer but then frowned.

"Aw man, guess we owe Lyra 5 bits now." Scootaloo said as the other nodded in agreement. Now it was my turn to become puzzled.

"Who's Lyra?" Sweetie grinned.

"I'm sure you'll found out soon enough." My shrugged shoulders indicated that I dropped the subject, besides, I like a little mystery.

"Anyways, I would like you to meet my friends. This is Balloon Boy." I said I gestured him to say his signature "hello" or "hi's" in which the girls found pretty adorable. "And that's Mangle over." As I pointed to the break-and-fix attraction. "Why don't you guys get acquainted while I talk to Rarity." I looked at Mangle. "You don't mind if you get torn apart do you?" She let out a groan.

"I...suppose not." I turned to Rarity.

"Do you mind if we talk in the kitchen?" She nodded. I let out a nervous sigh before starting.

"Look. I only changed the subject because Mangle doesn't know about the fact that I know that Chica has a crush on me." She looked down as if she was thinking.

"So what would you like me to do?"

"Just...try to stay low for now if anypony mentions it in the future, who knows how awkward it would be if they knew." I just shivered at the thought.

"Don't worry dear, you secret is safe with me." I let out a sigh of relief.

"Thanks Rares, that means a lot to me." She looked like she did a double on something.


"Yeah, I have nicknames for all of my friends."


"Yeah, yours is Rares, Fluttershy's is Flutters, Pinks, AJ, RD, and Sparks." I sad as I walked away not noticing the redness on Rarity's cheeks. As I went back to the living room, I saw Mangle in all sorts of messes. Mostly Scootaloo was playing around with Mangle, putting all of her body parts each in different places.

"This is cool!!" She looked at me. "How is a pony able to do this?"

"She's not a pony, she's an animatronic." She raised an eyebrow.

"What's that?" I smiled and padded her head.

"You'll find out soon enough." I looked at the time and started to yawn causing a chain reaction and showing that is was getting late. Me, the animatronics, and the girls bid their goodbyes as did we. I saw them going upstairs as I was heading to the door, but only to take a second glance at the white. It's just that something inside me told me to bring it with me. As soon as we get back to the restaurant, I'm go an find what's behind this white box.

(Freddy Fazbear's Pizza)

We finally made it back to the restaurant, as we went inside, I immediately went to the office with Mangle and Balloon Boy following soon after, the only problem was as soon as we got there, Chica was there probably about to give me an ear full. She said that she was worried and wondering where I was, I said to her that everything was ine and I was just looking for clues with Golden Freddy, after that she went back to the Stage room. I opened the white box to see Rarity's clothes that she gave me. I took the clothes out and closed the box again. When I looked at the white box, something seemed off, like something was missing. A lightbulb struck me as I looked at Balloon Boy.

"Hey, do you still have that ribbon?" He nodded as he pulled it out of his pocket. The only thing left to do is put it on the box. As soon as I put it on, I started to have this aggravating pain in my head.

"Oh, I'm getting a reading from Golden Freddy." Just barely I heard Mangle say, As I tightly shut my eyes I saw for a short moment, a vision popped up in my head. There were multiple white boxes with tags on them, although I didn't quite catch what the tags said, it will probably come me later in the future. The pain had gone away as I saw Balloon Boy and Mangle both looking at me with concern.

"You alright dude? You don't look so well." I nodded a little weakly.

"Yeah, I just need a glass of water." Almost right away Balloon Boy came back with the water. "Thanks." I said as I took a sip.

"Not to interior or anything, but..." She pointed to the box. "Is it suposse to be disappearing?" I looked at the white box to see it had completely vanished, the only thing left a strand price of paper.

"Hey what's that?" I asked as I picked it up.

I was just like you.
Can you hear my call?

After moments of thinking of what the message could mean there was only one conclusion.

"It seems like the past is catching up to us."