Adagio Dazzle: The Raging She-Fan

by Lesbian Adagio Dazzle

Much Sunset. Very Adore.

"As leader of "The Sunset Praisers" I declare this session meeting, now, officially open" A golden haired siren slammed the dark brown wooden gravel onto the hard surface of the table; it echoed throughout the small meeting room.

The room - which principal Celestia so kindly lent to the the leader of the fan-club, (only after months of begging) consisted of two other members, they didn't seem very keen on being there.

One of the members was busy drawing an elegant moustache on her face with a blue marker pen, while the other sat on the chair opposite to her; arms crossed in an annoyed fashion.

The grumpy girl rolled her eyes. "Quit so being dramatic, Dagi, you're giving me a migraine. Besides, we're the only people in this stupid club - y'know, since you forced us to join? I could've spent my time doing something productive like playing video games, reading comics or putting spiders in Sonata's tacos."

The said siren immediately stopped her drawing and stared at her purple fellow siren. "So that's why they tasted so good! Thanks, Ari, you're the best!" She hummed to herself and continued to doodle her fabulous drawn-on facial hair.

"I don't see what's so great about Shimmer anyway, all she does is ignore us--"

In an instant, Adagio's face twisted into a vicious glare as she stared Aria down; eyes ablaze like some sort of demon."What did you just say about Sunset Shimmer...?" The siren boss cracked her knuckles.

"What I meant to say was that we're doing this wrong" Aria recovered before things got serious. "Starting a fan-club about Sunset Shimmer and stuffing her locker with crude drawings of her isn't direct enough--"

Sonata cut in before she could finish. "Why don't we just be all sneaky and follow her everywhere? Oh! We could take pictures of her too and put them in a scrap-book or something!"

"That's a stupid plan." Adagio scoffed. "I say we stalk her and be as discreet as possible."

"But I kinda just said that--"

"You idiots are no help at all. Now shut up and help me find Sunset Shimmer." The siren leader calmly sashayed out of the meeting room; the other two sirens glanced at each other before quickly following their boss out.

Hours had past, and the Dazzlings had wasted no time. They prowled the halls of Canterlot High in search of their idol, but had no such luck in finding their target thus far.

"I don't see Sunset anywhere, Dagi! We've been searching since like forever!" Sonata whined like a grouchy child. "Can't we just get something to eat? It's lunchtime and I'm so hungry I could just die of starvation!"

"Sweet, once you're dead, I call dibs on your iPad." The purple Dazzling focused her attention on her moderately clean nails.

"Hey! Why you gotta be so rude, Ari? Don't you know I'm a siren too?"

"Quiet you simpletons!" The golden siren shrieked in a pseudo hushed voice. "I think I see Sunset! Now play it cool and follow my lead..."

The three of them began to tail Sunset Shimmer down the hall until the girl with flaming hair abruptly stopped. Before Sunset could turn around and discover her stealthy pursuers, Adagio dived into nearby trash can, while Sonata and Aria squished into a nearby locker. Despite the rustling coming from the garbage can, or the slamming of a locker door, Sunset simply shrugged and carried on her merry way.

"That was a close one, but thanks two you imbeciles, we lost Sunset!" The siren leader carefully climbed out of the bin, dusting herself off and removing the many banana skins, plastic cups and pieces of sandwich lodged into her puffy orange hair.

"Are you pathetic excuses of henchmen even listening?"

After a series of grunts and whimpers one of the two sirens finally spoke.

Aria's voice, though muffled by the locker was still intelligible. "Uh boss...? We're kinda stuck, we can't get out."

"What do you mean you can't get out? Can't you just kick open the door?"

"Dagi, we're kinda already in a... awkward situation. We don't want to make this any worse."

Sonata's starved state was starting to take its toll on the blue siren's sanity. "Wow Ari, you're so warm and you smell really good~"

A light blush found its way to Adagio's face. "I'll go get a crowbar."

The sports field was mostly empty aside from a small team of athletes playing a game of soccer. Sunset Shimmer quietly spectated from
under an oak tree. Sunset's stalkers were not too far away, as they watched her watch the students.

"I don't get it. Why would Sunset be interested in watching a bunch of sweaty teenagers run around and kick a ball?" Sonata thought aloud.

Adagio, who was watching Sunset through a pair of binoculars, stopped and turned to face the taco lover. "If you knew anything about our lord and saviour Sunset Shimmer, then you would know that she's best friends with that arrogant rainbow girl that's on the soccer team."

"Oh! You mean the one that Aria totally has a secret crush for?!"

"Wait! What?!" Aria's cheeks flushed. "Damn it Sonata! I-I don't have a secret crush on her!"

"It's not a secret any more~" Adagio teased.

"Aria and Rainbow sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" Sonata and Adagio chanted in unison making the purple siren's blush deepen.

"Okay! So what if I like her?" Aria folded her arms. "What are you gonna do? Walk up to her and tell her that a fish woman from another dimension has a crush on her?"

"Maybe later, but right now, I say we should move in closer and find a nice vantage point of Sunset. Dazzlings! Engage stalker mode!" Each of the sirens pulled out a vial of mascara and began painting their faces with it in a military-like style; with the exception of Sonata, who drew cat whiskers instead.

They began to crawl towards their mark but stopped dead in their tracks once they heard the sound of footsteps approaching.

"Incoming pedestrian! Stealth mode activate!" The siren boss pulled out a white sheet seemingly from nowhere. Adagio concealed herself and her lackeys with the white, soft material.

"Hi guys! What's going on?" Asked a hyper pink haired girl.

"You can't see us. Go away." Adagio dead panned.

"Okie dokie lokie!" The Dazzlings watched the girl skip off until she was out of sight.

"What a weird person" Adagio's lackeys nodded in agreement at their leader's comment.

"The threat has cleared, deactivate stealth mode." Adagio discarded the white sheet, letting it fly into the air and hit someone in the face; causing them to fall over. A distant thud could be heard as well as a person exclaiming "My muffins!" in horror.

"Now back to business-- Wait! Where did she go?" Once the boss siren turned back to face Sunset, she was met only with her empty spot from under the tree.

The elder siren frantically scanned the area with her binoculars in hopes of finding her obsession. "She was just here! There's no way she could've disappeared that fast! Keep an eye out for her you fools!"

The trio was too busy looking for Sunset Shimmer that they didn't seem to notice the foot steps from behind or the shadow of another stretching over them.

"Looking for someone?" A feminine voice called out from behind the Dazzlings.

"We've been spotted! Abort mission!" Sonata screeched before running off .

"Hey! wait for me, idiot!" Aria caught up with Sonata and together they both left their boss behind.

"S-Sunset Shimmer!" The siren leapt up from the grassy ground.

"I am a really big fan of yours! Your number one to be exact. I take photos of you and search your garbage! I even cosplay as you when I'm alone! And no, I wasn't stalking you just now what would give you such a crazy idea?" The siren laughed nervously, eyes quickly darting from left to right.

"You're a terrible liar, I've seen you following me all day, though I guess I'm kinda flattered that I have a fan as crazy as you..."

"Really!?" Adagio couldn't hold back her girlish, fan-girl squeal after hearing her idol's words nor control her actions as she assaulted her obsession with a crushing bear-hug.

"Can't... breathe!" Sunset wheezed. Her insides felt as though they had been crushed.

"Oh! Sorry!" The elder siren released the other girl before she passed out from a lack of oxygen.

"It's alright..." Sunset recovered. She decided to get the conversation moving again by questioning her fan-girl.

"So if you're the biggest fan of me out there, do you even write your own fan-fiction about me?"

"As a matter of fact, I do! It's about you saving the world from--" The ground suddenly began to shake, ending their conversation before it even began.

A creature, larger than any structure humanity had ever built, emerged from under the school; obliterating the building in an instant. Its eyes glowed a vibrant scarlet, much like its dishevelled, grimy coat. "TICKLE ELMO OR DIE!" The creature's deep voice boomed.

Sunset Shimmer stood defensively in front of her fan-girl and threw her leather jacket aside. "Tickle? How about I beat some sense into your tiny, fluff filled brain!"

A surge of fiery power coursed through Sunset and an aura of raw, unrefined energy swirled and spiralled around her. Eyes glowed teal and hair now spiked and flaming; Sunset Shimmer jumped high into the air and sprouted burning pegasus wings, she soared through the sky towards her enemy. Adagio could only watch the fight take place from a safe distance.

The red beast, now angered, roared and threw pieces of debris at the on coming Equestrian. Sunset expertly dodged each piece of wreckage, she struck the creature in the jaw with an uppercut, sending it flying into the air and crash into another building.

The creature may have been angry before, but now it was infuriated. With all its might, the beast fired a concentrated laser beam from its mouth, catching Sunset off guard; Once the beam hit her, Sunset cried out and fell out of the sky and into the streets below.

"Sunset! Are you alright!?" Adagio sprinted towards her idol. Once she was close enough, the Dazzling noticed Sunset's condition, she didn't look like she could take another hit.

"Adagio... I need you" The fiery Equestrian struggled to speak.

"W-what do you want me to do? My powers are all but gone! I--" Sunset grabbed the Dazzling forward and into a passionate kiss. It was magical. That same warm, blazing aura encased Sunset Shimmer again. She felt her wounds heal and her strength not only return, but increase significantly.

She let go of the siren who stared back at her, surprise present on her face as well as a pink tint on her cheeks. "I...Wow... I just... wow..."

Sunset stood up to her full height and faced the monstrous beast that referred to itself as "Elmo". Elmo readied its deadly attack again, and let loose the same dangerous laser beam, but instead of damaging the Equestrian, it simply had no effect.

Sunset Shimmer smirked. "My turn." The super powered teenager looked to the sky, the clouds parted to reveal a majestic winged unicorn descend from the heavens.

"I doubt you'll find anyone to tickle you now, Elmo."

The angelic horse blasted Elmo with a ray of divine light; bursting with all the colors of the spectrum. The beast let out a final roar before it exploded into millions of pieces of fluff and ash.

The mighty steed ascended back into the sky and Sunset Shimmer powered down. She approached the siren.

"Adagio, without you, this victory would not have happened. And I realise now that I want-- no, I need you. So please..." Sunset got down on one knee and pulled a small black box out of nowhere. She opened it, inside was a gold ruby ring. "Will you marry me?"

Adagio's idol and hero had just asked to marry her, there was no doubt that the siren would accept. She screamed a loud "Yes" before she allowed her fiancée to slip the beautiful ring onto her slender finger. Sunset pulled her number one fan in for a kiss on the cheek and a hug.

The End.