A New One

by The Real Darkness


I walked down the path in the Everfree, all the time I spent here really has shown me what I could do and so I set my heart on fixing the Everfree, it was tainted and I had my sympathies to the forest dwellers who live in it with so much danger.

As much as my roommate hated it, I was safe here with my blade from my mother, the timberwolves also respected my asserted dominance over all of them and backed down from me quite quickly, especially with my show of Discord.

This was just another normal day and I returned home to Fluttershy's, failing once more in my quest for the source of corruption in the Everfree. She always greeted me nicely, but this day, she was sleeping in a9nd so I remained quiet in the cottage.

Angel interrupted my movement to my bedroom, battling the darkness of the Everfree is tiring and I was in no mood for the bunny's needs.

"Get your own carrots...I am only sympathetic to the lonely bed right now." I spoke to him, picking him up and introducing him to the couch face first.

I walked up the stairs, ever so sneakily and collapsed on my bed upon my arrival, sweaty, but onlg caring for my sleep, which arrived quickly.

I awoke by the sound of a voice I knew all too well.

"Amos, get up and listen." A deep feminine voice echoed from all around me and forced me to stand from my floating bed that was high above the Everfree.

That sounded a bit like...

I turned to my right and saw a floating Luna in the skies with me. I instinctively walked towards her.

"This is the first time you have been in my dreams...so something has to be wrong." I said, oddly pessimistic, maybe caused by my sleep depravity as of late.

"But you are wrong my dear nephew, everything is very right. You have done so well trying to return the Everfree back to normal, attacks from its corrupted creatures have gone down tremendously. Celestia is very proud to have you as a son." She spoke in an echoing tone. I love being complimented, gives you that feel good attitude and then makes other ponies get the same attitude around you.

"What would you expect from an element bearer? I made my task and I intend to do it." I said quite noble.

"And I am impressed, nobody has tried such a hard missionnto do, but this is not why I visit. I have seen your dreams that yiu have been having foten...you have feelings for your roommate." Luna just smiled when she saw the crimson on my cheeks.

"You better not tell Flutter..." The only words I had, good job me.

"Do not fret, you have my word that I won't distribute your secrets." She still had that smile.

"But she is lonely and has been dreaming of a special somepony...you can have your chance."

"Is this all you came to tell me?" I inquired, surely she couldn't be here just to help my single problem.

"Wise, just as my sister. I did come to also remind you...Celestia is visiting tomorrow to check up on her beloved son."

At that moment, my heart stopped, I had completely forgotten about her visit. Luna was quickly pushed away as I woke up.

I already found myself cleaning my room, even though it is neat, and mopping, vacuuming, sweeping, scrubing, and every other verb that pertains to cleaning to every inch of the house. I had forgotten about one detail though.

"Amos...why are you cleaning at 4am?" An adorable, sleepy, bedhead Fluttershy was standing at the bottom of the stairs while I was scrubing the floor. I found myself staring at her cuteness and blushed, going back to work.

"My mother is visiting today and I want the place to be squeaky clean."

"Okay...What?!" She stopped halfway up the stairs and began to help me clean, we had had too many crazy nights sometimes with hard cider and left the place in a bit of a teenager's mess.

Fluttershy was so kind...

And caring...

And helpful...

And sweet...

And cute...

I shook my head, my cheeks now a brighter shade of red. This is going to be fun.