Sister of the Stars

by Sheltie Paws

Broken Spell

It happened one evening a few days after the moonlit flight. Celestia and Luna were in the dining hall, quietly sipping soup. Light was flittering through the great glass windows throughout the room, for the sisters normmaly had a quick diner before lowering the sun and raising the moon. The light cast golden patches on the narrow carpet.

"Celestia?" Luna began. "Celestia, do you-"

A wave of darkness crashed down on Celestia, knocking the breath from her. The marble floor and thin carpet vanished beneeth her hooves and she plummeted down into the black, air whoosing past her. Celestia tried to scream but no sound would come out. She could not tell if her eyes were open or not, because open or closed all she would probably see was that horrible solid black. As quickly as it , whatever it was, had come it vanished.

The space around her was a dark indigo dotted with white and gold specks. Celestia realized she was in a night sky. Her wings were not moving. She was suspended in the air and could not twitch a muscle.

Two alicorns flew in front of her. One was a golden cream. Her hoof bases, flowing mane and tail tips were a royal purple. Her cutie mark was a bright white spiral. The other was a deep indigo. He blended in with the night, and could only be seen because of the stars around him. His cutie mark was a four-point star, which glittered on his flank. They were laughing and smiling as they danced into the night, manes flying out being them. Names flashed through Celestina's mind. Moon Beam and Sunlight,she thought. With a jolt she knew these ponies were her parents.

A second later, the vision disappeared. Celestia was plunged into the darkness once more. When the blackness cleared she was standing in a meadow. Moon Beam and Sunlight were watching three filly alicorns play, their eyes full of pride. She recognized herself and Luna, only much, much younger. The third filly had the same deep indigo of Moon Beam. Her golden cream mane was wavy, and curled at her shoulders. Her bright blue eyes twinkled. This is my sister.Celestia thought.

Before Celestia could take in any more details, she was falling into another vision. She seemed to be in a dark alley. A hooded pony stood in front of her, still as stone. A moment later, another hooded figure emerged from the shadows, the thump of it's hooves echoing through the air.

"I have the money." the first figure said, tossing a briefcase to the other pony. "Now, where is my share?" there was an edge to it's voice.
The second figure hesitated before he spoke. "What you want will come to you in time. This spell is very complex, and can only be completed with time, a dark fowl feather, and.... you know what." he said, with a voice like shattering glass. "I will need a test subject." If the figure's hood had been off, Celestia guessed he would be making a wicked smile.

Celestia was face down on the marble floor, her wings and legs splayed out. Every part of her ached, and her head felt like it was on fire. Luna was on the other side of the table, in the same position.

"What," Luna began, her voice weak. "In the world, was that?"Celestia was too stunned to respond.