Saturn: Rememberance

by King Saturn

Prologue: Kingdom of Protection

“Bow before your king, foolish earth ponies”, said a dark voice.

“Never, you old foal, you can't do this for much longer”, said a childlike voice. “I will defend my people.”

“Even if it means your destruction?”, questioned the voice.

“Yes, are you going to kill me, take my life for theirs”.

“So be it”, then the voice.

A unicorn then ran up and stabbed the child, all the earth ponies could see was the blood of the child on the floor, and a bloodied black unicorn. That unicorn never kept his promise for the dead child, and massacred the small city of earth ponies.

“I could have sworn he was last here”, said a guard.

“Lets search more”, said another guard.

They searched the area, the black unicorn nowhere to be found. They found many sights that could scar a normal pony. Bloody bodies all over in the darkness of the small castle. But one, a child, earth pony child, was sitting on a makeshift iron throne covered in blood.

“Captain, is he still alive”, a guard motioned to Shining Armor.

Shining Armor put his hoof against the child's cutie mark, a base clef, “He's barely breathing, if we recover him he will never life a normal life again, but it's the best chance we have of saving him”.

Shining Armor picked him up and put the child on his back.

“Guard's, stay here, I'm going back to the castle, this pony is about to die, he is top priority.”
Then he left, without another word.