Saturn: Rememberance

by King Saturn

Chapter 1: Life and Memory

Chapter 1
Life, and Memory

Saturn awoke in a hospital bed, tons of gadgets were attached to him, scanning his pulse and heartbeat. He looked to his upper chest, where there was a giant patch, he took off the patch that revealed a giant circular scar on his upper chest. He gasped and jumped back in terror, hitting the hard stone wall. He then looked up to view his surroundings, there was only one pony, a white mare with a beautiful long mane, the mane was purple and shimmered in the light of the windows. Instead of greeting the mare though he went straight into questions.

“Who am I, and why do I have this scar on my chest, I must know”, he questioned the mare.

“Honestly darling I don't know who you are or why that is on your chest”, said the mare. “All I know is you were almost dead until Shining Armor rescued you, you've been in a coma for two years”.

“Can you at least tell me where I am?”, Saturn asked.

“Your in The Royal Clinic, everyone thought you were dead, so they never bothered coming back”, stated the mare.

“Then why are you here”, asked Saturn.

“I felt sorry for you and didn't give up hope”.

“That's thoughtful of you, but I'm a stranger”.

“Yes, but it was the least I could do”.

“Whatever you say”, Saturn said sadly.

“Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, my names Rarity, I know this may be kind of hard to lose your memory, and I know who can help”, said Rarity.

* * *
Saturn walked into an open hall with Rarity, inside of it were many stain glass murals, the design of almost all of them seemed to have the same six ponies. Then was the real thing to look at in the hall, a huge alicorn with long flowing hair of different shades of blue, green, and pink, stepped towards them.

“Rarity, may you please leave us, I must talk to Saturn in peace”, said the alicorn.

“As you wish”, said Rarity as she left. Saturn caught a glimpse of her eyes and her trying to form the words, “meet me outside the castle” with her mouth.

“Who is Saturn”?

The alicorn turned her glimpse to Saturn, “You are Saturn, before you got injured two years ago, you ruled over a small kingdom of Earth Ponies next to the outskirts of the Crystal Kingdom.”

She then looked to anxious too say the next thing on her mind. “When Shining Armor, the captain of our guard, retrieved you, you were the only living person in the kingdom, the rest of your people were wiped out”.

Saturn just sat there, overwhelmed, and the alicorn seemed to read his thoughts.

“You may be overwhelmed, especially in your young age (at that time he would have been 3 years younger than Twilight) but here, the sign I'm not lying to you. She used magic and levitated a small bronze crown to him, the crown wasn't too fancy, but was of sturdy design. In the middle of the crown was a large topaz, and two smaller chunks of topaz surrounding the large one.

“But who are you”, Saturn looked back up to the alicorn.

“I am one of the two princesses that rule over this land and the surrounding cities, I am Celestia, Princess of the Sun”, the alicorn said.

A princess, Saturn thought, why am acting like a foal around a princess. He then bowed on instinct. “Sorry, princess”.

“No need to bow, as you are former royalty as well, King Saturn”.