My Little Pony: The Day Equestria Stood Still

by Thunderwing250

Chapter 6: Off-Guard

The guard opened the cell and the Archivist walked out. She looked at Twilight and her friends.

“Before we go off on this perilous journey, I suggest we locate somepony experienced in adventures, because I can only reveal little, for specific reasons. Perhaps somepony you assisted at the Fortress of Talacon, Miss Rainbow Dash,” The Archivist suggested.

“Daring Do?” Rainbow Dash replied.

“Yes. She will be required for this journey. So much has changed that I cannot remember its location,” The Archivist responded.

“What do you mean “it”?” Twilight asked, but she was interrupted as another guard raced to her side.

“Princess. I bring news, the creature has provoked an attack on Cloudsdale,” he said quickly.

Rainbow Dash, fearing for her former home, flew out of the dungeon and hurried as fast as she could towards Cloudsdale.

Twilight yelled out to Rainbow, but it was too late, she was gone. She turned to the guard.

“Take whatever Pegasus Guard we have left and assist the ponies in Cloudsdale,” she ordered.

“Yes, Princess.”

The guard saluted and left the dungeon.

“Khaoios is continuing his attack. We must hurry now,” The Archivist said as she began walking out of the dungeon.

Pinkie Pie stopped the Archivist in her tracks. She stared at her for a few, long seconds, suspicious.

“We’re watching you. Okiedokielokie?” she said.

The Archivist frowned.

“Of course, Pinkie Pie,” she replied.

As the Archivist walked out, Spike jumped on Twilight’s back.

“Are you sure you can trust her?” he asked.

“I don’t know, Spike. We need her, so we have no choice but to trust her,” Twilight whispered back.


Outside, in the Gardens of Canterlot, Applejack, Rarity, and Fluttershy, saw Rainbow Dash fly off.

“Now where does she think she’s going?” Applejack said.

“I don’t know,” Fluttershy said.

From a distance, Twilight, The Archivist, and her friends regrouped. Applejack, Rarity, and Fluttershy noticed The Archivist, curious about who she was, as well as what occurred with the Princesses. After a quick discussion, Applejack asked about Rainbow Dash and Twilight gave her the news when a guard ran out.

“Princess. We’ll do our best to keep Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and the citizens of Canterlot safe. Go and save Equestria,” he said.

“Thank you. I promise, we’ll take this beast down and restore everything,” Twilight said as she left with her friends and The Archivist, racing to Cloudsdale.


Up in Cloudsdale, Rainbow Dash observed her former home and noticed, nothing was wrong. It was as if nothing ever happened there, confusing her for a moment. Seeing that Cloudsdale was in its normal state, she flew down to nearby pegasi.

“Hey! Wasn’t there something happening here?” Rainbow Dash asked.

The pegasus pony tilted her head.

“I have no idea what you are talking about. All we had were strong winds but that was nothing. Why?” she asked.

Rainbow Dash stood, puzzled. Was it a lie? Did she feel that she was being tricked? No longer worried, she flew back to regroup with her friends.

However, at that time, Khaoios, concealed himself within the clouds, observing Rainbow Dash. Studying her “spirit of Loyalty,” he slowly planned his next move. However, it interested him on how well and quick she responded compared to a royal guard. He stood for a moment.

Interesting. A mere pony, responding in such quick time and falling into my trap. This could be quite a challenge for me. However, I must plan this out accordingly or else defeat is foreseen. I shall not allow this, Khaoios thought to himself, slowly following Rainbow Dash.

As he followed her, Rainbow Dash felt something was wrong, only to fly faster. Khaoios remained behind as he foresaw where she was going, giving him the time to think.

Faster than I thought, I see. Astounding. Willing to do anything to protect her friends... Indeed, astounding.

He grinned.

The ponies eventually returned to Ponyville, to gather belongings and making sure everypony was recovering. Yet, with surprise, they found that Ponyville was slowly being rebuilt. Regrouping with family, Applejack and Rarity embraced their siblings, happy that they were okay. Applejack, in tears, turned to Zecora, mouthing thank you to her. Zecora smiled. Scootaloo looked around and turned to Twilight.

“Wha...? Where’s Rainbow Dash?” she asked.

Suddenly, Fluttershy looked around. Twilight quickly turned to Zecora.

“Rainbow Dash never came back?” Twilight asked.

Zecora shook her head.

“She hasn't returned. I am getting concerned.” Zecora asked.

Suddenly, Rainbow Dash made a landing.

“Cloudsdale is fi--" Rainbow Dash began, but was interrupted when Scootaloo embraced her.

“I thought I lost you, Rainbow Dash! If something happened... I don’t think I could live with myself!” Scootaloo cried.

Rainbow Dash smiled and patted her shoulder.

Applejack turned.

“Well... What happened?” she asked.

“Nothing. Cloudsdale was fine.” Snarling, she turned to The Archivist. “Well? What was that for? The guard said Khaoios was heading for Cloudsdale and instead, I was tricked. What the hay?”

The Archivist looked Rainbow Dash in the eyes as everypony watched her.

“As I told Twilight, there are some things I cannot see. Khaoios must’ve been doing something, and I am unsure what he did.”

“ARCHIVIST!” a voice thundered out, catching everpony off guard.

Suddenly, the ponies froze, in terror. Everypony looked up slowly only to see the Alicorn himself.

“AAAH!!! RUN AWAY!!!” one pony screamed out as everypony ran back into their homes and closed windows, doors, protecting them from this unknown creature.

The Archivist snarled.

“Khaoios..." she said.

Khaoios stared back.

“So. You happened to return to Equestria because of your compassion for these pathetic ponies I call my subjects. How repulsive,” Khaoios said.

Twilight, as her horn began to light up bright with magic, stepped forward.

“YOU!!!” She growled, charging to him.

Using her magic, she shot a beam, only to miss as Khaoios teleported effortlessly. However, it surprised Twilight that he teleported extremely fast. In a blink of an eye, in fact.

Khaoios, tempted to attack her, roared, knocking Twilight out of the sky. Spike yelled, telling her to regain her balance, but the force from Khaoios, knocked her silly. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy flew up quickly to break her fall, while Khaoios stood, observing that moment. In silence, he continued to observe the surrounding area, for a few moments and turned back to The Archivist.

“Are you willing to risk you miserable life to save these ponies?” Khaoios asked.

The Archivist grinned, knowing that Khaoios is testing her. Yet, she noticed Khaoios using his magic to levitate a Golden Torch, lit with an undying blue flame.

“Yes. Is there a problem with that?” she asked.

Khaoios exhaled slowly, absorbing The Archivist’s response.

“Yes, there is. In fact, I find it foolish, because I could’ve done more. Instead she scrapped me, and that wretched fool imprisoned me. And for that, you shall pay dearly,” Khaoios responded harshly.

The Archivist then caught on to his weak spot.

“Oh yes. Paguseus. I do remember that pleasant moment,” she replied sarcastically.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY, WITCH?" Khaoios' anger grew.

"You heard me, well, Khaoios." the Archivist replied.

Khaoios body began to glow, when suddenly, magic fired from his horn, but in the appearance of a lightning bolt. Dodging that fast, he continued to use his magic, only to pause and look around. Yet at that moment, The Archivist, hidden in a corner with Twilight, noticed something. Khaoios was breathing heavily.

“It seems he put physical magic over his power of intelligence,” Archivist whispered.


Twilight looked up to The Archivist.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Remember what I told you. Khaoios is intelligent, thus the only way he can defeat his enemies is by observing them. If he attacked head-on, it would weaken him, because he’s not meant for brute force. Unless he becomes truly enraged, then we have a problem, yet it would be a problem for him as well,” The Archivist answered.

Twilight thought for a moment, and teleported to her friends, hoping to use the Rainbow Power they used to defeat Tirek. After a few moments, the Mane Six stood out into the open and slowly absorbed power from the Star above Twilight’s Castle. The Archivist, for the first time was stunned by the incredible power, something that she had not foreseen. Khaoios, on the other hand, stood confused, but held his ground, observing the power source.

Twilight and her friends looked directly at him.

“You may be powerful intelligently, but there’s one thing you can’t stop,” Twilight asserted.

Everypony, concealed in their homes walked out, and watched, thinking the Elements of Harmony would put an end to the Alicorn. Khaoios, grinned.

“Is that your resolve, ponies?” he said.

In an instance, they fired the Rainbow Power at Khaoios. However, as the beam continued to shoot, it began to slowly decrease. Everypony was in shock at that moment. Khaoios was slowly using his magic to deflect the beam. Noticing the trouble, the Archivist ran out and used her magic, firing a powerful beam, knocking Khaoios into the Everfree forest, creating an explosion.

Exhausted from the Rainbow Power, the Twilight and her friends collapsed on their knees from the incredible power. Yet, it was continued shock, for they, nor the Archivist, expected Khaoios to withstand its power.

From a distance, Khaoios blasted away nearby rocks, and stood up, as if he were impervious to their magic. Breathing heavily from that previous moment, the six mares felt helpless, thinking that they had failed.

Khaoios tried to use his magic again, but due to their magic, his own power was fully drained, forcing him to retreat. However, he wasn’t going alone. With whatever power he had left, levitated Spike, and dragged him towards himself, standing on a cloud.

At that moment, The Archivist knew, he reached his point of drainage, yet could not risk Princess Twilight or her friends, nor herself, to retrieve Spike.

Twilight, as she struggled to get back on her hooves, cried out fore Spike, but could do nothing.

Khaoios looked down at the Archivist.

“And these are supposed to be the Spirits of Friendship? How amusing that they could... withstand my strategic thinking," he said. “Yet, I tend to be reasonable. I’ll give you 5 days to find a way to defeat me, even if that means going to the darkest depths to understand my power. Once time is up... This planet of yours will be reduced to a burnt out cinder.”

He flew away, taking Spike with him.