My Little Pony: The Day Equestria Stood Still

by Thunderwing250

Chapter 4: First Strike

Twilight browsed through the Ponyville, accompanied by her friends, and examined the damage. Once again, all the work they did the previous day was a waste. However, even as the smoke dispersed, clouds remained in the sky, creating thunder and lightning, but it was no ordinary storm. Rainbow Dash tried to fly up and stop the storm, but was held back by the lightning bolts. She retreated to the ground, next to Twilight.

“What we do?” she asked.

Twilight turned to Spike.

“Spi--” Twilight was interrupted when Spike burped up a roll of parchment. “A letter from the Princess?”

The six mares read the letter together, calling for an emergency from Canterlot. Twilight rolled up the letter and closed her eyes for a moment. Her friends watched her in silence-- they knew something was wrong. Twilight opened up her eyes.

“We have to go to Canterlot. Something serious is happening and it’s our job, as the wielders of the Elements of Harmony to figure that out. What do you say, girls?” Twilight said

Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy looked at one another and smiled.

“We’re with you all the way, Twilight,” Rainbow Dash said with a smile.

Twilight smiled in return. Spike, standing next to her, gave her a thumb-up.

They hurried to the Express train, only to see that the train tracks were destroyed after the meteor shower.

“We have no choice! With the train down, we need to go through the Everfree Forest to reach Canterlot,” Twilight said.

Her friends followed her through the dark forest, quickly making their way to Canterlot. On the way, they stopped at Zecora’s house. They halted when they noticed that half of her house was destroyed. In panic the ponies called for her, until Zecora walked out, unharmed.

“Ponies, I fear I may need your help here,” she asked.

Applejack came forward.

“Zecora! We were worried sick about you, once we saw your house,” she said.

"Worry not, dear friends, but I was taken by surprise. I did not expect these meteors to fall from the skies," Zecora replied.

“Do you know, what may have caused this, because I couldn’t figure it out,” Twilight said anxiously.

Zecora shook her head.

"I do not have answers, just a home quite distressed. However, after your journey, please come in and rest." she replied

The ponies walked in and sat down to relax for the time being. The ponies breathed a sigh of relief that their friend was okay and assisted her in picking up what was destroyed off the floor. After a few minutes, the floors were clear, yet her home was still in shambles. Twilight turned to Zecora.

“Zecora. We’re on our way to Canterlot, but if you want, you can stay in Ponyville,” she said.

Zecora raised her eyebrow.

“Me...? Truly?” she replied.

Applejack stepped in.

“Well sure. Your house is... well... ummmm..." She paused and looked around. “Doesn’t look safe, but it would be nice if you could stay at my place.”

Zecora smiled.

“Thank you, Applejack. I will make my way back.” she said.

Suddenly, Spike tapped on Twilight’s shoulder.

“Umm... I hate to break up the talk, but shouldn’t we get moving?” he said.

Twilight nodded.

“You're right, Spike.”

She turned to her friends.

“Let’s go everypony. For all of Equestria’s sake, we need to get to Canterlot, fast!”

Her friends understood and they soon left Zecora as she went to Ponyville.


Back at Canterlot, Celestia remained calm on her throne, analyzing and thinking about the recent situation. Luna, on the other hand, paced back and forth in concern.

“Sister... this is becoming frustrating. We must take the ponies into safety shelters,” she pleaded.

Celestia, still unable to come up with results, picked up her head.

“Very well, Luna... We’ll--"

Suddenly, royal guards ran into the throne room, carrying an injured guard, bruised and singed. Badly hurt, he struggled to his hooves.

“Princesses! I have to... to report news,” the guard said, breathing heavily.

Princess Celestia and Luna turned to their guards.

“Quickly! Assist him!” Celestia ordered.

“Bring water, at once!” Luna called out.

The sisters walked to him with concern. Once they stood over him, the noticed severe burns on his leg and half his iron armor, melted.

“What happened?” Celestia asked.

The Royal guard lifted his head, then suddenly, a roar was heard from outside. The roar was so loud that it rocked the inside of the castle, striking tremendous fear. One pony from the small town below screamed in terror as a dark shadow flew over it. The injured guard shook.

“It’s him!” he said in horror. “ITS HIM!”

Celestia and Luna turned, as the creature flew across Canterlot Castle, releasing powerful supersonic waves, cracking and shattering windows. Suddenly, the Princesses knew, this was no drill. Something was attacking them and immediately took action.

“Battle stations, everypony! This is not a drill!” Princess Celestia called out.

“You! This one needs medical attention. And you, alert Prince Shining Armor about the incident.” Luna ordered.

Royal guards complied and went to their duties quickly. Outside, the creature, cloaked in the dark sky shot orange lightning bolts, striking down on homes and structures, destroying everything in its path. It was like a demon from the skies, raining fire upon Equestria. The Princesses took action in attempt to track and stop the beast.


Down in the Dungeons of Canterlot, prisoners tried to look out the cell windows, but were unable to due to their small size. The Archivist remained silent, gazing towards her own window, watching the stone around it light up along with the orange lightning outside. Other prisoners panicked and worried amongst themselves, wondering out loud what could be happening outside. The Archivist, relaxed, answered them.

“It’s "Firewing Paradoxes". However, his real name is Khaoios,” she said.

One of the prisoners walked next to the Archivists’ cell.

“Khaoios?” he said in fear.

“Strange that none of us heard of him. Yet, his name alone sounds chaotic and evil” a stallion responded.

“Indeed. Khaoios is very powerful. He's known for his intelligence and strategic thinking. He's also no ordinary Alicorn,” she said.

“Even Tirek?” the one prisoner said.

The Archivist scoffed.

“Khaoios would put Tirek out of his misery.” She replied.

A royal guard, watching the prisoners at the time, tilted his head in curiosity.

“How do you know this?” he said as he walked to her cell.

The Archivist shook her head.

“Khaoios is the name of that creature we are currently fighting. Though his power has grown over three thousand years, possibly more... I am unsure of it. However, we should all be concerned more about his exceedingly intelligence and not by his power. To outsmart him won’t be very easy. I can assure you of that,” she continued. “As long as he holds the Artifact, he can foresee our next moves. And that, my friends, is what we should be afraid of."

The Prisoners and royal guard stared at her, curious about her knowledge of the creature. There was a long silence, until the royal guard opened her cell and walked in. He sat down by the door way in curiosity.

“So, are you a fortune teller who was able to predict this moment?” he asked.

“No. I am The Archivist. Keeper of the Ancient Scrolls of Equestria, sworn to keep all ancient information a secret as it was ordered to be. I cannot and will not disobey my masters,” she responded.

The stallion was puzzled, still concerned about the knowledge she held.


Back outside the castle, Celestia and Luna followed the shadow as it continued to strike down on buildings with its incredible power. Soon, high in the sky, they eventually caught up with the beast, cloaked in a strong, dark fog surrounding its body. Celestia and Luna hovered by one another, gazing upon this powerful monster.

“Speak, Demon. What brings you to Equestria with the nerve to attack my subjects?” Celestia yelled out.

The creature’s eyes narrowed, as if her words were nothing. Without answer, Celestia used her magic on the creature, only to go through him. A rumble from the creature soon turned to fear as it charged, full force, towards the sisters. Evading the attack, the sisters separated to cut off the creature's escape route. Nonetheless, escape was not his plan. Magic, lightning bolts, thunder, and strong winds raged in the sky, creating nothing but violence. Firing and dodging bolts, the creature knew he was only wasting his time, and turned away, confronting Luna.

“Come, foul Titan! We shall send you to the never ending night of Tartarus!” she cried out.

The creature growled.

“You will try... he spoke deeply and fiercely.

Luna grinned as she used her magic until the creature, with his tremendous power, teleported away. From that point, Luna gazed at the creature, for it revealed its true form. Fear came to her and she could not move.

Shaking in panic as she stared at the creature, she remained silent. Celestia, lost in the dark clouds, lost sight of Luna and called for her. As she called, Luna could not move nor speak. The creature, with its massive wingspan, armored body, and fearful appearance lowered itself towards her. Luna backed up, only to be protected by Celestia, flying through the dark clouds. Luna, still distracted, spoke.

“Wha...? What are you?” she said, shaking in fear.

Celestia turned, only to have her eyes widened by the appearance of the creature. The great Alicorn tilted his head.

“I am... a creature from beyond the stars. A creature embedded with the gift of intelligence. A creature of old and almighty; a creature who has watched this planet for three thousand years. You may call me Khaoios!” he said, exposing his true self.

Celestia tried to remain calm, but was stunned along with her sister, by the alicorn. His body was dark with a dark red mane and tail; his black armor with its bright orange edges. The edge of his wings had five orange blades, which glowed as bright as fire. With the power unleashed by Khaoios, Celestia and Luna were tossed back into the throne room, slamming onto the floor. Weakened, Celestia picked up her head, struggling to get up. Khaoios landed in front of them, cracking the floor as he walked towards them.

“You may strike us down, Khaoios, but know that you are already defeated. My student and her friends will stop you,” Celestia spoke, out of breath.

Khaoios halted in place and listened.

“Together, they are more powerful than you could ever be, vile one,” Celestia continued.

Registering her words, Khaoios circled them, like a shark, seeking its prey.

“Is that so? You speak highly of your disciples, Princess. But that matters not. Even if you claim they are more powerful than I, think twice, whatever powers they possess are useless against the power of intelligence. You may blabber on about them, but worry not. When I am finished with you and your sister, I will deal with them personally and slowly.” He knelt in front of Celestia, using his magic to grip her throat. “Be aware, Princess Celestia. I am much more intelligent than you can ever imagine. Enough to extract that crown from your head.”

Celestia choked, gasping for air, but she scowled, defiant.

“You... won’t get away... with this, Khaoios,” she whispered.

Khaoios laughed.

“Thou shall fear my wrath, Princess Celestia of Equestria,” Khaoios threatened, before smoke poured into the throne room.