Redemption, Damnation and FIM

by ShadowWalking18

Chapter 23

Those of you who are starting to dislike Tez a bit, be prepared for more, but then later I'm sure you will love him again. Either way more stuff coming some be ready :)

Mextli sat in meditation on a rocky outcropping over the now burnt and destroyed ruin of the city of fillydelphia. He could smell the charred remains of bone and flesh. Burnt wood filled his nostrils, and the lingering hints of blood still filled the air.

'I know you're there.' he thought, 'I know you're still alive. So stop wasting time and find me.....we have so much to do.'

He opened his eyes and looked out to the horizon as the sun began to rise.

'I know you're out hurry up and find me. I'm waiting!!!'

Tez looked off towards the east. He gazed in a single direction, unblinking for a time before returning to watch the sun rise and the moon set.

'Something will happen. Or something has happened already and more is to is...difficult to say.' He thought.

Turning he went to get dressed, after which he entered the library and wet up the stairs into Twilight's room. She was still asleep, and Tez could not help but watch her sleep for awhile.

'She looks cute when she is sleeping.' he thought, 'I'm pushing her hard. But it will benefit her in the future.'

He placed his hand on her shoulder and shook her, "Twilight. Twilight wake up."

Twilight groaned and pushed his hand away. Tez smirked, "Alright...." He placed his hand on her shoulder and sent a slight magical shock through her.

"AHHH!" Twilight shouted as she shot up out of bed. She glared at Tez as her mane stood on end.

"Tez!" She growled.

"Ah you're awake good. Time for more lessons." Tez said, ignoring Twilights anger.

Twilight blinked and groaned, "Alright."

"Hey, are you guys going out?" Spike said, woken by Twilight's scream.

"Oh sorry Spike. Did we wake you?" Twilight asked.

Spike yawned, "Yeah, but don't worry about it."

"Sorry we woke you Spike. Though yeah, I'm taking Twilight to train more." Tez said.

Spike got up, "Well have fun. I'll be doing my chores and then go see if Rarity needs any help with anything." Spikes eyes turned to hearts at the thought of helping the fashionista.

"Well try to enjoy yourself Spike." Twilight said as she brushed her mane and tail.

Spike nodded, "I will, try not to push yourself too hard Twi, I was worried last night."

Twilight smiled, "Thanks Spike, I'll be more careful." Despite what she said, Twilight was not sure if she could keep to those words. Tez was teaching her after all.

"When you're ready Twilight, I'll be downstairs." Tez said as he went downstairs to pack a lunch.

Twilight nodded as she finished brushing her mane, and started on her tail. Once she was done she patted Spike on the head and headed downstairs.

"Okay, lets go." She said as she stood next to him.

Tez picked up the basket that held their lunch and teleported them to their training zone.

Stormchaser splashed water into his face. He felt awake with the cold water hitting his face.

'Hmm, the water is getting colder,' He thought as he looked at some of the leaves on the trees, noticing some were already changing color.

'Hmm, almost fall. I was hoping to do the annual running of the leaves....guess that won't be happening now.' He thought as he walked back to the clearing where he and Lilly had rested for the night.

He found the little filly still asleep, her eyes were slightly red from crying. Stormchaser frowned, the poor girl didn't deserve this.

'Oh Sunny, I hope you're safe. For Lilly. For me.' He thought as he moved over to Lilly to wake her up.

"Hey Lilly. Wake up." Storm said gently as he nudged the little filly awake.

Lillyseeds groaned as she opened her eyes, rubbing the sleep from them. She looked up at Stormchaser, "Good morning."

Stormchaser smiled, "Morning. Come on, time to get moving again."

Lilly got up with a yawn, "Can we have breakfast first?"

Stormchaser looked behind him, back to where Fillydelphia had once been. He looked to Lilly, conflicted with his feelings, on one hoof he wanted to put as much distance between them and the city, and get word the Canterlot as soon as possible. But, on the other he had to take care of Lilly, and he couldn't just starve her till they got to Canterlot.

He tried to think of something, then realized that he might have a solution. He dug into his saddlebag, yes, it was still there.

"Well, it's not much kid but here." Storm said as he fished out a paper bag and handed it to the little filly.

Lilly to the bag and looked inside, she stuck her hoof in and pulled out a muffin, "Muffins?"

Storm chuckled, "They might be a bit dry, I had bought them for lunch, but when the city was attacked...I guess I forgot about them till now. Still its better then nothing."

Lilly smiled a bit and ate the muffin, "Thank you Mr. Stormchaser."

Storm waited for her to finish eating, while he did he planned out how they would proceed from here. They would probably walk for a time, before he carried Lilly again as he flew. Stormchaser took to alternating between flying and walking, due to the fact that despite his best efforts to patch himself up he was still sore from his wounds, and the fact that Lilly was extra weight to carry when flying.

"Don't worry about it kid. And call me Stormchaser, or Storm, no need for the Mr. part, makes me feel old."

Lilly frowned, "Sorry."

Stormchaser smiled and patted her head, "Eh, don't worry about it. Just eat up and we'll start flying again soon."

"Okay." Lilly said as she ate a few more muffins before giving the bag back to Storm.

He put the bag away and scooped up Lilly into his hooves and took off. He flew low, so as to avoid being seen by anything while he was in the sky. Perhaps a bit over cautious, but after what he saw...well he was going to play it as safe as he could till they reached Canterlot.

Tez watched as Twilight struggled with a complex use of magic, that in maintaining a shield that protected against both magical and physical attacks. Several boulders hovered behind him ready to be thrown, while he held his right arm out, palm spread open.

"Okay, Twi...lets try again." He said as he charged a magical blast.

Twilight gulped and focused all she could on the shield. Her body was bruised and her mane singed, "Alright.....go."

Tez blasted the energy at the shield, the blast struck but Twilight's shield held. Tez nodded and held up a finger before lowering it as if he was pointing, sending a boulder flying towards Twilight. The rock hit the shield, shattering into a hundread pieces. Twilight staggered a bit, but her shield held.

Tez nodded, " see how you do under pressure." He lifted both his hands up and began charging energy before firing rapid fire shots of energy blasts at Twilight's shield. The boulders broke into smaller sized rocks and launched themselves at Twi as well stiking her shield in unison with Tez's energy blasts.

Twilight clenched her teeth, her head pounded with pain from headaches as her body ached all over. The strain on her body from the training and the almost constant and strenuous usage of magic was unbearable.

Yet, it was amazing, everything she was learning. Tez had opened up pathways of magic use she had never even thought of. That Starswirl the Bearded even wrote about. Spells to protect against the elements, ways of levitation of objects, mass teleportation, even animation of inanimate objects.

'And there is so much more.' Twilight thought with glee. Sure the work was difficult, and Tez worked her to the bone, but it was going to be worth it. At least she hoped so.

Twilight slowly opened an eye when she felt the barrage against her shield stop. Pieces of rock laid everywhere around her, and she shield remained in place. She smiled and jumped with joy.

"Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!" She said as she hopped around in a circle.

Tez smirked, "Not bad. Get yourself something to drink then we will start the next lesson."

"Right." Twilight walked over to the picnic basket, and got herself a bottle of water.

As she drank she found herself looking over at Tez, who stood silent, arms crossed looking out towards the horizon. Twilight found it strange that while he can be so kind, he could also be hard and even dangerous.

'I wonder...what made him this way?' Twilight thought, 'I mean...he wasn't just born that way was he?'

"Are you done Twilight?" Tez asked as he turned around.

Twilight blinked and took a last minute drink, "Uh yeah. So what is next?"

Tez smirked, and Twilight gulped. That smile...did not promise enjoyment.

Spike ran down to the boutique. He had finally gotten all his chores done and was eager to go help the most beautiful pony in the world.

Spike soon found himself at the door of the boutique. Spike reached up and opened the door.

"Welcome to Carousel Boutique. Oh hello Spike, what are you doing?" Rarity said as she heard the bell ring and seeing the little dragon.

"Oh I was wondering if you needed any help with anything." Spike said.

Rarity smiled, "Oh that's sweet of you Spike, but I don't know if I need any help with anything. Let me think."

As Rarity thought a loud crash was heard from upstairs, causing both Rarity and Spike to jump. Rarity ran upstairs and Spike followed.

Rarity stood outside her room, her eyes wide and her mouth hanging open. Spike walked over and peeked inside and his mouth fell open.

The entire room was a mess. Fabric rolls laid about on the floor unrolled, or hanging from the bed. Maniquins were in piles on the floor, it was as if a tornado had hit the place. And the cause stood in the center, eyes wide and ears flat. Sweetie Belle. The little filly slowly looked to the open door and smile.

"Uh...hi sis. Hi Spike." Sweetie Belle said uneasily.

"Sweetie Belle! What did you do!?!" Rarity exclaimed as she walked into her room looking around. All her inspirations...scattered everywhere. She felt ready to faint.

"Um...I was...just trying to help put some things away...but..." Sweetie Belle looked to her hooves, upset that she caused yet another mess with her clumsiness.

Rarity ground her teeth, but took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She couldn't get mad at Sweetie Belle, the poor filly was just lonely since her friends were unable to play. But, she needed to get her out of the house, at least for a bit...just untill she finished her latest designs for a fashion show next week.

Rarity looked to Spike and suddenly she had an idea.

"Spike, could you be a dear and perhaps play with my sister? Just till I can finish my designs for next week? It would really help."

Spike nodded swiftly, "Sure thing Rarity."

Rarity smiled, "Thank you Spike. Why don't you two go outside," Rarity looked at the mess, "I have some cleaning to do."

Sweetie Belle walked out of the room, following Spike downstairs. She was still looking at the ground and her ears were flat. Spike frowned, and tried to find a way to cheer up the filly.

"Hey so are things?" Spike said, trying to start some conversation to lighten the mood.

"Oh...okay...I guess." Sweetie Belle said, still upset.

Spike bit his lip, "Hey saw Tez fight that dragon."

Sweetie Belle's ears perked up, "Oh yeah, did you see him. He went pow, and then wham." Sweetie Belle punched her hooves here and there in mimicry of punches.

Spike remembered, and gulped, "Heh...yeah...he was...something." He laughed nervously as he scratched the back of his head.

Sweetie Belle smiled and seemed happier as she went on, "He was amazing, I don't think anypony could beat a dragon."

Spike felt those gold eyes on him again, and he started to shake a bit. His nightmares coming back to him. He gulped, " is really something."

Sweetie Belle looked at her bandagse, " know it was really scarey. That dragon might have....killed us." She shivered at the thought of how close she had been to death.

Spike looked at Sweetie Belle, "Yeah...I've met that dragon as well. If it wasn't for owlicious I don't think I would be around." Spike could still remember all the running he did.

Sweetie Belle sat down on the couch, "I was kinda afraid when Tez killed that dragon. But, when I think about it...if he hadn't then that dragon would have hurt us or somepony else someday."

Spike blinked, he had never really thought of that, "Yeah...I guess you're right."

Sweetie Belle frowned and curled up, "I know he tells us not to blame ourselves, but....if we hadn't gone into the forest then no pony would have gotten hurt."

Sweetie Belle closed her eyes tight, tears welling up slightly as she sniffed.

"I just seem to cause nothing but trouble for everypony." Sweetie Belle said as she silently cried.

Spike frowned and moved over to her, sitting down next to her. He wasn't sure what he should do.

'Oh, what does a guy do when a girl is crying?' He thought. Not sure what to do he just placed a claw on Sweetie Belle's shoulder comfortingly.

"Uh...hey...don't be sad.....everypony makes mistakes. I know I've made lots of them, like when I tried to frame Owlicious for killing a rubber mouse."

Sweetie Belle rubbed at her eyes and looked at Spike, "Huh?"

Spike coughed and rubbed the back of his head, "I uh...took a toy mouse and put ketchup on it and tried to make Twilight think that Owlicious was a vicious didn't go over so well and that sort of led up to me meeting that older dragon."

Sweetie Belle blinked, then giggled, "That is silly, why did you try to do something like that?"

Spike blushed and chuckled a bit, "I guess I was jealous of the attention Owlicious was getting. But, I learned from it, now me and the bird are pals. Though I hate it when he keeps saying who, he knows I'm talking about him but he keeps saying it." Spike sighed in exasperation of the birds wierd behavior.

Sweetie Belle giggled, "You're funny Spike," she hugged him, "thanks."

Spike blushed a bit by the sudden hug, "Fo-for what?"

"For making me feel better. It's wierd that you've lived here so long and we never really talked before."

Spike blinked, "Hmm, yeah that is wierd."

"Well thats gonna change, you're my friend and friends should always find time to play with each other," Sweetie Belle said as she got off the couch with a smile, "Come on, lets go."

Spike blinked, then smiled and followed Sweetie Belle, 'You know, she's pretty nice.'

Tez drank some water, he could not shake the feeling that something was happening. Something that would move the pieces of the future into chaos. It was freightening, and yet at the same time invigorating.

'Still...whatever it is, I hope I'm ready for it.' He thought as he watched Twilight practice a new spell, something to do with the manipulation of ones senses. Or was it physical abilities?

'Eh, it doesn't matter. She learns fast, thats what matters.' Tez thought as he stood up and looked to the horizon. It was early evening, perhaps six or seven pm.

"Hey Twilight..." Tez began,

"AHH!" Twilight shouted as she covered her ears.

Tez blinked, then chuckled. He waited a bit for Twilight to remove the spell and said, "A little too much amplified hearing?"

Twilight rubbed her ears and nodded, "Yeah. Ouch, you didn't say that would happen."

"I figured you were smart enough to know that the more energy put into amplifying a sense the more risks that sense can face." Tez said.

"What kind of risks?" Twilight asked.

Tez smirked, "Imporved sight can suffer blindness easier if it is met with a bright source of light. Sense of touch can cause great deals of pain to shoot through your body due to over sensitivity. Hearing can be damaged, even your own ability to smell can over power you if you smell something really rancid."

Twilight frowned, "You could have warned me you know."

Tez shrugged, "I suppose so. Anyway, it's close to dinner, and you have progressed alot faster then I had originally thought so lets head home and get something to eat."

Twilight picked up the basket, "Alright. Want me to teleport us home this time?"

Tez nodded, and Twilight cast the spell flawlessly.

Appearing infront of the library the two walked inside and saw a very surprising sight. Spike and Sweetie Belle were laying on the floor asleep. The two were cuddled up next to each other. The sight was just adorable.

"Awww." Twilight said softly.

Tez just smiled, "Well that is just cute."

Twilight quietly walked over and picked Spike up with her magic, careful to not disturb the little dragons slumber.

"I'll take Sweetie Belle home then." Tez said as he gently picked up the filly.

"Alright, say hi to Rarity for me okay." Twilight said as she walked upstairs, carrying Spike.

Tez nodded and carried Sweetie Belle back to Rarity's. The little filly moved a bit, but she did not awake. Eventually she wa snugled comfy in his arms. Tez could not help but smile a bit, 'I swear if cuteness was a weapon this planet would be a dangerous time bomb.'

Reaching the boutique, Tez knocked on the door, careful to not drop Sweetie Belle for the small amount of time he held her with one arm.

Rarity soon answered and when she saw her little sister asleep in Tez's arms she smiled slightly.

"Thank you Tez," She whispered, "I was wondering where she had gone. I guess she and Spike wore each other out."

Tez nodded, "Seems so, but thats what kids do."

Rarity took Sweetie Belle from Tez, "Thank you for bringing her home Tez. I haven't seen you all day."

"I've been training Twilight. I've taken over her education in magic." Tez said

Rarity blinked in surprise, "Really? You never told me that."

Tez rubbed the back of his head, "Eh...I guess it just slipped my mind."

Rarity smirked, "Well mister, you certainly have a few things to explain. It isn't very nice to keep things like that a secret from your friends."

Tez chuckled uneasily, "Heh...sorry."

Rarity smiled, "Well, don't worry about it. Now I should go put Sweetie Belle to bed. Have a pleasant night Tez."

Tez bowed, "You as well Rarity. Oh yes, and Twilight says hi."

"Tell her I said hi as well. Good night Tez." Rarity said as she closed the door.

Tez turned and walked back to the library. Returning he walked upstairs to see Twilight reading a cook book. Pots and pan sat on the counter, among various ingredients.

"What'cha doing Twi?" Tez asked as he walked over.

Twilight turned in surprise, "Oh Tez. I didn't hear you walk upstairs. I was just deciding on what to make for dinner, since Spike is asleep I figured I'd make something."

Tez blinked, "Uh Twi...have you ever cooked before?"

Twilight was smiling as she placed some veggies on a cutting tray, "No, but it cant be that hard. Just got to follow the book," She looked at an entry, "Lets see, two cups of chopped vegetables. Easy." She used her magic to lift a cutting knife up as she aligned the veggies just right with her hoof.

Tes panicked and grabbed the knife from her, "Whoo. Um Twilight, how about if I make dinner."

Twilight's ears flattened, "But why? I can do this."

Tez gulped, "It's not that I don't trust your skills," though he did question the safety of Twilight wielding a sharp object, "It's've done so well in your training I think I should be the one to cook for you."

Twilight frowned for a moment before nodding with a slight smile, "Okay. That's nice of you Tez."

Tez sighed in relief, "Right. Sit down and relax, I'll get something done in a moment."

"Alright," Twilight went to the table and sat down, "Hey Tez..."

Tez skimmed throught the reciepe book before finding something that he could eat as well, "Yes Twilight."

"You really think I'm doing well in my training?" She asked, unsure if he was just being nice.

"Of course Twilight. You've progressed farther then I had originally expected. You adapt well to the proper usage of magic, even after years of bad habits. I'm impressed." Tez said as he set to cooking.

Twilight smiled, "So what will you teach me next?"

Tez kept cooking, but remained silent as he thought for a moment. Twilight sniffed the delicious scent of whatever Tez was cooking and her stomach growled a bit.

"Hungry I see. Well don't worry almost done." Tez said as he used his magic to levitate some plates to him to put the food on.

Tez placed the food on the plates and set the plates on the table. He brought over two glasses and filled them with milk and silverware. After that he took a seat and said, "Enjoy."

Twilight was amazed, it all looked so good, it smelled good. And when she took a bite, it tasted amazing.

"Tez! This is delicious! How did you learn to cook this good?" Twilight asked before she began to eat.

Tez smirked, "Just something I remembered."

The two talked every so often as they ate. Twilight could not help but smile.

'We've never really eaten together like this. Usually Tez will just go to sleep or eat something after all of us.' Twilight thought.

Twilight looked at Tez as he ate silently, she hoped they could do this again. It felt nice to spend time with him like this that did not involve training.

Tez noticed her staring and just winked at her. Twilight blushed and returned to eat.

'Now if only I could figure out why he makes me feel so strange when he does that. Maybe it's in one of my books.' Twilight thought, vowing to find in her books the explanation to these strange emotions she felt.

Captain Shining Armor. Captain of the Canterlot Royal Guard, walked into the throne room, feeling as if the entire weight of the world was on his shoulders right now.

'This news doesn't make me feel good. I hope the princesses know what to make of it.' He thought as he neared the throne. He was glad to see that both princess Celestia and Luna were there, it would make things easier.

"Ah Captain Shining Armor. What brings you here this eve? I trust all is well?" Celestia asked with a smile.

Shining Armor frowned, "No princess. I'm afraid that I have some....terrible news."

Celestia and Luna looked to each other, then to Shining armor. Their eyes held worry.

"What is wrong Shining Armor?" Celestia asked.

Shining armor gulped, "It's..Fillydelphia your's been attacked...."

Celestia's and Luna's eyes widened, and dread came into their hearts as they learned more of the event that took place.

There we go. Sorry it took so long, this week had been a finals week. Really busy. Hope you enjoy this chapter. :)