Saturn: Rememberance

by King Saturn

Chapter 2 - Part 1: Love and Sadness

Saturn walked down the entrance steps to the castle, he came out with the crown upon his head and a tear stained face. He walked up next to Rarity, plopped on the ground, and covered the shame upon his face with his hooves. After about ten minutes of this Rarity attempted to make him talk.

“Darling, whats wrong?” Rarity questioned him.

“It doesn't matter anymore”, Saturn told her bluntly. “I failed”.

“In what, might I ask”.

“In protection, my subjects, they got slaughtered, I agreed to give my life for them to be spared, but they were still killed, by that King, hes no King, just a murderer”, Saturn mumbled. “And whats even better, I don't have a kingdom, all my friends were killed, I'm left with nothing”.

“Do you know who you are now, darling?”, asked Rarity.

“Apparently I was some king named King Saturn, have you ever heard of anyone named that.”

“K-k-king Saturn, you mean the youngest king in all of the history of Equestria”. Rarity asked. She then bowed in front of him.

“Why are you doing that?”, Saturn asked Rarity.

“Well your royalty, dear”, Rarity stated.
“Well there's no need to, I am no longer, and just a question, you've never met me before, but your talking to me like I am more than a friend to you, why is that?”, questioned Saturn.

“No reason”, Rarity blushed. “Well, anyways, you need a place to stay I presume, you can stay in the spare room in my house for a few days”.

“Thanks for the offer but-”, Saturn said.

“No, no, it's fine”, said Rarity. “You can stay for at least one night it won't hurt”.

“Ok then”, Saturn said.