Hidden Secrets

by Princess Rosaline

The Story

Star Swirl the Bearded, the Great Unicorn, walked along the dirt path on his way to the village. He was humming a tune long forgotten to "normal" folk, and he himself vaguely remembered it. He was almost hallway down the path, when he stopped. He heard........crying. that was strange. Almost nopony came down this path. The crying was coming from some bushes. He pulled them apart, and found a young filly. Her coat was a light pink, and her mane a slightly darker one. She was a unicorn. That reminded Star Swirl about another young Alicorn filly naked Celestia, who had been his student.He approached the filly, and she did not resist as he pulled her out of the bushes gently. She said she was named 'Rosaline', which Star Swirl shortened to 'Rose'. It was all going fine.....until.......crashes....cries...a fuzzy image of lights.... a barely remembered.."Run Rose, run!" a great flash....a pair of wings......another cry....and silence. The dust cleared. Swirl, standing there, unharmed. Enton, the stallion, on the floor panting. Rosaline. The filly. Gone......Gone forever....