Shine Again

by Fandom Trash Snivy

The Train Leaves in the Morning

The very next morning, Sunset Shimmer and The Dazzlings woke up with a start. Twilight Sparkle was in the same room with them.

"Come on girls! Have some breakfast with us! After all, the train for Canterlot leaves in the morning."

"Oh ponyfeathers!" spoke Sonata Dusk. "I didn't realize that we were leaving today!"

"You are leaving today," replied Twilight Sparkle. "Princess Celestia replied to me in a letter saying that Sunset Shimmer needs to come to Canterlot and that you three are still going to Manehattan."

"Aw mare! I thought that it was going to be tomorrow!"

"You can probably rest at some hotel or something," Aria Blaze told Sonata Dusk. "I heard that Manehattan is a really fancy city."

Adagio Dazzle sighed. "Let's just get some breakfast."

It didn't take long for Sunset Shimmer and The Dazzlings to finish their blueberry pancakes.

"So, did ya like my pancakes?" asked Pinkie Pie. "I made it with a super-special secret recipe! It's a secrety secret!"

"Erm," began Adagio Dazzle, "I guess these pancakes were pretty good."

"I'm with Adagio," Sunset Shimmer agreed. "I haven't tasted pancakes this good since I was in Canterlot High!"

"Did my, erm, human version make pancakes this good?"

"I-I, I guess, Pinkie."

"Okay. Good."

Just as Sonata Dusk was about to say something, Twilight Sparkle looked at Sunset Shimmer.

"Your train is here!"

Sunset Shimmer was riding on the train, thinking about her past. She didn't mean to do those things to Princess Celestia. She wasn't as honest and as loyal as she was now. If only she could fix those mistakes.

"I'm sorry..."