Maybe I'm Dreaming

by Night Flight

CH 4-Will you marry me?

The last guest stepped in. He was different from others but he was very similar to his father.

He had a navy blue mane and a pale blue skin. His cutie mark was a thunderbolt with wings. And his eyes… they were green, just like two big shiny emeralds… and on top, he was handsome, no, he was very very handsome. That was why all of the girls were staring at him secretly.

“Is that him?” whispered Twilight.

“No it’s not…I mean he can’t be him!” said Rarity while she was staring at him.

“Why he can’t be that mysterious stallion?” asked Twilight.

“Because…because he’s…too handsome. I mean that boy couldn’t be that handsome,” said Rarity quickly.

“Then who is that mysterious stallion?” said Twilight. “Well he’s not that stallion with purple mane of course because he’s older than the other colts so it’s their father.” Twilight gestured to the younger colt with purple mane. “I think this colt and that handsome guy are brothers. So Rainbow’s future husband is one of them.”

“It’d better be the purple mane colt,” said Rarity with a bit anger on her voice.

Rainbow raised an eyebrow. “And why it had to be?”

“Because… because… I’m gonna get that handsome colt for myself not you,” said Rarity

Rainbow was opening her mouth to reply when Ms. Firefly entered the kitchen.

“Oh girls what are you doing here? You should be in Rainbow’s room,” whispered Firefly

“We just… we just…” said Rainbow quickly.

Firefly said, “Okay I understand you were curious. Now Rainbow, you should go to garden quickly. Come on stand up.”

Rainbow took a deep breath and stood up. Rarity quickly straightened her dress and Twilight excitedly said, “Good luck, Rainbow. We’ll see you soon.”

“Don’t forget to behave like a true lady. And good luck darling,” said Rarity with a smile.

“Be polite Rainbow. Don’t act just like you’re a crazy pony which ran out of hospital. See ya Rainbow.” Apple Jack winked at frowning Rainbow.

“Don’t forget to have fun!” said Pinkie happily.

“And try to be friendly with him. Bye!” whispered Fluttershy

“Thanks for your advice girls. See you guys soon. Bye.” Rainbow trotted to window and flew out of there into the garden which was outside of their house…

* * *
Rainbow dash waved her hoof for her brother and sister-in-law. They waved back and then they started to fly away. Rainbow’s smile vanished right when they disappeared on horizon. She sighed sadly. Tonight was fun if she wasn’t upset. But with this new Rainbow, everyone was upset too. She was just answering the questions with ’yes’ or ‘no’ or other short sentences. Firefly and Rainbow blitz’s awkward smiles at Hurricane and Speedy didn’t help at all.

All of the night she was thinking about her past and the day her life changed forever. All of the night, she was asking herself ‘what happened?’ or ‘Why my life has to be like that?’ or ‘I don’t understand. What went wrong?’ and ‘Have I done anything wrong that I should be like this?’ There was no answer for these questions. Also she was thinking about the day that ‘Mysterious stallion’ came. Mysterious stallion. Her friends called him that when he first came in the house. Her friends… HER FRIENDS! That was the answer and cure of all of the pains she had. It was a long time that she haven’t seen them. She really missed them.

So Rainbow kept up rest of the night. Because she had a plan. Just like what she said to her mother. She wanted to change. And the first step was trying to go outside. First step was trying to have more communication with other ponies. And which ponies better than her friends?

So after her brother left, she quickly opened the door to fly to Twilight’s house. Where all of her friends were.

“Rainbow, do you want to go anywhere?” said Firefly from Rainbow’s behind.

Rainbow smiled. “Yes, mom. I want to see my friends. I haven’t seen them for a…long time I think.”

“That’s great! Have fun!” said Firefly happily and with a warm smile.
Rainbow didn’t reply. She just flew out. Not because she didn’t like her mother, no, she loved her but she hated pretending and she was never good at pretending. She hated to pretend happy but that was because of her parents. She couldn’t see that they were sad just because of her. Maybe one day she didn’t have to pretend happy. Maybe one day she’ll be happy like before but now, it was impossible for her to be happy. Happiness meant forgetting everything for her. And she didn’t want to forget even a second of her best memories…
Soon she reached to Twilight’s tree house. She took a deep breath…and knocked on the door.

“Spike, would you please open the door?” called Twilight.

“OK, Twilight,” said Spike.

The door opened and a baby dragon appeared at door.

“Whoa! Look who's here! Is that really you Rainbow?” said Spike.

“WHAT? Rainbow Dash? Are you crazy? I’m ghost of Rainbow dash!” said Rainbow.

“Hahaha. So funny. Come in,” said Spike.

Rainbow Dash stepped in the hallway. Same boring library. Fortunately this one haven’t change.

“Spike, who was at door?” called Twilight

Rainbow snickered. “Ghost of Rainbow Dash!” said Rainbow jokingly.

Suddenly a big ball of pink fluffy hair, hugged her and said, “DASHIE!”

“OK, OK, Pinkie, I missed you too,” said Rainbow.

“Rainbow, is that really you?” said Twilight.
“No, who said I’m Rainbow Dash? How many times do I have to tell you? I am the ghost of Rainbow Dash,” said Rainbow flatly.

“UHHH! SHE’S A GHOST! RUUUUUN!” Pinkie started to run but Rainbow quickly grab her.

“Don’t worry Pinkie. There’s no ghost around. I was just kidding,” Rainbow said.

Everypony laughed and Twilight led Rainbow in.

* * *

10:00 P.M. and Rainbow was about to leave. They had a very beautiful and fun night. Finally after a long time, they’re sixth member joined them. Of course it was fun. For Rainbow’s friends she hadn’t changed even she was happier. But Rainbow was amazed at how alive she felt. Not happy but alive. And that was enough to light her up.

“Uh, Rainbow, are you leaving?” asked Twilight

Rainbow closed her opened wings. “Yeah, It’s late I should go.”

“Just something important,” said Twilight with a smile. “This is a note book. I am smart enough to say that although you were very happy but you weren’t happy from inside. I don’t understand what’s wrong with you but if there’s anything that you want to tell somepony but there’s no one to tell her/him, you can write it in this note book. It will help you to be happy again.”

“Thanks Twilight. I’ll use your advice.” Rainbow grabbed the note book and started to fly toward home.

In fact that note book was a good idea. A good way to live like before. Twilight really was a good friend. And Rainbow wanted to use her advice. She had to write her best memories in this note book so she didn’t have to think about them all the time. And Rainbow wanted to write the first one when she got home. Her life was about to change and the first change was thinking less about past memories.

Rainbow flew toward home faster than ever before. She opened the door and rushed to her room. She didn’t even wait to say hello to her
mother. She wanted to write her memories as soon as possible.

She grabbed a pen and started to write her first sentence in the book:

Each pony has a different life but it’s their selves that write their own destiny. Some, has good ending and some, not. But happy times and happy memories are the one that lasts forever. I don’t know how my life is. Happy or sad. Good or bad. But the happy memories keep me alive.

For me, happiness started when I was eighteen. At a beautiful and lovely afternoon, when I should engage to a strange stallion. It‘s hard to get married to someone you don’t know, but this was the destiny I wrote for myself. I clearly remember all of the details…

After my friends wished me good luck, I quickly flew out in the garden.

That garden was our back yard which was filled with lots of flowers. My parents really loved flowers so they plant so much flowers, bushes, trees and…

So here was a true garden. I walked past the lilies and I stopped right in front of roses. I was thinking when that ‘Mysterious stallion’ is going to come…

“E…excuse me, are you Rainbow Dash?” said a voice behind me. My eyes became wide. Finally it was time. Just I didn’t figure out, why I was so scared?

I turned my head slowly and…

It was exactly the boy that Rarity wanted to ‘get’. This was getting better by any minute.

After a few more seconds, I figured out that I was staring at him.

“O…oh sorry. I was just a bit…confused, yeah. Well yes, I’m Rainbow Dash,” I said quickly.

“OK, well my name’s Soarin,” he said

“Wait you mean you’re the Soarin from Wonderbolt?” I asked excitedly.

“Well yeah,” he said. Then both of us got quite. “Sooo, wanna come and walk with me?”

“Yeah why not.” I stated to walk beside him. An evening breeze got past us. It was a calm and soft breeze. The whole garden was quite. There was no sound. Soarin and I were walking slowly beside each other, each in our own worlds. I didn’t know about him but my mind was everywhere. I was feeling very excited to walk along a Wonderbolt. Even better! Get married to a Wonderbolt. Especially Soarin. My favorite Wonderbolt…

“Your house is pretty big and beautiful. Who made it?” he asked suddenly.

“Thanks. Actually my parent made it on their own…”

I was about to continue when he excitedly said, “On their own? Wow this is awesome!”

I smiled. Soon he asked another question, “Um…can I ask a question? Well it might be a little personal.”

“It’s OK. Ask.” I smiled at him which meant: say anything you want.

“Uh…how old are you?” he asked nervously.

“Uh come on, this question isn’t THAT personal. By the way, I’m eighteen,” I said.

“Really? I’m eighteen too,” said Soarin with a warm smile. “Another personal question. Can I ask?”

I shook my head as ‘yes’ sign. “You can ask any question you want.”

“Have you ever…fall in love?”

I looked at him. “No.”



“Wow, so you were kinda ready for today.”

I sighed sadly. “Yeah. I trust my parents. I know they choose the right boy for me.”

“But the problem is here. Do you trust ME?” asked Soarin

I looked at his eyes. They were green. Much more beautiful and greener than what I thought…

“I trust you as long as you protect me,” I whispered.

“Then my duty starts from now and here.” He said with a smile.

I looked around myself. We were at my favorite place. At rainbow flower’s section. My favorite flowers were gleaming at setting sun’s light. I always dreamed love of my life standing right there and asked me for marriage. I was a total crazy but that moment it was really happening.
Suddenly Soarin said, “But to start my duty I should ask something.” Then he did the same move every stallion do when they want to ask the most important question of their lives

“Will you marry me?” asked Soarin with a smile.
I was completely caught off guard. I just couldn’t believe it. I was standing there like a statue, staring at him with wide eyes and my mouth open. And he was still looking at me with a warm smile, waiting for my answer. Answer…ANSWER! I closed my mouth and only said one very important word, “Yes.”

And that night turned to the best day of my life, although I didn’t know my future well. That night was magical. Because I understood that I could love this stallion. That night first sparkles of love appeared…