Saturn: Rememberance

by King Saturn

Discord Chronicles - A Short Excerpt

Three Earth Ponies were walking in black and white armor, the black armor fashioned from a supply of recently scorched obsidian, the strongest armor in Equestria, that is what the city of the earth ponies, Terra, was known for.

The first looked up to a hill, a dark grey and brown haired pony walked up to the three guards, his cutie mark was a tornado.

"What do you need"? asked pony Discord.

"Sir Discord", the first pony bowed and looked up to Discord, "We need you to raise up a king for us, so the kingdom of Terra may rise up again".

"Haven't you heard never to deal with demons"? asked Discord.

"In exchange for this act, we will free your real body from stone once the king is raised".

Discord blinked, seemingly shocked by what he was hearing.

"I will tutor this king in the ways of being a ruler, if you let me reek havoc, it sounds to good too be true".