My Little Pony: The Day Equestria Stood Still

by Thunderwing250

Chapter 12: The Titan Falls

Once the mission was fully discussed, everypony went to their positions. Twilight and her friends soon crossed the foggy bridge and into the dark cloud-covered city. Walking through the streets as if it were a post-apocalyptic event, Khaoios sensed their presence and flew down with the Artifact. He created a small crater as he landed, and Spike was dropped to the ground.

“We meet again, Princess. You visited the Temple, I see, just by the look on your eyes. Tell me... How was it?” he asked.

“Enough with your games, Khaoios. Now we know how to defeat you so once I tell you, you WILL hand my friend over,” Twilight spoke with anger.

“Really? And whoever said, I was going to hand him over when you told me the answer. Because... you already did,” Khaoios replied, as his eyes glowed.

He used his magic to lock down Twilight’s friends, and levitated Twilight towards him. Looking into her eyes, he horn began to glow as her power was draining into Khaoios’ body. Her friends screamed for her. Twilight lifted her head slowly.

“But... I thought you wanted my answer, and instead you steal my magic,” Twilight struggled to say.

“You fool. I didn’t steal your magic. I stole what you saw after reading that book. I wanted all THE KNOWLEDGE OF EQUESTRIA. That was my plan. Since I am one of the Bronco Titans, I was unable to get into the Temple, so once I saw you, it struck me that you were worthy enough to enter, which a surprise to me. Then again, The Architect had that idea as well. But, know, at this very moment, I am now in possession of all the knowledge and thus, I shall take this planet, by FORCE! So I thank you for what you had brought me,” Khaoios said.

“You... tricked us.” Twilight choked.

“Brilliant Strategy. Wasn’t it? Remember that I AM the Master of Intelligence. I had this plan since I first arrived and now, I shall get rid of you and your friends,” Khaoios boasted as his unihorn glowed.

Flying high, to make sure he destroyed them, the ponies looked at one another.

“No! I’m too young to die!" Rarity wailed. "By Celestia I’m still a.--"

Applejack smiled as she looked at her.

“Rarity, you may be the most needy, high maintenance, repressed mare I've ever called my friend... but you are my friend, when it comes down to it, you’ve got real heart. And I AIN’T GIVIN’ UP ON YOU YET!” she said.


Rarity shed a tear. Rainbow turned, continuing to struggle through the magic, and fell flat. She looked at her friends.

“Guys... I... I don’t know how to say this but... if this is really how we bite it.... I love you all,” she told them.

Pinkie Pie rocked back an forth.

“Am I alright? ...Sure, I’ll just be over here doing... something. Happy place. Happy place. Happy place. Happy place. Happy place. Happy place!” she said.

Twilight, struggling to get up looked up as Khaoios charged his power. Not knowing what to do, and no intention to abandon her friends, she charged her magic, willing to give her life to save her friends.

“Say good-bye to your creation, Architect,” Khaoios said.

With Khaoios distracted, Spike used his fire to melt the chains, making them easier to break. Free from them, he turned and saw Khaoios charging downward, and quickly jumped on his back covering Khaoios’ eyes. As the two were falling, Spike snatched the Artifact from Khaoios grasp.

“NO!! GET OFF ME, YOU FILTH!” Khaoios yelled.

Hitting the windows on the way down, Twilight and her friends were released and watched as Khaoios came crashing down. Spreading out, Twilight noticed Spike was thrown off when Khaoios, shot out his magic at him, knocking him unconscious. Quickly, she flew up and caught him when Khaoios crashed landed on to the ground, creating dust. Running to a corner with her friends, Twilight tried to revive Spike. Unable to do so, Twilight trembled.

“Spike!” she called out.

There was no response. She repeated herself several times, until Applejack put her hoof out.

“No... this... can’t be happening. This... isn’t how it’s supposed to be!” Twilight cried.

Suddenly, Spike twitched.

“Uh... what happened?” Spike whispered.

Twilight and her friends wept there tears and embraced him, happy he was okay. With surprise, Spike had The Artifact in hand.

“You got it?” Rarity asked.

“Yup,” Spike laughed.

Suddenly, Khaoios broke out of the crater creating dark smoke from the debris. Breathing heavily, they noticed he was weakening and it them the chance to commence the plan.

To outsmart him, Twilight gathered up a plan to get Khaoios attention. Knowing what to do, they spread out and Twilight ran out into the open, with Spike on her back.

“Oh Khaoios.” Spike and Twilight taunted. “Looking for something?”

Khaoios’ eyes widened.

“Give me the Artifact, you miserable welps. I WANT IT!” he yelled.

“Oooooh... some pony sounds mad,” Twilight said.

“Come on and get us,” Spike said as they ran.

Khaoios, now without the Artifact, became vulnerable. Even with his strong intellect, he did not see what was going to occur next, for his focus was mostly on Twilight, Spike, and the Artifact.

Passing by a street, Applejack and Rarity bit on a rope on each side of the street, while Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy stood above with a large tarp. Pinkie Pie was unfortunately eating a banana at that moment until she yelled in excitement as Twilight and Spike charged out, with Khaoios, running after them like a raging bull. At that moment, Pinkie Pie dropped a banana peel in the middle, where Khaoios slipped and tripped over the rope, and the tarp was dropped on his head, knocking him into a nearby building. Now fully enraged, he got up and soon began the chase as he roared out in anger.

Across the river, the roar was heard.

“Khaoios is mad now. Prepare everything,” StoneColt ordered.

All the ponies got to their positions as Twilight and her friends raced towards the bridge. Catapults loaded with balloons filled with water took aim. Unicorns prepared their magic, and the Wonderbolts readied their buckets of water. Suddenly, everypony watched as Twilight and her friends reached the bridge and Khaoios, running closer and closer to them, jumped on the first tower. At that point, Khaoios then dropped back down and continued his chase, when suddenly, due to nearly destroying the bridge earlier, the wires snapped, tripping Khaoios and knocking him against the second tower.

“We got him!” Twilight yelled.

Khaoios, now trapped, roared out in anger. Shining Armor the order.

“Fire!!!” they ordered, as the catapults flung the buckets of water, hitting Khaoios on his broad side.

Khaoios roared out in pain as they noticed he was still holding his ground. Above, the Wonderbolts with the assistance of other pegasus ponies, including the one that saved Captain Spitfire, passed over and dropped buckets of water on Khaoios. Struggling to free himself, Khaoios used his magic to shoot the pegasus ponies out of the sky, but due to the water, his aim was off, weakening him greatly.

“That’s it. He’s weak,” the Archivist said.

As the six mares and the dragon made it three quarters of the way, one of the cables on the other side snapped. Exploding, it rocked the bridge like an earthquake, knocking the ponies down. Below the bridge, one of the holders exploded, tilting slightly on its side. From there, the ponies knew, they had to get off the bridge fast.

"No! The bridge is about to go." Doctor Hooves yelled.

The Archivist turned and noticed the bridge tilted. She ran to the edge of the bridge as it continued to crack. Yelling to them to run, the bridge cracked and fell one level, knocking the ponies down again. Hurrying on, they made it to the edge of the bridge, but couldn't reach for the top. Too weak to carrying them, Twilight called for a rope. Without a word, a rope was immediately tossed down, but in doing so, the bridge dropped again. As Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity climbed up, Khaoios continued to be distracted, still trying to free himself. Making it safely up, Twilight flew up with Spike until another cable snapped, knocking into the asphalt of the bridge and hitting Twilight. Knocked out, temporarily, the Archivist jumped down and carried the unconscious princess. Carrying Spike as well, the Archivist struggled as she climbed up. After a suspenseful moment, that area of the bridge collapsed, landing in the river and the Archivist managed to hold on tighter. Finally reaching the top, Twilight awoke and immediately gathered her friends This time, they were confident enough to put an end to Khaoios with the use of their Rainbow Power. Khaoios, looking straight at them, charged with whatever power he had left to defeat them quickly. The ponies watched as six mare's Rainbow Power fired and Khaoios blocked it again. Princess Celestia and Luna noticed it was weak and tried to assist until suddenly, a powerful blue colored lighting shot with such incredible power, hit Khaoios on the back. With the combined force, the bridge crumbled and plummeted into the river, dragging Khaoios with it. As the bridge went down, powerful waves crashed onto nearby docks, destroying small shacks and homes. It was intense for everypony as they watched the powerful Alicorn get dragged down into the river.

Thunder and lightning rolled in, as Twilight and her friends ran to the edge and saw nothing but bubbles for minutes. StoneColt, The Archivist, the Princesses and everypony else watched as the bubbles soon died out. The bridge was gone and so was Khaoios. The terror was over. From all over, ponies cheered out and word soon spread all over Equestria. The Alicorn was defeated, and disappeared without a trace under the waves.

Twilight, happy that she and her friends defeated Khaoios, hurried back to the base. There, they heard ponies, young and old, stomping on the ground. They were clapping their hooves, celebrating the bravery of defeating the Alicorn. Slowly walking past them, embracing their accomplishment, they faced the Princesses.

“Princess Twilight Sparkle. What you have done is one of the most memorable things we shall cherish. We give our true thanks to you and your friends for defeating the great Alicorn,” Celestia announced, as everypony stomped their hooves.

The Architect, Doctor Hooves, Doctor Cabaleron, and StoneColt watched silently as the Artifact was handed over to Shining Armor. Knowing its capabilities, they ignored that moment and expressed their thanks towards Twilight and her friends on their accomplishments.

Later that day, ponies assisted one another with recovering from the damage and rebuilding what was destroyed on Equestria. Journeying back to Canterlot, Celestia and Luna gave there thanks to them, and soon, celebration rang out in Canterlot and in Ponyville. Once night came, Twilight was back in her home ready to go to sleep.

“Whew. What a wild adventure,” she giggled.

“You said it,” Spike replied, falling asleep.

Twilight, feeling proud of her accomplishment, fell asleep too.