My Little Pony: The Day Equestria Stood Still

by Thunderwing250


"Equestria: a land of more myths, fantasies, and dreams, than anypony can think of. For centuries, the planet lived in harmony, under the control of two regal sisters: Princess Celestia, of the Sun, and Princess Luna, of the Moon. Together, these sisters brought peace to Equestria for their faithful subjects, seeking happiness and good.

However, there is one secret Equestria conceals... A secret that has never been told, due to the dangerous consequences that neither the Princesses nor their subjects are aware of. Equestria may have once been a dark and chaotic land, ruled by four ancient Alicorns.

The oldest Alicorn, representing Darkness, conquered Equestria along with his three younger brothers, representing the Sky, Sea, and Land. Bent on removing him from power, four other Alicorns with the powers of creation appeared. The youngest of the four, a Queen representing Creation and the Light, fought alongside her guardians of Time, Space, and Distortion, forcefully removing the rulers of Equestria from power.

After a long battle, the oldest Alicorn of Darkness met his demise, to be buried deep within the an ancient place called the Temple of Shadows, only to disappear from existence years later. For the remaining brothers, the fourth sibling was imprisoned in Tartarus, while the third sibling was imprisoned off planet, in an Astronomical Prison within the stars. The second fled back to the sea, in exile.

Defeating these Alicorns, primal forces of chaos, was perhaps the toughest and most destructive battle Equestria experienced, resulting with buildings in ruins and cities turned to deserts. Over the course of 1000 years, the Alicorns of creation restored the planet to its former state of peace and buried all evidence relating to the past events of its former rulers, even if that meant erasing the events from everypony's memory..."