Glory of the Battlefield

by RemixHero

Remember me?

Camo showed me to my seat where Water Wave and Photo Flash we're already golfing down there food. I sat down to start eating when a dark purple Unicorn colt came up to me. I didn't see him when I walked in, so he must be surprised that I'm here.

"Glory? Good ol Glory?!" I thought you had died in the last battle, well I guess that battle was not a total lost…" He said. I was confused Camo told me we won the last battle.

"Umm Camo you told me we won the last battle…" I asked Camo. He got nervous I could tell he twitted his hoofs around and started to shy back.

"Well… not exactly I told you that you lead us to victory at the battle with the zebras…I sorta stretched the truth. We lost the last battle but when I ment you lead us to victory I mean that you told us a great way to beat them." Camo said. Before I could ask him more he started stuffing his face to avoid being asked more questions.

"Well then, by the way who are you?" I asked the purple colt.

"You pulling my leg, general? It's me Blitz Creek !" He said with a smile

"I'm sorry Mr. Creek I don't remember you." I told him his smile went away and a worried one came on.

"Sir you don't rememember me?"

"No I don't. I don't know anybody around here except for Camo" I told him. His smile sank like a ship.

"But why? We were the best friends any pony could ever had seen!" He told me.

"I-I-I… Don't feel very well." Everything was spinning and I felt very warm. I got from my seat and crumpled to the ground with panic voices saying my name and other things that I couldn't make out before I blacked out completely. I soon woke up to a sorta familiar place, the infirmary that I was in when Camo found me. It looked like it was morning, I couldn't remember what has happen last night, the only thing I remember was cheering and a purple colt. I slowly got up and saw that purple colt right there by my side in a chair. He looked exhausted and I think he was trying to stay awake but he was half asleep.

" Huh…? Oh you finally woke up I got so worried! How you feel Glory?" He asked me.

"Good I guess. Wha-what happened…" I asked him.

"You fainted last night at dinner, you had a pretty high fever. My guess it was caused by dehydration, Camo told me that you were missing for a few days and I guess you didn't have enough water early on that day and you just gave out."

"Wow, now how long have you been here umm…"

"Blitz Creek, and I've been here all night I never left your side." He told me. I was amazed that he would do that for me.

"Thank Blitz Creek. Well I guess I should get back to rest, you need sleep." I told him.

"I would fight saying I don't but I can't when I really do" he told me. " Do you need anything?"

"No, thanks you Mr. Creek." I told him. He turned around and said something.

"Can you stop calling me that?! I'm your brother for ponys sake!" He yelled. I was shocked he said that.

"Your my…what?" I asked him

"Brother. I didnt want to shock you until you were more cofertable with me but I guess I got tired of you calling me Mr. Creek." He said.

"I'm so sorry Blitz but how are we brothers we don't look anything like each other." I asked him. He pulled a picture out from under his hat. In the picture was two fillies a mare and a stallion with a broken hoof. The dark purple filly looked taller than the navy blue filly. The mare in the photo had a lavender coat with navy blue hair like my coat while the other had a orange coat with dark blue hair like Blitz manes. The stallion looked like a war hero with his dark green jacket on decorated with a few medals on it. The mare looked beautiful with a light pink dress with white and yellow. Shelooked like a princess which was very odd considering it looked,like she might of had wings but she was a unicorn, I decided not to question it.The Photo looked like it was taken 15 years ago, the mare and stallion didn't even look very old they look a little younger than we do now.

"Are these our parents?" I said

"Yes little brother." I put the photo down and saw Blitz tearing. I started tearing up as well, then the waterworks came.

"Brother!" I said.

"Brother!" Blitz Creek said. We hugged tight and soon after a small bit we stopped.

"Thanks you Blitz Creek for this" I told him.

"No problem brother, I must go now" Blitz Said, he giving me a small wink and left. I took the picture out again to see if it could help me remember anything. With some luck maybe it will. I took a long drink of water and started to rest my head again. I wasn't prepared for what I saw.

It looked like a normal day, me and Blitz were playing in the living room our mother (she looked like a normal unicorn now) was in the room reading a book about star swirl. Then there was a huge knock on the door. Our mother used her light pink magic to open the door

"Miss there had been a terrible accident! Your husband is hurt."