The Dragon And The Mare

by Creative Punch

Chapter 5: Confessions In The Barn

The sound of hammers and nails ran out loudly as Sweetie approached the Sweet Apple Acres barn. Her head drooping a bit as she pushed the door open. She looked around, the normally empty barn having changed quite a bit. The hay that was typically strewn on the floor had been brushed aside. The farm equipment had also been shoved under the hay loft. in its place was a bored pegasus and two earth ponies. Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, and Twist.

Scootaloo waved to her as she rolled over on her back, laying on a bail of hay. In the center of the barn was a wooden cart with a sign above it. It looked more like a mobile stand. Twist and Apple Bloom were working on it. Apple bloom spitting the hammer out of her mouth.

"An there we go Twist. That's how you build a stand," Apple Bloom said as she took a few steps back.

"Thanks. It looks perfect!" Twist replied before cocking her head to the side. "Are we gonna paint it today?"

"Naw, I'm tired and Sweetie just got here. But if you want you can start. Ain't nothing gonna mess the paint up," Apple Bloom responded before turning and hugging Sweetie Belle.

She looked her friend in the face for a moment before going on. "Whats wrong?"

"You can tell huh?" Sweetie asked as she found a hay bale to flop down on.

"Yeah, we can. Whats up?" Scootaloo joined in.

"It''s just everything. I met a guy...."

"Oh? A colt? Is he gonna be your special somepony? Is he somepony we know?" Twist asked as she butted in. The other two giving her angry looks. "What?" She said as she looked to each of the three before an embarrassed expression of realization came over her face. "O-Oh right. Ill just um....get us all something to drink. Hope you like lemonade." she said cheerfully as she walked out the barn door.

The three waited till she had left before Apple Bloom started again. "So IS it some colt we know?"

Sweetie looked at both her friends before hiding her head with her hooves. "Yeah, I guess you could say you know him. He's....Well....I don't know. I just don't want to talk about it. You guys will think its weird."

"Oh come on, cant be that weird. Remember when Apple Bloom and Snails started dating. That was wie-"

"HEY!" The orange mare shouted. "Hes very supportive!"

Sweetie squirmed some before lifting a hoof to look at her friends again. "Apple bloom, how'd you know Snails was your special somepony?"

Apple bloom tapped her chin a few times before patting Sweetie's back. "Well, it was a while ago. It was after I got my cutie mark and the school dance. I danced with him cause he seemed lonely. But he kept hanging around me. In town he'd follow me around."

"Sounds a little creepy," Sweetie said as she propped her head up on her hooves.

"It kinda was. But he'd also help me out. Then one day he got hurt doing some stupid dare Snips had come up with and I didn't see him for a couple of days, I missed him. I really felt sad without him around. Applejack said it sounded like I was sweet on him. Well he got better and I he came back around-"

Scootaloo snickered a bit before butting in. "And that's when you hugged him and had a fairy tale ending. Right?"

"Actually....I uh.....I might have threatened to hog tie him if he got hurt like that again. He got a little upset. Told me I couldn't tell him what he could do cause we weren't a couple."

Sweetie gave her a puzzled look. "But I thought you two are da-"

"We are Sweetie. After he told me that I told him that we were and that he'd better get used to it. I told him I expected a date too as an apology for making me worry." She gave a soft sigh as a warm smile came across her face and she chuckled a bit. "He didn't show up for a week. I was sure I had scared him off. But then he came back. He even brought candy and actually took me out. It was really nice."

Sweetie smiled as she let out an 'awww'. "That really does sound nice. I wish I could do something like that."

"Then why don't you?" Scootaloo asked as she rolled her eyes. "We'll totally help you out."

Sweetie shook her head. "No its not like that it's just...I.."

"Sweetie, you can trust us. Who ever it is we'll help." Apple Bloom said as she looked to Scootaloo. "Right?"

"I-Its Spike ok!" Sweetie cried out as she threw her hooves over her head slowly starting to sniffle.

Scootaloo sat up. "Spike. The Dragon named spike?" She asked as she shot Apple Bloom a worried look.

"Yes ok?! Spike. Lives with Twilight Spike, is handsome and cool in love with my sister and doesn't notice me at all Spike. Go after him and my sister will hate me forever Spike. That Spike!"

Apple Bloom gave her a hug as Scootaloo spoke up after a moment. "Ok. But how do you know? When did it all start?"

Sweetie sat up, her voice filling with more confidence as she saw her friends were still there. "A little while ago. I don't really know. It's just, whenever he's around Rarity he's so nice and gives her all this attention. And, well he's gotten so grown up. I started reading romance novels and every time I read it I imagine it's him and me."

Apple Bloom raised an eyebrow. "But doesn't he tease you and make fun of you sometimes?"

Sweetie shook her head no. "Not really. Its nothing bad. The one time he went too far he apologized to me."

Scootaloo smiled a bit. "I could see it. I think they'd be cute."

"So does this mean you don't think I'm weird?"

"Not at all." Scootaloo said

"I don't think so." Apple bloom said.

"I think its kinda sweet." Twist said as she popped up behind Scootaloo.

"Gah!" Sweetie cried out "How long have you been there?"

"Long enough, you three were having a moment and I didn't want to interrupt." Twist gave them a sincere smile as she finished.

"It's ok Sweetie, you can trust her." Scootaloo said as she gave Twist a quick hug

"Yeah," Twist added. "A friend of Scootsies is a friend of mine. And I always keep a friend's secret."

"Scootsie?" Sweetie asked, eye brow arched as she looked the two over.

"Aww come on Twist, you promised not to..." The orange mare said as Twist gave her an upset look.

"But everyone else is talking about it. I'm tired of hiding..."

Apple Bloom and Sweetie looked at each other in confusion. It was Apple Bloom who finally broke the silence. "Uh...hiding from what? Or hiding what?"

Scootaloo let out a sigh an a smile. "Me and Twist are dating. Have been for a while."

Apple bloom nodded "Makes sense why you wanted me to he-"

"How'd it happen?" Sweetie asked quickly.

Scootaloo put a hoof over Twist's mouth. "I'll answer this one. You guys remember last summer when I would go to the candy store? Well I was. Because Twist kept giving me free candy and talking to me."

"Only cause you're so sweet." Twist added in while fighting the hoof over her mouth.

Scootaloo rolled her eyes. "Anyway, After a while she cornered me. Told me if I wanted more it would cost me. I asked her what it was going to cost and she just kissed me. I uhm....I liked it. ALOT, we kept doing it the whole day and things just happened. When it was over, we decided to date."

"Lucky, at least she was noticing you." Sweetie said as she hung her head.

"Don't worry," Twist said as she put a hoof on Sweetie's shoulder. "I've got an idea."