Keeper and Nighty's adventures in Ponyville

by The Keeper

(Short) Morning is scary

After the wedding Nighty and I said our goodbyes and I took her home, opening the door showed the living room, now almost converted into a library. “Books from all over the world, good times.” I sighed and looked at Nighty. “Go to bed, it’s late.” She nodded and hooped off towards her room. I walked over to my couch and sat down, reading a book I had begun a little earlier when I heard a knock at the door, I got up and walked over to it, unlocking it. “Welcome Morning.” I pushed the door open to revel Morning with a glare.

“Hello, Peter.” This made me smirk and almost shit myself.

“And a fine howdy do to you too Ann.” I grinned as she looked a bit more pissed.

“How do you know so much?” She questioned me.

“I am all knowing, what else do you expect?” I gave her a little glare of my own. “So I ask, why are you here?”

“How long have you known I was watching?”

“Quite a long time, ever sines Night restored my memories. This surprises you?” I gave her a curios look.

“Not so much, it just sets back some plans.” She continued to glare at me before getting a soft smile. “Hello Nighty.” I turned to see Nighty staring at us with curiosity.

“Uncle Pee? Who’s that?” The one time she wants to be adorable and it ends up humiliating me.

“This is-” Morning cut me off.

“I’m your mo-” I cut HER off!

“Nighty, go to bed I’ll tell you later.” I was glaring at her so Nighty wouldn’t see.

“Well, ok. Good Night!” She jumped off back into her room.

“I could kill you for that.” She hissed at me.

“I know. But don’t you think it would be a little more fun to get married to Night first? If that is in any of your plans.” I said with a smirk.

“Of course! I love him more then you know!” She glared at me then smirked. “Oh your good.” She Sighed and turned away.

“I know, I have to be, and remember, I have my own plans.” She spun around and glared at me.

“And those would be?” I gave her a playful wink.

“Thats a secret, but it will be so much fun, and you I know will agree.” I took a step back. “But I have to get to work in the morning. I will have to bid you farewell” I closed the door slowly. “Goodnight.” I shut the door and locked it. I walked over and into my room, closing and locking that too before falling over and almost screaming. “HOLY SHIT! THAT WAS SCAREY AS ALL HELL!” I calmed down and got into bed. The next morning I woke up with a evil smile on my face. “Time for school!”