Saturn: Rememberance

by King Saturn

Chapter 2 - Part 2: Love and Sadness

Chapter 2 Part 2 Love and Sadness

* * *

Saturn woke up, the train coming to a screeching halt, he looked back to his red and white mane, which for some reason his pony tail had came undone. He picked up the blue ribbon and tied it into a ponytail with his teeth. After that was over he looked at his surroundings, a train car completely empty, 'Rarity must have already got off', he thought to himself. So he got off the train as well, but what he saw overwhelmed him. He went pushed past all the traffic of other ponies getting off and on the train. He couldn't take it all in, the sheer size of the town, his town from what he remembered was never that big, but yet it had authority, why?
Everypony he went past gave him a look that bothered him a lot, he finally figured out why when he noticed his giant scar was showing and he never bothered to cover it. Using some spare bits that the Princess gave him before he left, he got himself a nice leather jacket, he put it on quickly and zipped it up so his scar wasn't poking out.
He noticed a building that looked like a life-size version of a gingerbread house. He knew he was hungry, maybe if he begged hard enough for bits he could get some food, or he could meet other ponies in there that could help him in his state.

Ring, the bell dinged as he walked in the odd looking shop.

He noticed a pink pony at the counter of the shop, on display were many treats to please the eye, cupcakes, scones, cakes, pies, and many other pastries. But the pink pony he noticed was just staring at him, he looked back at the display cases near the pink pony and was just walking back out the shop when the pink pony shouted, “Wait!”.

“Yes, what is it”, Saturn responded.

“I haven't seen ya around here before, who are you”.

“Oh sorry, my name is Saturn Ring, I'm just a traveler”.

“Oh ok, well I will have to throw you a welcome party”, the pink pony responded.

She looked way more excited than she acted and looked like she wanted to say more, but for some reason was just staring at him, dumbfounded.

“Is there something wrong? Did I say something?”.

The pink pony took a bit of time to respond.

“No, it's just, I'm admiring the pattern on your mane”, said the pink pony.

“Oh, thanks”, he loosened off the ponytail on his mane and it swooped down to his lower legs.

“What am I doing, not introducing myself, my name is Pinkie Pie”, Pinkie said.

“Nice to meet you Pinkie”, said Saturn.

All of the sudden something hit him, and he stared at her for a long moment, like some sort of connection, but, she was beautiful, Saturn didn't want to leave this place where she was, but yet they just met, why should he be feeling this.

“Well, goodbye”, Saturn said after coming back to reality.

Pinkie Pie didn't respond, and he secretly wished he had stayed there longer to get too know that beautiful mare, but regrets behind him, he had to find a place to live.