AAG - That's Some Service!

by NachoTheBrony

Subject: Scandal summary

Date: 2036/01/14 1045EST
From: Tiberius Swartz, Director of Franchise, The Ritz Charlton Hotel Company Equestria <t.swartz@ritz_charlton.co.eq>
To: “Group: Corporate Board of Directors”
Subject: Scandal summary

Most of you must be well aware of the situation, but I'll summarize for anybody who might be out of the loop:

(1) Through the recommendation of Equestriani pop singer Glitter Dust, American pop singer Dana Snow had her agents book a Service Room for her upcoming visit to Canterlot, as the final AE destination of her 2035 "Love Has No Boundaries" World Tour.

(2) Her Service Room was scheduled for 2035/11/09, 1630-1655EST. I have been made aware that Mr. Pelopidas, our Spa Manager, has the policy to be made personally aware whenever a human customer reserves a Service Room. As such, he was ready to attend to her personally when she jumped out. Turns out this one was the fifth incident so far since the Spa opened, although this one was the first time when the lady in question wanted to make a scandal. The policy in place was that, as soon as a human customer demanded we call law enforcement, we would also call a list of pony reporters working for various human news outlets.

(3) As expected, the police investigation laid no responsibilities either on our company or on the male customer. The reporters, also as expected, published stories about Mrs. Snow being a whiny customer, making reservations months in advance and then going as far as getting police involved on wanting to make a scandal about her getting 'cold hooves'.

(4) As you would know, the subject of Service Rooms went all around human media from mid-November through December. And, as you would also know, the name of Ritz Charlton wasn't dragged through the mud as we would have feared, and the various debates centred on Equestriani customs and pony gender makeup.

(5) Business Effects: Once the various debates were underway, we saw a slight increase in cancellations and a slight decrease of reservations for lone business travellers coming from HE, although this was compensated as domestic customers once again booked us solid through the winter holidays and beyond. Also, reservations beyond 90 days show that, while single-occupancy business travel is declining, is it being replaced with double occupancy mixed purpose travel. It can be speculated that people aren't letting their spouses come alone to Equestria.
I must clarify, too: these effects are being felt throughout the Equestriani hotel industry, as sector data mirrors our own graphs. We don't seem to have been singled out at all.

So, the figurative "other boot" finally fell, and we seem to have survived unscathed the expected scandal.
I guess it is now just business.

See you soon for the groundbreaking ceremony at Manehattan.