The Golden Crusade

by TheGreatEater

The Story So Far [Optional Chapter]

Hi everypony. This chapter is a recap / introduction to those new readers who don't want to feel as if they have to read the previous story to follow this one. Or for old readers who want a nice quick recap of events. For those of you who wish to read the previous instilation first. Here's the Link. For the rest of you, this chapter does contain spoilers, but just scroll down past the gaping chasm of white space. For those of you who want to skip right to the story, I hope you enjoy this as much as the rest of the fic.

The Story So Far:

Strawberry Muffins takes place a week before Golden Wings. It's a date fic of Holly Dash and Ditzy Doo, and introduces Mango Dash. (Both Holly Dash and Mango Dash get so little screen time in the show. But this story is a sidequel to GW.)

Scootaloo is found dumpster diving by Raindrops. Who's basically a Social Worker who is originally from Canterlot. She takes Scootaloo in, who spends the first two days of her new life with Sparkler and Dinky Doo. Since their mother Ditzy is suffering from Alicorn Flu (a flu that effects only Pegasi, Unicorns, and of course Alicorns).

Raindrops finds out Scootaloo's backstory, as well as her penchant for taking bits. It's not an intentional theft, as much as she needed bits and they were there. With Raindrops help, she tells those important to her, while setting up a nice, safe, party where she can tell those not so close to her.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders gain three new members. Mango Dash (Rainbow Dash's neice, and Daughter of Holly Dash) Dinky Doo, and Pipsqueak. Mango Dash get's a little moment of awesome, when she stands up to Diamond Tiara who finally crosses the line in her bullying. The Parent Teacher confrence is the last we see of her in this fic. Although she does pop up in Types of Love.

While this is happening. Types of Love gets started when Raindrops discovers Spike's treatment, and some old 'accidental' injuries that came from being a living pincussion. It get's Twilight as well as Rarity to see where Spike fits in their lives and their feelings to him. That little sidestory can be further explored in the linked story.

Apple Bloom gets a Cutie Mark in mixing alchemy and cooking. In the Cutie Mark Crusader preperations for Scootaloo's party, where Mango accidentally makes a potion that summons Trixie.

The day before the party is where the Strawberry Muffins sequel happens for those interested.

The Party happens, and we get to see just how amazing the ponies of Ponyville can be.

Finally the doctors visit, leading up to Scootaloo getting help from Twilight. Without spoiling to much for those who want to see it in action. Scootaloo does amazing magic, and Discord pops up to help. Now we are in this current story starting next chapter.