The Cherry Job - A Dazzlings' Story

by xoxPinkiePiexox

Just Can't Be Bothered

As Adagio drowsily walked down a long hallway the savory smell of waffles enticed her. As she collapsed in her chair she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. "What is for breakfast?" Adagio yawned.
"Waffles," Aria said.
Sonata walked over to the table and put down a plate of waffles in front of Aria and Adagio. The waffles had blueberry smiley faces and whipped cream eyes. Adagio and Aria groaned as Sonata grabbed the syrup. "What is up with the smiley faces Sonata?" Aria said under her teeth.
"Oh come on lighten up you guys," Sonata said as she drowned her waffle in syrup,"You need to get over the "incident" and have some fun!" Sonata squeezed Adagio and Aria into a tight hug.
"Get off!" Adagio yelled as she pushed Sonata off. "We were humiliated! How are we supposed to lighted up?"
"Yeah, it's not like we can start over," Aria said.
Hearing this from Aria gave Sonata an idea. She ran to the front door and grabbed a news paper. As she ran back in the house she flipped through the pages and shoved it in her friends' faces and pointed to the want ad. "It says here that a cherry farm needs help, poor cherry farm!" Sonata pouted.
"That is not what it means you idiot! It means that the owner needs employees," Adagio scolded.
"I knew that," Sonata said as she gestured over to Aria. "So what do you think?"
Aria looked to the floor, then to Adagio who gave her a shrug, and then back to Sonata. "I just can't be bothered"
"Oh come on! I'm pretty sure nobody over there knows us. We can start over,"
Aria looked at the floor again then back to Sonata. "Fine," she muttered through her breath.
Sonata hopped away happily towards her room to start packing. Once Sonata was out of sight Aria started to notice that Adagio was eyeballing her. As she exhaled Adagio started to put her hands on her hip. "Seriously! You couldn't be bothered? That is the first good idea she has ever suggested and that is what you say?"
"I didn't want to admit that it was a good idea, I am just not used to saying that...particularly to Sonata,"
"I know," Adagio said "but sometimes you should give her credit." Adagio patted Aria on the shoulder and walked away.