Abandoned and Alone

by Hazuki Shimizu

Chapter 2: Alone

A few weeks later

"Can you leave me alone? Please Lune?" She gives me a frown
"Why are you so distant from everyone?"
"I just want to be left alone..." She sighs
"Okay but if you need help talk to me or Lena okay?"
"Whatever..." She walks away hesitatingly
"I don't need someone to worry about me I'm fine..." I walk to lunch and sit outside under a tree and start to eat and read.
"Oh I like that book!" I look up to see a blue colt with a red mane.
"What Night?" I like Night it’s sad and depressing like my life...
"Yeah it's a good book my name is Sun Glare but you can call me Sunny."
"Okay Sunny leave me alone!" I close the book and get my stuff and walk away.
"Hey wait!" He runs up to me
"I never got your name."
"It's Leila now leave me alone!" He stops
"Karin was right you are a loner."
"I'm not a loner...I'M JUST DEPRESSED!" Tears start to flow down my face.
"I'm sorry...I didn't mean to make you cry."
"Shut up! Leave me alone!" I run, run away from him all my problems everything and hide in one of the classrooms and just cry.
"Leila come out it's me Mrs.Cheerilee I heard what happened and I want to help."
"No! Leave me alone!"
"I know you feel alone and afraid I want to help." I walk out and sat in front of her.
"I don't know what to do...I feel hatred I don't know what love is anymore."
"Leila you are loved even if no one shows it they love you, you have friends do you?"
"I talk to Lena and Lune here and there but not a lot..."
"But do they care about you?"
"Yeah...a lot..."
"Then they are your friends!" I said nothing I couldn't believe that I have actual friends...
"I want to go see them..."
"Go I'm not stopping you." I run out the class to the lunch room and I see Lena being bullied by Karin I run in front of Lena and face the aggressors
"Leave her alone..." Karin scoffs
"Shouldn't you be hiding in a corner debating whether or not to kill yourself?" I laugh
"I don't know shouldn't you be getting your head out of your ass?" There's a ‘oohs’ in the lunchroom."
"You little street rat!"
"I maybe a street rat but at least I have true friends!"
"Grr...shut up!" She bends fire at me I react quickly and ended up bending water
"W-what I can waterbend?" I hear murmurs in the crowd.
"You little!" She throws more fire at me and I block it.
"Leave my friends alone.”
“Fine I was getting bored anyways…” she flips her mane and walks off, I turn around to check on Lena who is being helped up by her brother.
“Thanks Leila…”
“Hey it’s what friends are for.” I turn around and start to walk out the door for next class.
“HEY STREET RAT!” a glass bottle hits me in the head and I feel the glass shards cut my neck and face I bend water at her.
“Leave me alone mom!”
“Oh...so the little street rat learned to defend herself.” she pulls out a knife I look at it and I start to get flashbacks of the event a few weeks ago…
“M-mommy?” I start to crawl to her.
“Yes come closer…” she puts her knife up and then I snap out of it and I bend something else...something dark...and unclean...I look up and I see she’s frozen...I was bloodbending… one of the worst of all.
“Stop mom! leave me and my new family alone or else!”
“Or else what Leila?”
“This!” without thinking the power and darkness consume me and I easily break her arm.
“AHHH!” the knife dropped and the surge of power and darkness left and the depression started to settle in, I stop bending her and ran away...to the only place I know...Gleaming’s house...my new house, I swing the door open and run to my room and start crying.
“Why does no one like me! why does everyone hate me!” I see the same colt from earlier.
“Are you okay? I saw you run off bleeding and I was wondering if you were okay…”
“GO AWAY YOU DON’T CARE!” I yelled at him
“YES I DO CARE!” he snapped back “I’VE ALWAYSED CARED EVER SINCE I SAW YOU!” I blush and I couldn’t explain the feeling I had what was it? was it love? No it couldn’t be...could it?
“Do...do you like me?” he leaned in and kissed me on the cheek it felt warm and fuzzy.
“Yes...I do…” I kiss him on the cheek.
“I like you too...Sunny.” I hug him
“Here let me take you to Trina you’re bleeding very bad.”
“Okay.” he helps me up and walks me to Trina’s place, he knocks on the door.
“Yes?” a Purple pony opens the door
“Trina can you heal Leila for me?”
“Okay come on in…” He helps me in
“Put her here.” He helps me on the bed.
“Now Leila I want you to look at me and focus on me you may feel faint okay?”
“Alright…”  I look straight at him
“Stay still.” I feel a tingling sensation at the back of my head and I start to feel faint.
“Leila eyes on me remember?”
“O...okay…” I start to look at his face his charming face.
“Done...phew…you are a strong one I could feel it when I was healing you” she sits down and I start fall forward.
“Leila?” he catches me I start to drift off...and I feel his tears drop on my face
“Don’t you leave me!”I slowly start to drift off more and more
“NO DON’T YOU SAY THAT!”I start to see darkness then everything went black.