An Apple at War

by spartan523

Chapter 4

It had been 8 weeks since Big Macintosh left leaving Applejack in charge of taking care of the farm. The army took him right before it was time to harvest the orchards leaving Applejack to find a way to harvest all the fields by herself. Luckily her cousins Braeburn, Hayseed, and Apple Tart offered to come down from Appaloosa to help her. When she found out the news from Granny Smith she went upstairs and cried; she cried for hours until eventually she couldn't cry any more. She started skipping school causing her friends to worry about her so they went to check on her.

"Applejack are you in here?" Twilight called from the barn door

"Ya girls c'mon on in I'm just here working on the tractor." Applejack replied from underneath the tractor

Twilight, Rainbow dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie pie, and Rarity walked into the barn followed by Fire Streak.

"Applejack why haven't you been at school lately?" Twilight asked as Applejack rolled herself out from underneath the tractor on her creeper.

"Ya we've been worried about you!" Pinkie said holding a tray of cupcakes

"Girls I've already told ya'll that I got to keep the farm running until Big Mac gets home" Applejack said grabbing a wrench from her tool box before sliding back underneath the tractor.

Fire Streak pulled her back out "Applejack you can't absorb yourself in this you have to get out once in awhile."

"Listen sugarcube this farm is what supports our family if I let it slip then we ain't gonna have any place to live." Applejack said giving him a quick kiss before sliding back under the tractor. "Maybe when Braeburn and his family get here I might be able to lighten up a bit."

"Applejack do you even know when that will be?" Rainbow Dash asked kicking a soccer ball around

"Nope ain't got a clue."

"Applejack darling if you keep this up you'll be a wreck." Rarity said

"She's right you can't seclude yourself her or else you'll end up like your brother" Fire Streak said not realizing the mistake he made.

Applejack rolled herself out glaring at Fire Streak "What exactly do ya'll mean by I'll end up like my brother?"

"Applejack you know how he was in High School and how he still is." Fire Streak said still not realizing how he was messing up "He kept to himself not making any friends and never doing anything social. I was surprised he graduated to be honest the way he would miss school most of the time. You'll end up like that if you don't get back to yourself" The girls flinched bracing themselves for the explosion that was about to happen.

"Get out." Applejack said standing up "No one comes to my farm and talks shit about my brother! He went through all of that and gave up all of that so that me, Apple Bloom, and Granny Smith could live with a roof over our head!"

Fire Streak stepped back until he had his back against the wall as she continued her rage. Her friends were standing behind her watching Applejack unleash her anger upon the frightened Fire Streak. He stuttered trying to speak "A-Applejack I-I'm S-S-Sorry"

"I don't want your damn apology Fire Streak I want you to get the hell off of my farm!" Applejack screamed grabbing him by his shirt and throwing him out the barn door. She stood there fuming as she watched Fire Streak get in his car and drive away. Once he was out of sight Applejack sat down on the dirt floor, leaned her back against the barn, and cried. Finally out of her rampage her friends approached her and sat down beside her.

"Girls I'm sorry about that..." Applejack said looking at the five of them.

"Applejack darling you're always so calm what happen?" Rarity said

"I don't know girls I guess it's just I finally realized how much Mac had given up so that the rest of us could have a good life. I feel like I never really appreciated or even thanked him for doing what he did. Did you know that I rarely had to do chores because I wanted to go and hang out with ya'll or go do something else. Not once did he complain about taking on my chores he even encouraged me to go have fun and I never stopped to think about him and his life." Applejack said through tears

There came a knock at the barn door the girls looked up to find the mail girl Ditzy Doo standing there with a package and several letters "I have a delivery for Applejack it's from her brother is she in here?"

"Sister are you sure you want to put him through this?" Celestia asked Princess Luna.

"Yes Tia he not only will it help him to recover but he may be the one soldier that changes the tide of the war for us." Luna said handing her sister a file with Big Macintosh's name on it. "He already has impressive strength and size and is also surprisingly resilient which explains how he managed to survive the blast he shielded me from." Celestia looked over the file as Luna continued "I have also contacted Twilight Sparkle about his character and she told me he is a very good hearted individual hard working and also how he is willing to help others."

Celestia put the folder down and looked at her sister "Luna you do realize that what we would be putting him through is designed to break him and if he fails there is a good chance he will die just from the enhancements."

"Yes Tia I know this and I have discussed this with him."

"What did he say?"

"He said he would be willing to go through with it."

Celestia sighed "Then I shall contact Doctor Discord and have him prepare for the procedure."

Mac lay in a metal tube surrounded by several doctors filling syringes with different colored liquids. One of the doctors walked over to him "Alright Mr. Apple we are prepared to begin the process are you sure you still want to go through with this?" The doctor said strapping Mac's arms and legs down.

Mac looked up at the observation room and saw both princesses watching "Doc I'm sure."

"Alright good luck Mr. Apple" The doctor said closing the door Mac could hear the voices outside talking

"How's his vital signs?"

"All clear Doctor."

"Ok begin the process." The machine began to hum as it turned on.

"Ok insert the enhancements!" Mac heard over the sound of the machine. Suddenly he could feel needles pierce his arms, legs, and chest; followed by a burning sensation causing Mac to wince. He tried to keep from yelling but the burning grew until he could not suppress it any longer.

"AHHHH!" Mac screamed from inside the machine as the burning began to grow worse.

"Doctor the second set is ready!"

"Hurry and insert them now!"

Mac felt another burning sensation worse then before "AAAHHHHHHH!" he cried out his muscle's felt like fire with every breath he felt like his chest would explode. Suddenly the machine stopped as did the pain leaving only his body feeling sore.

"Open the door and let him out."

The door opened blinding Mac with light "Ok Mr. Apple you may step out now."

Mac stepped out of the tube and could hear several gasp followed by several cheers from the doctors congratulating each other. One motioned over to them that's when he saw the mirror behind the doctor. The Macintosh Apple that stood in the mirror looked very different from the one that had entered the tube just 30 minutes earlier. Mac could see that his scars on his arms and legs were gone, his chest was and abs were now well defined and filled out with muscle, he also noticed that he looked considerably taller.

"What do you think Mr. Macintosh?" One of the doctors asked

"I don't know what to think doc..."